Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Trying To Come To A Decision

Hello, Dear Ones! I can't believe I haven't blogged in two months! I have been so busy and have to admit I've enjoyed my long blog break and have almost decided to say goodbye to Note Songs blog. I've been blogging for a very long time since June of 2008. Can you believe it? I appreciate all of you who have followed along with me on my little blog. I have never wanted to set the world on fire or become a famous blogger or do it yourselfer, but just to put a little smile on your face occasionally. I am not into having ads or all of those annoying pop ups on my blog. I guess I really don't have a certain 'theme' for my blog as I'm always all over the place with my posts and you if you follow much you know I go crazy on my crafts and the stop a while and then start something else. You know how I love my family, like you all do, and love showing you my grandbabies. So, I'm praying about what to do for now but since you've all been so sweet and some of you have emailed and asked about me I certainly didn't want to leave you all hanging. Just know how I love blogland although so much has changed from when I started, but life, or blogging goes on.

I'll fill you in on a lot that has been happening around here. The weather was perfect on Easter afternoon to fly a kite with our babies!
 We had our little bunch over for Easter lunch after church! There is our little miracle Carter. She is strong and healthy and how we praise God for her and she loves her grandma! :)
 It's really hard to get a snap of my little Campie as he is always on the move! He is such a little comedian and keeps us laughing most of the time. He loves his grandma too!
 The babies taking a ride in Sybbie with Mr. Precious. He is doing wonderfully. Most of his doctors have said they don't need to see him anymore, just the endocrinologist for his thyroid. Praising God! He is back to running his four miles every other day and is now on the Elder board at our church. Thank you all again for your prayers for him.

Our little man flying the kite with big sister running up in the background.
 I have been stitching. And stitching. And stitching! I can't top. This was Easter on the dining room buffet.
 Here's just a quick cute little stitch for spring.
 Another one.
This is a more detailed stitch from Prairie Schooler Designs. I just love this style. You can see when I mounted my piece on some foam board, I just left in the pins as the heads looked a little like colored eggs. Yes, I'm so talented like that! :)
Then one more positive decision...
We're getting a new puppy in a couple of weeks! Can you believe it!! We're so excited. Meet little Willow Dawn (all of our girl dogs have had the middle name of Dawn as that is our daughter's middle name). She is a miniature Schnauzer and her coloring should be the salt and pepper look. We picked her out a week ago and she was only five weeks old so in a couple of weeks we'll see if she is ready to come home with us. I know our little Chloe Dawn, who is in heaven, would be happy for us. 

So there you have it. I'm still not sure if I'll continue blogging yet or if I'll just post occasionally. I just need to make the right decision for me at this stage of my life.  Just know how I love you all and you've made an impact on my life all through these years. 

You're all my sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

How Can I Be Sure 

 How can I be sure
In a world that's constantly changin'?
How can I be sure
Where I stand with you?

Whenever I
Whenever I am away from you
I wanna die
'cause you know I wanna stay with you

How do I know?
Maybe you're trying to use me
Flying too high can confuse me
Touch me but don't take me down

Whenever I
Whenever I am away from you
My alibi is tellin' people I don't care for you
Maybe I'm just hanging around
With my head up, upside down
It's a pity
I can't seem to find someone
Who's as pretty 'n' lovely as you

How can I be sure
I really, really, really, wanna kno-o-ow
I really, really, really, wanna kno-o-ow

(Oh oh oh ...)
How's the weather?
Weather or not, we're together
Together we'll see it much better
I love you, I love you forever
You know where I can be found

How can I be sure
In a world that's constantly changing?
How can I be sure?
I'll be sure with you.

~ sung by The Rascals