Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Milk Glass Punch Bowl

Hello, Dear Ones! Well, today I have a great set to add to my Milk Glass collection and wanted to show it to you.
 Ta dah! Look! It's a punch bowl with eight cups! I almost fell over when I picked it up and saw it. The sticky tag said $5! What? I was trembling when I went up to the counter of the thrift shop! Got up there and gave my $5 bill and she said, "It's half price today." Teeter, swirl, spin and almost passed out!!
This pattern is called Thumbprint. It's a little hard to see with the sun shining through on it but it has the indentions that look similar to thumbprints! Simple and sweet.
Here's a close up of one of the cups. Yep, my fingertips are all wrinkly as I've just washed this set and couldn't wait to show it to you!
Oh boy! Oh joy! Can you imagine a pretty red punch with a little sprig of mint floating on top? Or a large colorful salad? But for now I think I'll just look at it. I love my milk glass. Guess what? I have more to show you!!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

You Beat Me To The Punch

 That day, I first saw you passing by
I wanted to know your name but I was much too shy
But I was looking at you so hard
Until you must have had a hunch
So you came up to me and asked me my name
You beat me to the punch that time
You beat me to the punch, ohh ohh
You beat me to the punch
After I hadn't known you for it seems like a long, long time
I wanted, wanted to ask you, would you please, please be mine
Whenever you came around, my heart would pound
So you must have had a hunch
So you came up to me and asked me to be yours
You beat me to the punch one more time
You beat me to the punch
You beat me to the punch, yeah
Since I love you, I thought you would be true
And love me tender
So I let my heart surrender
To you, yes, I did
But I found out beyond a doubt one day, boy, you were a playboy
Who would go away and leave me blue
So I ain't gonna wait around for you to put me down
This time I'm gonna play my hunch
And walk away this very day
And beat you to the punch this time
And beat you to the punch this time
I'll beat you to the punch, yes, I will
And let you know, know, how it feels
~ sung by Mary Wells


  1. Lucky you! Such a gorgeous set and what a steal! As soon as I saw it, I imagined pretty red punch served in it!

  2. What a deal! Happy for you! I can see too, something ruby red in the bowl, so pretty! Kathleen in Az

  3. What a great find Shelia! And a great price too. I've not seen something like this before. I'm sure you'll find lots of uses for the bowl. Have a great day!

  4. Wow, I would have given $5 just for the bowl, never mind having the pretty cups with it too! Just imagine how lovely your table is going to look with all of these beautiful pieces! xx

  5. A punch bowl makes a get-together into a party!
    So lovely!

  6. Wow, I'm amazed on how little you have paid for these pieces. Would not get deals like this in Canada....too bad

    1. I know! I don't think I'd find those prices anywhere else either!

  7. It's just lovely. I hope you get to use it over the holidays. I almost fell over when you said how much you paid for it. Amazing!

  8. Shelia, this is GORGEOUS!! What a great deal. I like that it's not too large and such a pretty simple design. Great find and perfect for you.

  9. You LUCKY DUCK!!!!!!
    Great buy.

  10. Shelia, I probably would have tripped all over myself getting to the register and broke the whole set. LOL. I can not believe what a deal you got on the beautiful set. I love it. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  11. What a lovely set, Shelia! Just in time for the holidays, too. You have found the most gorgeous pieces at the most amazing prices! Good for you! ♥

  12. I love milk glass as much as you do...and have quite a collection myself. Love the punch bowl set, there's one in a shop close to me that wants $55 so you really, really, really got a great deal!

  13. What a find! I love the punch bowl set!

  14. This is a gorgeous set, and so rare too!

  15. That is a great set. White is so the in thing again too!

  16. Wonderful find - especially at that price! Enjoy it.

  17. $2.50??? You are such a thief...I am surprised they didn't come to your house and arrest you! lol WHAT a find that is ...and you have MORE finds? Seriously!?! Looks like you hit the mother-lode there. xo Diana

  18. WOW you got the prize - half price, how great is that. You have some very pretty milk glass. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Well I any a little jealous..... Well anyways happy you got a great bargain. The right place at the right time.

  20. Shelia! How LOVELY is that! The Punch bowl and cups are GORGEOUS and the PRICE! Sister I felt like doing a "good Bargain" JIG on that one! Don't you just LOVE when that happens! So happy for you! I'm dancin' for joy! LOL

  21. Wow Shelia, what a find. This set is gorgeous and I would have passed out over the price too. It was meant for you. Love the thumbprint pattern. You are going to really enjoy this awesome set. Blessings xo

  22. Wow what a deal!!!! That bowl is awesome....just love it! And you can do so much with it

  23. Carter is on my mind throughout the day. I prayed for her as I drove home from the grocery store today. Constant prayers and healing for all of you. Peace and comfort on this Thanksgiving.

    Leslie Anne


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