Monday, November 16, 2015

My Love For Milk Glass

Hello, Dear Ones! Thank you all for coming to visit my Fallen home tour. Today it's all about the milk glass. I guess my obsession started with my little mother who had some pieces of milk glass and I always thought it was so pretty. The pieces were almost 'see through' like milk! :) When she passed away I received a few pieces and I looked at them with new eyes of appreciation. I started picking up pieces here and there but lately I have been on a Milk Glass kick and have gone to town pinning it on my Milk Glass board on  Pinterest. So today I thought I would show you some of my recent finds.
Here are some of my hobnail and diamond patterned Milk Glass. Isn't it beautiful? Just to let you know, Milk Glass seems to be plentiful around here and cheap, honey, cheap!! I can't help myself.
 Look at this most gorgeous candlestick! Sit down, are you ready for it? It was $1.25! Yes, a buck and a quarter!! Woo Hooness for me! I'm using my fall floral basket as a backdrop and the afternoon sun is peeping over the top! I love this time of day!
 See all of the little bumpy circles!! Love love love! I even poked in some non drip candles for you and lit them. It's hard to see the flame against the sunshine. Oh, did you know it's a faux pas to put a candle into a candlestick that has not been lit? Well, it is. A friend told me this many years ago and I believed her. So when I poke a new candle into a candlestick I always light it and let it burn a minute or so! We all want to know these things don't we?  :)
Then I found this beautiful compote which is actually a diamond pattern and she's so so pretty. See the stem? It's totally different with the little loops.
 Don't you love the shape? It's not round like most are but squareish.
 I'm not sure what this pattern is on the little candlestick and it cost me an entire dollar bill! I'll be on the lookout for it's mate. It reminds me of the candlewick pattern of pressed glass or the boopie glass pattern.
 It looks like a little strand of pearls twirling around the base! I love this stuff!
 Then I found this candy dish and I believe it cost $5. Works for me. It's the diamond pattern also and it's gorgeous, don't you think? It looks a little pink with the sun shining through.
 Then another candy dish. I guess it's a candy dish but I remember my little mother had something similar that she kept on her dresser with talcum powder in it and was topped with a great big soft powder puff. She would let me 'powder' myself sometimes after my bath.
Look at the knob. Almost looks like a bunch of grapes! Hope you've enjoyed seeing some of my Milk Glass. Stay tuned because I have more! More is always more I say!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Milk Cow Boogie

 Well, I woke up this morning,
And I looked out the door.
I can tell that old milk cow
By the way she lowed.

Hold it fellows, that don't move me.
Let's get real, real gone for a change.

Well, I woke up this morning
And I looked out the door
I can tell that that old milk cow
I can tell the way she lowed.

Well, if you've seen my milk cow,
Please ride her on home.
I ain't had no milk or butter
Since that cow's been gone.

Well, I tried to treat you right,
Day by day.
Get out your little prayer book
Get down on your knees and pray.
For you're gonna need,
You're gonna need
your loving daddy's help someday.
Well, then you're gonna be sorry
For treating me this way.
Well, believe me, don't that sun
look good going down?
Well, believe me, don't that sun
look good going down?
Well, don't that old moon look lonesome
When your baby's not around.

Well, I tried everything to
get along with you.
I'm gonna tell you what I'm going do.
I'm gonna quit my crying,
I'm gonna leave you alone.
If you don't believe I'm leaving,
you can count the days I'm gone.
I'm gonna leave.
You're gonna need your
loving daddy's help someday.

Well, you're gonna be sorry
You treated me this way
~ sung by Elvis


  1. Well, I wouldn't call it an obsession, it is definitely a collection and a beautiful one at that. You have some gorgeous pieces of milk glass.

  2. I love milk glass and have a collection of it also. I started collecting it years ago since it was cheap and yet beautiful to me! I haven't bought any in a while, but the occasional piece still finds it way into my home. You have found some lovely pieces, that double candlestick is gorgeous! I look forward to more posts on your milk glass!

  3. Such a nice collection! Would you believe I accidentally broke my Aunt's beautiful milk glass lamp when I was flipping the blankets back, making up the bed in her guest room? I liked to have died right then and there!

