Tuesday, January 28, 2020

An Update On Our Friend Susan

Hello, Dear Ones.

Some of you have been asking about an update from our Susan Ash Tree Cottage. I thought the best way to allow you all who don't have Facebook to hear from Susan's own words about her situation. God is so good and He hears and answers our prayers. These are the posts from FB in Susan's own words:

The results from my boost are in. The shadow across my kidney. Is as cancerous mass. No chemo, surgery instead. Bye bye kidney. Hopefully I have a couple more months to live. Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement 🤗😘

 I have been in the hospital/rehab for 6 weeks.My two favorite things are physical therapy and naps. Love those naps

I am blessed with a very loving and supportive husband. I went to the hospital very close to death. My doctors were not optimistic. I prepared myself to die. I looked over at my hubby and he was overcome with grief. He didn’t want to lose me and I didn’t want to leave him. We decided to fight this together.
Each day became a goal setting one. Of course, I continued to pray . I pushed my appetite, started to get stronger. My doctors came to see me several times per day. Staff would’ve drop off little treats for me. All of you showed your compassion and deep friendship too. Most of of. all, David.
Both David and I had strong marital role models. Our parents stood next to one another. This brings me closer to my lesson that love endures all. It’s not all about romantic new love. It’s two older people, happy and loving their lives together.
I still have a couple more surgeries to face, but I won’t let fear strike me down. I am planning for sunset golf cart rides over the greens, cozy evenings at home, bonding with friends, and giggles. We are united and determined to grab onto life and hang onto it so tightly!
Thank you to all of you who have stood by me. Your love and friendship has lifted me up and I’m not ready to say goodbye to you either.
Much love,

I’ve had to learn to walk again!!! I work out three hours per day, whether I want to or not. I use a walker, and I shuffle down the halls to the gym. I still have a long way to go.

My release date from rehab is Wednesday, January 29. I will be so excited to see this little scene above my kitchen once again! This will complete one leg of my journey. Next are two surgeries, one to remove the cancerous mass and the other to remove the disease kidney. I am oddly calm about this. I have learned to relax and trust my doctors for the rest. No micro management from me. Instead I will work on garden plans. This year I am skipping winter and looking forward to the kindness of spring.
I get to see Bentley once again, oh happy day ❤️🐶❤️

Looking forward to series 3 of the crown from home. The staff here at the rehab center have been stellar and I have been treated so well, but there is no place like home!!!

Let’s play the old movie theme from the movie Rocky! My nurse weighed me tonight and I broke the 89 pound barrier! I now weigh in at 93.4 lbs! I think I need my midnight raisin bran now 😊. Goodnight sweet friends 😘😘😘

 A hot bowl of oatmeal for breakfast is like wrapping your tummy in a cozy quilt. Just saying. Have a happy Sunday y’all ❤️🥰🌺

 For any of you who are still doubtful, here is more proof that God is there loving you and just waiting to help you! The wounds on my legs we terrible, hideous and terrifying to see. Today the dressings were changed and new pink tissue everywhere. Such a relief. Anytime during this process that I was scared, I let myself grab onto His hand and let Him lead. It was a leap of faith that changed the moment and my future. Thank you to all of you who have prayed for me. Please let Him take your hand too ❤️

 I am anxious to see my dolhouse mini rooms once again. imagine fresh biscuits hot from the oven spread with homemade jam. Cynthia Lauren creates such yummy looking goodies. Such a dear and talented friend.

I know you all will, but let's continue to pray for Susan as she travels on this back to health journey.

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)