Sunday, October 23, 2016

A Celebration

Hello, Dear Ones! I thought I would stop with all of my Falling around and share with you the great celebration we had last weekend. We drove to Maryland to attend the 50th wedding anniversary of Mr. Precious' sister and her hubby's renewal of vows at their church.
 They attend a beautiful little church. Now my sister-in-law, Kathy (affectionately called Sissa), worked very hard to make this day very memorable. It was such a beautiful day. Shh...the ceremony is about to begin.
 We're all ready to be cued in for our entrances.
The soloist as she sang 'Ave Maria'. She had the most beautiful voice.
 The Priest, Bob, my brother-in-law, his best man and his three sons as the groomsmen.
Here come the bridesmaids...Sheridan.
 Mimi and she made all of the cupcakes, cookies and the wedding cake.
 The matron of honor, Kathy, Bob's sister.
 Very special to have two little ring bearers, Adrian who is the grandson of Sissa and Bob and then Lucas the grandson of Kathy, the matron of honor.
Just to show you the ring bearer pillows. They were prettier in person and I made them. You know how talented I am.
Then the most beautiful little flower girl in the world - my little Carter. You know how important it is to hold your mouth just so and then you can hold the flower basket perfectly! :) I have to brag on her sweet little dress as I made it and it turned out so pretty. She was so proud of herself.
 This photo was from a phone and isn't as clear but I wanted to show you her 'wedding hair'. We put it up in a french twist and added a flower.
 My little darling. How I love her.
 Mr. Precious was very proud to walk his sister down the aisle. Now I hope she won't shoot me but I have to brag on her. You would never believe how old/young she is. She is 75! Can you believe it? She is just beautiful and looked so pretty in her famous wedding dress.
A kiss on the cheek and the renewal of vows begun.
 The renewed couple!
 There was a little reception in the church. Look at those beautiful cupcakes.
 A little snap with our little Campie.
 The bride's maid, Mimi, on the left made the goodies. 
Now this is so very exciting. Do you see the lovely lady on the right? Well, she has been reading my blog for years and years and I finally got to meet her! This was so special and when we were talking she said, "There's Mr. Precious!" So Carol if you're reading this - HI!!!!
 Our daughter, Angela and Carter. We didn't get one picture of our son-in-law. Campie started cutting up so much he was taken back to the hotel. I guess little boys will be little 3 year old boys.
Then it was on to the restaurant for a nice time of introductions and stories...not to mention - food!
Mr. Precious was the emcee with the mostest!

 The ladies of the bridal party.
The guys of the wedding party.
 The most beautiful little flower girl in the world. Carter told her mother before she was called up, "When Bubba introduces me, everyone will know my name!" Yes, she calls her grandfather Bubba!
 Introducing the handsome little ring bearers. These little guys hit it off and had a great time.
 Here are two of the sons from the renewed ones. The one on the left is giving the toast to his mom and dad.
 Cutting the beautiful cake. Look at Sissa's tiara! When she came out with it on Carter ran up to her and I think she thought Sissa would give it to her! You know girls and jewels!
 At the end we were entertained by the renewed grooms cousin.
 Renewed love.
One more snap as we left the restaurant. What a beautiful day and we're so proud of Sissa and Bob and getting to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary with them.

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Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll spare you a Note Song since this post was so long...but just leave humming 'The Wedding March'.


  1. Such beautiful pictures. Carter is just so sweet in the dress you made and I love her hair! Congrats to Sissa and Bob and thank you for sharing this special ceremony with us!

  2. What a wonderful thing to do for a 50th! Love, love the colors! This must have been a grand celebration Sheila! Loved it!

  3. So beautiful and makes me smile. Everything is so lovely and what great celebration of love! you look fantastic and I have to praise God when I see little Carter! I am so thankful the Lord healed her body and now look at her! Praise God! Have a great day and thanks for sharing!

  4. It was a beautiful celebration!! Carter and Campie are sure cuties, Shelia.

  5. What a beautiful ceremony. You look so pretty and so does Carter.

  6. What a wonderful celebration, such gorgeous outfits and trimmings. Beautiful cupcakes and cake too. How amazing to celebrate 50 years together and renew your vows. Cute children.

  7. This is a wonderful way to renew bows after 50 yeas of happiness together.
    You look so lovely in that color dear friend, purple is your color definitely! Little Carter is ever so gorgeous, healthy and happy too... and enjoying her part in the 'new wedding.'
    Thank you for sharing Shelia. Have a blessed week.

  8. Shelia, thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures! There are tears in my eyes right now!

  9. What a beautiful ceremony and occasion. (And you look dazzlingly spectacular in that purple dress!). Everyone looks lovely and all the decorations and even the fairy-tale church are perfect. But most of all, all the love that surrounded you all that day!

