Monday, February 8, 2016

Dressed In Her Sunday Best

Hello, Dear Ones. Well this is the last crocheted dress for Marion that I have to show you, for now. I'm getting a bit bored and am a little tired of crocheting so we'll see. But she is very happy to be dressed in a cute little dress with her purse and shoes. These are her clothes and she is not passing them on to Carter's doll.
I love to show the backs of her dresses too. They turn out pretty cute and this one has two little buttons.
Now we all know any little outfit for church needs a purse so I whipped one up with crochet thread. It's just the perfect size for a tiny little mirror, comb and a tad of lip gloss. She's too young for lipstick, ya know! ;)
And of course shoes! I know, I know, it's a little too early to be wearing white shoes but this is what Marion wanted and I aim to please. This is her outfit.
Well, I guess that's it because Marion is tired and has sat down and she is not looking at me! :)
If you'd like to see all of the clothes I've crocheted and sewn for American Girl sized dolls and Bitty Baby dolls, you can look at my side bar on the right and click on Midweek With Marion and you can see all of the clothes my dainty talented fingers have made. You know I'm kidding. Not about seeing the clothes but about my fingers! :)

 Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you a little Note Song ~

A Sunday Kind of Love

 I want a Sunday kind of love
A love to last past Saturday night
And I’d like to know
It’s more than love at first sight
And I want a Sunday kind of love
Oh yeah, yeah

I want a, a love that’s on the square
Can’t seem to find somebody
Someone to care
And I’m on a lonely road
That leads to nowhere
I need a Sunday kind of love

I do my Sunday dreaming, oh yeah
And all my Sunday scheming
Every minute, every hour, every day
Oh, I’m hoping to discover
A certain kind of lover
Who will show me the way

And my arms need someone
Someone to enfold
To keep me warm when Mondays and Tuesdays grow cold
Love for all my life to have and to hold
Oh and I want a Sunday kind of love
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah

I don’t want a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday
Or Thursday, Friday or Saturday
Oh nothing but Sunday, oh yeah
I want a Sunday Sunday
I want a Sunday kind of love, oh yeah
Sunday, Sunday, Sunday kind of love 

~ sung by Etta James


  1. She looks so sweet in her own clothes - I bet she is happy - and warm.

  2. It's great you have a talent like that to keep you busy these days, Shelia - hope your knee is on the mend. Rehab stinks, I don't miss it one bit from when they rebuilt my knee - that one legged bicycle was my nemesis!!!

  3. Shelia, Marion is looking happy to have her own clothes! You are so talented! I know you are tired of the rehab, but you've come a long ways! Keep up the good work. xo ♥

  4. Hi Shelia! Marion looks great in her crochet dress and shoes.
    Take good care of yourself and of your knee!

  5. Love her new outfit and all the details. You are a very talented lady!

  6. You are so talented with sewing AND crochet! I love the little purse and cute shoes. I dressed a dollie in an outfit with hearts today for Wednesday Wee ones. I want you to know I am keeping you in my prayers. I fell a year ago and know how hard it is to heal and to get your mind straight again. It really messes you up and makes you feel more afraid of things. Lots of hugs, Diane

  7. Darling dress and purse and shoes! Marion is all ready to go.

    Have a great week.


  8. Sweet dress and shoes. I love the wee little purse:) Take care Sheila, Kathleen in Az

  9. The little dress is so adorable! Thanks for sharing!
    Was so sorry to read of your knee surgery...wishing you a speedy recovery...being laid up does get tiresome. Hang in there!

  10. My grandmother used to crochet cool clothes for my Barbie! This dress you made is sooo pretty. I don't really crochet...but I can knit if it is not complicated. Ha! Sheila

  11. Just adorable, especially with the purse to top it off! :)

  12. Just adorable, especially with the purse to top it off! :)

  13. My word you are so talented, she looks amazing!

    I wish I had some crocheted booties! It's cold this morning!

    Have a wonderful week of love! ♥♥♥


  14. My word you are so talented, she looks amazing!

    I wish I had some crocheted booties! It's cold this morning!

    Have a wonderful week of love! ♥♥♥


  15. Your doll creations are always so sweet and well done, Shelia! I wish I were as talented as you are as my granddaughter has many dolls. She is still of the age where she like to undress them and not put their clothes back Hope you are continuing to recover well! You are in my prayers!

  16. Hi Shelia, what an adorable outfit. You really do amazing designs and your work so beautiful. Hope you are feeling better and progressing nicely. Keeping you and Carter in prayers. Have a nice week. Blessings, xo

  17. The cutest outfit ever! So detailed and beautiful. Praying for a swift recovery! xxoo

  18. Shelia,
    Your talents amaze me, dear friend!!!
    Another lovely outfit for Little Carter's doll!!!
    My daily prayers continue on your behalf and for Carter!!!

  19. I love the neckline on this creation. Very special and it looks complicated — at least to me it does! Glad she's keeping her own dress this time. Every girl needs something all her own!

  20. Sheila, I'm just in awe of all your sweet little outfits for Marion. And I absolutely adore the little itty bitty baby in the previous post! You are one talented lady! I apologize for "not stopping in sooner" to see how you were doing. I've gone back to work full time, after 20 some years... trying to find balance and get use to this new schedule. But I do think of you and Carter often, and offer prayers on ya'll's behalf! I'm so glad to hear that you are recovering, but so sorry that it is such a long, slow, painful process for you! Continuing to pray! And thanks for visiting me and always offering such encouraging words! You are an amazing lady! :) ~Rhonda

  21. The outfits are so adorable. I'm sure there will be room in the itty bitty purse for a itty bitty cell phone. Gotta take those selfies, you know.

  22. Hermos trajes tejidos parte del cuello del vestido me parece hermoso. Que tengas una pronta recuperaciĆ³n...mis oraciones para usted y Carter. Un abrazo. Saludos

  23. You crocheted such a pretty dress, purse and shoes for Marion! I hope you are having a nice week. Have a Happy Valentines Day!

  24. Stopped in to see how youre feeling Sheila. Thinking of you

  25. All your clothes are just darling. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!


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