  4. I love milk glass. I have a few pieces but I must be careful not to start another collection! Well, maybe that's not a good idea. Your milk glass is wonderful and I think I need to come shop with you. Those prices are crazy! Maybe we shouldn't shop together - we would both want the same things. My cousin collected hobnail milk glass for many years until they made a major move. She sold it all but I see it and always remember her bit collection. I love the way your flowers and milk glass compliment each other.

  5. Beautiful collection of milk glass! I love the double candle holder, so pretty! I have a few blue hob nail pieces. Kathleen in Az

    1. Hi, Kathleen! I'd love to see your blue hob nail pieces. I haven't run across any of the colored ones. Thanks for popping in to see me.

  6. You have found some wonderful pieces and at a great price. I love the candle holder, I've never seen one like that. And milk glass goes with everything. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Gorgeous pieces Shelia. I love milk glass too and still have several of my pieces...on display in my China Cabinet.

    Jan ♥

  8. Gosh you really have found some beautiful pieces at very good prices haven't you! They were obviously destined to be with you! xx

  9. We are birds of the same feather Sheila since I adore milk glass. I have the same diamond compote and candy dish but jealous of your gorgeous candle holders!!!!!

  10. Beautiful collection! I started a collection years ago then got away from it. It is still pretty as ever.

  11. Oh, I love your milk glass collection. My grandmother gave me a few pieces, and I've got my fingers crossed that they make the move. The details on your candy dish are exquisite!

  12. Shelia, I want to go shopping with you! What great bargains! You have them displayed so lovely. Thank you for showing all their beauty to us! xo ♥

  13. Hi Shelia, you have a beautiful collection of milk glass. I have always loved it too but only have a couple pieces. What a treasure to have some pieces from your mother. Your photos are lovely. Have a nice evening. Raining buckets here in Texas. xo

  14. I love milk glass too, but only have a couple of hobnail pieces in my collection. You found some great pieces!!

  15. What a lovely collection you have!! Most of those factories are here in the East, that's why its so plentiful around here. I have just a couple pieces in white, a few in blue, aqua and a bunch in pink. Pink is my favorite.
    Happy hunting!!!

  16. You have become the savvy shopper! Quite a collection of milk glass. Do you know I had never heard of it until I entered "the blogger world"?! With that color everything pops against it!

  17. Loved seeing your pretty collection, Shelia! Its all pretty but wow.....those candy dishes are outstanding!! Just love them. I only have one peice and it's a tall vase.

  18. All the pieces are lovely, Shelia.


  19. Shelia,
    You have an exquisite milkglass collection, dear friend!!!
    During the Estate $ale of my MoMa's cousin, my Sister purchased a few pieces that have a grapevine pattern on them!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!!
    Thank you for sharing . . .and I'm wishing for you that the mate to your candlestick is found, soon!!!

  20. Again...what a gorgeous collection Shelia! You have done such a marvelous job displaying such beautiful pieces!

  21. Sheila, my dear, you have such a lovely collection of milk glass. I don't have too many pieces of it because it is more pricey here. LOVE your curtain panel, what I can see of it! I enjoyed your home tour too. You do have a lovely home. Thanks for sharing.

    Autumn blessings,

  22. Dear friend,
    I replied to your beautiful milkglass post! It must be out in space somewhere.

    My little Granny kept her toothbrush in a milkglass goblet (small stem). She passed in 1973. Mother must have given me the glass. She sold most of her collection to a neighbor. I brought a vase home today. She remembers a few pieces left. I am going to use these next month with snowmen on the mantle. Thank you for your inspiration.
    Greetings from middle TN,

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  24. I love the Hobnail pattern, and wow you are getting some great prices. I will think of you every time I spot milkglass at thrift stores now. It is beautiful and you have a nice collection going there.

  25. You have a wonderful collection of milk glass. I like it too but it is not cheap in our neck of the woods. I keep hoping to find some pieces I like that are affordable.

  26. I love your milk glass Shelia, very attractive pieces. You can never have enough of nice things you like.
    Have a nice day.


  27. Loving all of your milk glass and it ain't cheap around my parts! Even the Thrift stores wants your first born child and a kidney! I have a few pieces of milk glass and I love it. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  28. Your pieces are so pretty! I remember my grandmother having milk glass on her shelf. :)

  29. The milk glass is lovely, especially the way you have it arranged. What a nice collection you have!

  30. So very pretty!
    It is a blessing that it is plentiful and affordable.
    Greatness just struck,


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