  10. I so enjoyed this, Shelia! What a beautiful tribute to your sweet, lovely sil and bil. You must be so proud. That little Carter (and her dress)are just adorable. What a wonderful thing to do. Fifty years! Wow!!! God bless them and I hope they have many more happy years together. xo Diana

  11. Shelia, The wedding was absolutely beautiful. I loved the dresses and colors. Tell Carter I think she looked like a princess. I wish the happy couple many more loving years together. Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie
    p.s. You look beautiful.

  12. How lovely, Shelia! The beautiful little church is so lovely for such a celebration of 50 years! You look so nice and Carter so sweet as attendants. You did a wonderful job with Carter's dress. Continued blessings to your sister-in-law and her groom! ♥

  13. What a special celebration! You all looked lovely and that Carter is such a beauty! Hugs!

  14. Hello Sheila, what a lovely ceremony. I adore the colors. You and your fellow bridemaids look so pretty. The church is a gorgeous building. How special to renew their vows. Congratulations to them. I hope you share this today at Dishing It & Digging it.

  15. What a beautiful celebration..

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  16. How sweet, you all looked so good, lovely bridesmaids dresses little Carter's dress was very pretty, you sure can sew. Your little Campie is getting handsomer all the time. The couple looked so happy. Beautiful church, didn't look that big from the outside photo.

  17. Shelia,
    What a beautiful renewal ceremony, dear friend!
    The first photo of the three of you. . ."Mr. Precious",
    Little Carter and You is adorable!
    Thank you for sharing this lovely day in your life!

  18. Wow that was so sweet! I love the little church they renewed their vows in and everyone looked so pretty. That was so sweet of Mr. Precious walking his sister down the aisle! Carter is such a darling and her dress was precious! Poor little camp probably ran out of patience for all of it! I still remember my grandparents doing this in the late 60's. My grandmother made her dress in a satin gold with a gold lace jacket similar to how yours were for your bridesmaid outfits. Your sister in-law looks wonderful and so does her husband. Looks like it was all fun!

  19. Oh my gosh, I remember my grandparents 50th anniversary in 1968 too! How beautiful is the church, gowns and cakes! What a testimony of marriage and family coming together to celebrate the renewing of the Golden vows for the couple:).
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful occasion, Kathleen in Az

    1. Thank you, Kathleen, and it was so special.

  20. This is so special Shelia! How wonderful to renew vows after 50 years. You all looks spectacular in your bridesmaid's dresses. Carter and Camp are adorable. Mr. Precious is quite handsome. ;)

  21. What a beautiful day! The dresses, and the bride! Oh my gosh! How sweet of you to share with us in Blogland. I feel quite privileged. Oh, and great work on the dresses! Mimi xxx

  22. What a gorgeous ceremony! You guys look wonderful! xxx Maria

  23. Such a special ceremony, and the pictures are all wonderful! Great job on Carter's dress....I adore those forced smiles on children's faces when they are told to "smile for the camera!"

    Have a great week!

  24. How sweet is this post. Lovely pictures of all. The bridemaids and Carter and the goodies. You all look beautiful. Best Wishes and Congrats to the lovely couple!

  25. Que hermosa celebración...Sheila...50 años...son una familia hermosas..Muy elegantes y lindos todos y todas..La novia realmente hermosa...una señora muy elegante.. Mis bendiciones para esta pareja tan linda. Dios los colme de mucha salud y alegría

  26. Thanks for sharing this wonderful family celebration! Too funny about little Campie getting removed to the hotel. Sounds like a little boy I used to know! You did a fabulous job on Carter's little dress -- just beautiful.

  27. What a lovely celebration to be a part of. Your whole family looked beautiful. Sweetest grandchildren!! You and your hubby clean up rather nicely too! :) Beautiful, Sheila!

  28. One oF the prettiest ceremonies ive ever seen--' wedding or renewal---just lovely! Love the colors and oh my goodness you looked like a QUEEN in your pretty long dress! It looked like a truly special day full of love, memories and new promises.

  29. What a very special event! You look gorgeous!! That Carter is growing up so fast. Thanks for sharing.


  30. Love this Sheila...You look beautiful! Carter looks so pretty in her wonderful dress you made!

  31. Sheila, how very precious! Loved all the pictures and the bride is surely stunning. But sweet lady, you are beautiful. Now I must know....Was this her original wedding dress? Cause I am about to be mad that I can't get in mine! LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  32. Hi Shelia, what a special time for the happy couple celebrating 50 years together. They are a lovely couple. How gorgeous you look in that beautiful dress. Your hubby is very dapper in his tux and you two also make such a handsome couple. Little Carter is a doll in the dress you made. Your talents are amazing and everything you touch turns to gorgeous. Love all the pics you shared and had to smile when you said your grandson had to be taken out!! Typically little boy. How pretty your daughter is. Just like her pretty mother!! Thanks for sharing this special time. Blessing. xo

  33. What a beautiful celebration. I'm so glad you and your hubby and Carter could be part of it. The church has such character. I loved seeing it all.


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