Monday, September 30, 2019

Falling on the Piano and Side Table

Hello, Dear Ones! I'm still getting my living room decorated for Fall. So come on over to my piano area. I love how my piano just fits in the little windows, not quite bayed windows but rather bowed windows. This is one of the reasons that sold me on this house - a place for my 'gift'! My piano.

This is a very simple vignette on my piano - three glass pun'kins. There is a little Majolica dog figurine over to the left side but I forgot to take a snap of it! You can see it a little in the other snaps and the dog is clothed in Fall colors! Perfect. See the floral on the top of my piano? I know you've seen it many times. Well, don't tell any one but I made that over 20 years ago and still love it! Sometimes I poke in some seasonal flowers or little fairy lights for some sparkle but to me it just always looks good. I guess I'm patting myself on my tiny back a little. :)
Now I can play my Note Songs surrounded by a little Fall. Now on to the side table behind the piano.
My little mother gave this to me probably 40 or so years ago and she always called it 'the six legged table'. So I do too!
 I made a floral arrangement for my blue and white containers.
 Pretty flowers all poked in together.
I poked a little pun'kin on the blue and white short candlestick and gave it a companion pun'kin so they could fellowship together. Behind is a cross stitch piece that I have had sitting here since we moved in.
Okie doke! My piano area is as Falled up as it's gonna get! Go ahead and sit down and I'll play you a little Note Song or two.

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

September Song

When I was a young man courting the girls
I played me a waiting game
If a maid refused me with tossing curls
I'd let the old Earth make a couple of whirls
While I plied her with tears in lieu of pearls
And as time came around she came my way
As time came around, she came

When you meet with the young girls early in the Spring
You court them in song and rhyme
They answer with words and a clover ring
But if you could examine the goods they bring
They have little to offer but the songs they sing
And the plentiful waste of time of day
A plentiful waste of time

Oh, it's a long, long while from May to December
But the days grow short when you reach September
When the autumn weather turns the leaves to flame
One hasn't got time for the waiting game

Oh, the days dwindle down to a precious few
September, November
And these few precious days I'll spend with you
These precious days I'll spend with you 
~ sung by Frank Sinatra