Friday, January 17, 2020

Spiffing Up Little Richard

Hello, Dear Ones! Hope you all are doing well. I had a little accident a little while back. I was in the kitchen poodling with my new instant pot trying to figure out all of the bells and whistles. So I thought I'll get my computer and bring it in here and watch some videos about instant pots. Of course I was drinking my Diet Dr. Pepper and accidentally knocked it all over the top of my laptop!! Oh I went to town trying to get the liquid off. I turned it upside down and put a towel between the screen and keyboard to try and get the liquid off. Needless to say, I have been out of a computer for a while but Mr. Precious came to the rescue and bought me a new laptop. I was able to get some of my stuff off the old one before it completely died. Lesson learned! So I've missed you but I'm back again.

Christmas is all down and put away so I started in the entry and spiffed up Little Richard. Kinda simple but it works for me. I decided to put these little lamps on each side of the mirror for a change.

I poked down a couple of my Staffies and added some greens in the center and I was done! Simple, easy and kinda cute! 

Oh, Mr. Precious put in one of those Ring doorbells so if you come to see me I'll see you first! :)

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~ 

Am I Blue?

Am I blue, am I blue
Ain't these tears in my eyes telling you
Am I blue, you'd be too
If each plan with your man done fell through

Was a time I was his only one
But now I'm the sad and lonely one, lonely
Was I gay till today
Now he's gone and we're through, am I blue

Was I gay till today
Now he's gone and we're through, am I blue
Oh he's gone, he left me, am I blue 
~ sung by Billie Holiday


  1. Hi's been a while. Your place looks so nice. I bet you're glad to have another laptop! Things are always changing with me and you can read about them on my blog. Take care. Jan

  2. Love that blue, Shelia!

    Sorry to hear about your laptop. :(

  3. Simple maybe but certainly very effective, looks beautiful.

  4. Shelia,
    Love the decor atop little Richard!
    After Christmas. . .it is definitely time for some greenery!
    Sorry about your mishap with the laptop!
    That "Mr. Precious" is a keeper!
    You're so cute. . .
    I'll be sure to smile pretty. . .right after I 'ring' your doorbell!

  5. Little Richard looking mighty fine there! Hope you are doing well Sheila. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. lOVE THIS! Love the color and the mirror too, so pretty! You are so good at decorating. Hope your week is going great! We are having a COLD SPELL here. Brrrr.....

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