Wednesday, February 19, 2020

From This to This

Hello Dear Ones. Well, I finally decided to grow up and accept the fact - I HAVE NO DOLL HOUSE!!

No room for a doll house nor room for my old dollhouse shelves. Sadness has overcome me for almost a year now. I am strangely getting over this. So...
 I bucked up and started on my little china cabinet that belonged to my little mother. Y'all this little cutie is probably 60 years old! I did paint her a pale pink when we lived in New York and now with two moves, she's a little scratched up but that's okay.
 I didn't want to permanently damage the walls so I got out the foam board and went to work adding wall paper. Later I do want to do the same with the floors. Since this is a china cabinet, it has the little groove toward the back which would hold plates. In time.
 Here you can see inside.

The rooms are small, much smaller than my bookshelf doll house but that's okay. I added shelves to the top of the mantel so Lola could poke more stuff down. I do have wonderful news though!!
Tang was found! Lola was so excited! Well, I was too! Their reunion was sweet and just look at their faces. They really do love each other.
 Here is the dining room. As you can see the 'moving in' is still going on. That mirror will not stay on the floor. Here you can see the plate groove toward the back wall.
 Here is the breakfast room/garden room with a pretty view of the outside! A shelf over the window might be nice. What do you think?

Now Lola really misses her large kitchen but she has had to downsize and it will all work out.
 To help her out I made her a surround for her range. She now has a little more counter space and shelves for displaying things. Now she is very fortunate as she can change her stoves out! She has this cute little vintage looking one but she also has an Aga with is also a creamy color. Wish I could do that! See that red scale on the left hand side? Well, my daughter gave me one just like that! She acquired it when she lived in the UK! I have an old one that I bought when we were there and now I have two!! Woo Hoo!!
 Moving right along...the laundry sewing room! I was able to save the little window with the balloon shade I had used before. So much to do.
Here is the only bedroom. It needs a lot of work but hopefully in time Lola and I will get it all done. Again, Lola has so many options for bedroom furniture. Right now she wants to use the little brass bed. Makes me think of a Bob Dylan song! :)

Well, Dear Ones, I'm moving on. I'm getting back to playing in my 'doll house' again.

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Lay, Lady, Lay

Lay, lady, lay, lay across my big brass bed
Lay, lady, lay, lay across my big brass bed
Whatever colors you have in your mind
I'll show them to you and you'll see them shine.

Lay, lady, lay, lay across my big brass bed
Stay, lady, stay, stay with your man awhile
Until the break of day, let me see you make him smile
His clothes are dirty but his hands are clean
And you're the best thing that he's ever seen.

Stay, lady, stay, stay with your man awhile
Why wait any longer for the world to begin
You can have your cake and eat it too
Why wait any longer for the one you love
When he's standing in front of you.

Lay, lady, lay, lay across my big brass bed
Stay, lady, stay, stay while the night is still ahead
I long to see you in the morning light
I long to reach for you in the night
Stay, lady, stay, stay while the night is still ahead. 
~ sung by Bob Dylan


  1. You did a great job turning the cabinet into a dollhouse. So beautiful and creative!

  2. Look at you girl! Great job Sheila. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. I love this! What a creative way to use your China cabinet. It is so cute.

  4. I love this so did a fabulous job!

  5. Oh I just love your hutch doll house!!!! I am 62 and just got my first doll house last year!!! Since then I found two more at thrift shops. I got three beautiful doll houses for under $100. My friends call it my junk'in juju!!! It really is a life long dream come true for me!

  6. Great job, love it !! Are these the things you saved from your previous doll houses?? Or did you have to start over?? Its important to have the things yu love around you.....

  7. What a grand job you have done. It looks amazing, I am thrilled you have managed to find some space for your treasures.

  8. I have a dollhouse in the basement that my dad built for me the year before he passed away. The plan was for the two of us to add electricity to it and wallpaper. Unfortunately, it's sat unfinished and undecorated for over 40 years now. Crazy, right? My husband keeps looking at it saying that he'll help me repair it, because it's been damaged in moves, etc...but you've inspired me to dig out my furniture and find a shelf to at least display it. It's too pretty to be in a box. Thank you...❤️

  9. I am so sorry you had to give up your dollhouse, but you have done an amazing job with your cabinet! I love all your color and look forward to seeing updates. I have several dollhouses myself. It is a wonderful hobby.

  10. This is darling, Shelia. And very clever and smart. What a good idea to be able to enjoy your minis and still not have to use counter space. Bravo and nicely done!

  11. That’s a great compromise! Love how it turned out ☺️

  12. I love it, Shelia, but I am sorry you had to lose your dollhouse and your shelves. However, this is really cute and works out nicely. What fun you have had making this into a real home for Lola. So cute! xo Diana

  13. Shelia you have the prettiest dollhouses and the most adorable dollhouse furniture/accessories I'VE EVER SEEN......where in the world do you find these treasures? I do so enjoy these posts, please do more?!

  14. Oh my goodness...your little dollhouse cabinet is just adorable! I had a dollhouse growing up and I absolutely loved it. I tried having one about 16 years ago, but just never could get it to come together right. Thanks for sharing these pictures! And that song....I'm in my 40's and heard it a few years ago when Duran Duran did a cover of it. Love it!

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