Friday, October 30, 2015

Being Anna

Hello, Dear Ones! Well, if you didn't know this I'm a push over when it comes to my little Carter. We were in the fabric store and she spied a pattern for the dresses of Anna and Elsa from the movie Frozen! She said, "Please, please, please Shesho (that's what she calls me)! Would you make this for me for Halloween?" She wanted to be Anna because she said 'everyone' was Elsa! Well, of course I said yes and went to work on it. She came over one day last week to see if it fit.
 Here is the dress and I tried to get a few snaps. She was so excited and would not stand still. It did turn out cute and it fit her to a tee! I made it a little shorter than it was supposed to be because I didn't want her to trip up. Aren't the little appliques cute? I bought fat quarters for the colors of the shapes. I also did the neck of the bodice my way. It was supposed to have a little light blue insert trimmed with the gold ribbon. Well, I fiddled and fiddled with it and it just looked wrong so I cut another bodice and just made it plain. Shh...don't tell anyone.
 Then the cape! Again she was reelin' and just a spinnin'. She loved her costume to say the least. The cape was made from 72" felt and I thought this won't last long! But it hangs so nicely. Oh, well. The pompom trim just makes it. Sorry I didn't take a picture of the pattern but we also picked up a pattern for the same costume for the American Gril Doll. I thought I would get it made for her doll before Halloween but it's not going to happen. I've come down with a bug and just don't feel that well.
Then today, Carter's school had their Halloween parade and I wasn't able to go! ;(  But Mr. Precious went and took a few snaps of Carter marching proudly in her costume. I had to leave you with a little blur! :) 

I want to wish everyone a safe and fun Halloween.
Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Costumes on Parade

Come one and all,
Big and small,
Gather ‘round for the parade.
We’re dressing up,
On Halloween,
So many costumes to be seen!

Costumes on parade,
Ghosts and witches walking by,
Mummies, vampires, Frankenstein,
And Batman, me oh my!

Costumes on parade,
Clowns and cats are walking by,
Princesses and firemen,
And Elvis, me oh my!

Costumes on parade,
Frogs and monkeys walking by,
Hannah Montana and Harry Potter,
And ninjas, me oh my!
~ sung by all the little children on Halloween


  1. OK - that costume is adorable and she was right - all the girls want to be Elsa so it was sweet to see Anna for a change! That said, what the heck is going on with the 'bug' going around??? I got hit with it Tuesday & Wednesday, missing 2 days of work and really could have stayed home yesterday too. Then I hear 'it is going around' when I popped in to a local shoe store yesterday and mentioned I was worried I had missed the sale (I needed shoes for the office) and saleswoman mentioned a flu going around town. YIKES. I guess technically it is flu season but so hard to believe when in my neck of the woods it is still in upper 70s to upper 80s !!!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words. I didn't know where to comment back to you so here it is. Hope you'll come back!

  2. Just precious. You did a great job. I always loved the Halloween parade in elementary school. Glad to see some schools have kept up the tradition!

  3. I glanced and thought I was seeing one of your dolls you make clothes for! She is a living doll! I know she will always remember this outfit you made for her. Sweet memories!

  4. You are quiet the sewer, Shelia! Great job!

  5. Shelia, that is drop dead adorable and so is your little Carter! She just reeks of attitude and confidence - look at those photos! I bet this is one costume/Halloween she will always, always remember, from her Sheso. I hope you feel better soon!
    Rita C at Panoply

  6. She is absolutely adorable, the perfect Anna!

  7. Wow Shelia, you made such a pretty costume for Carter. You are so talented in sewing.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend and Happy Halloween!

  8. She's so cute and proud!! Great job Shesho!!

  9. Beautiful costume! Carter looks beautiful in it - she is beautiful in any case!! Hope that you are feeling better again very soon. Look after yourself my dear. xx

  10. You are the best seamtress, Shelia! How lovely your little Carter is! Take care of yourself, sweetie! ♥

  11. She's so adorable, Shelia. And what a gorgeous costume.

  12. wow...fabulous costume - and what a pretty little girl to wear it!! great job!!

  13. Oh, she is just such a doll and her costume is beautiful.

    Hope you're feeling better.

  14. You did a beautiful job on that, Shelia! It turned out just great. I love it and I can tell she does, too. I am really sorry you aren't feeling well, though-especially with Halloween coming up tomorrow. I hope you have a wonderful night and feel better by tomorrow. xo Diana

  15. Hope you get to feel better -- it really makes a grandmother more ill when you have to miss kid's activities. BTW, the costume is adorable. One Halloween when my granddaughter was about the age of Carter, Caitlin wanted a bride dress like some Disney character of the day. So, this grammy spent $$$$ and time and made the dress. She was so thrilled, but on Halloween evening it was snowing. Her Momma said she had to wear a coat. Well, Caitlin wasn't going to cover up her beautiful dress because no one would be able to see it. So, she threw a 'little' fit, hid behind the bed, refused to go out into the neighborhood -- no one ever saw her beautiful bride dress anyway. But, the next day I took her to Wal-Mart and had the photographer take studio pictures of her in her bride dress. We ran across the pictures the other day, she and I laughed and laughed. Grandmothers are special people in kid's lives!!!! Sally

  16. Well isn't this the cutest little girl with the cutest costume ever! Oh Sheila, I'm sorry you miss the parade and I hope you feel much better. How fun to live close to your Grandchildren. Kathleen in Az

  17. Carter, must have been so excited to wear that beautiful dress that you made her. She looked so cute in the pictures and happy.
    So sorry that you are ill, please take care of yourself.

  18. CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!! Sorry your not feeling well. Praying you get well soon.

  19. I wish I could send you a video right now to prove I'm not a crazy woman, but as I sit here and type this note to you, I'm also watching Frozen FOR THE FIRST TIME!!! I wouldn't have known what you were talking about otherwise, but now that I'm hip and caught up on little girl things, I truly appreciate the costume! Totally cute and that smile . . . !!!!!!!
    You're the best!

  20. Beautiful! Little Carter looks so cute in the costume that you lovingly created for her!

  21. You are the best Grandma or Shesho! The outfit turned out as cute as could be. I bet she was the happiest kid getting to wear it! I still haven't seen that cartoon/movie. One of these days I'll see it! I've been sick for a week with a bug too. Just starting to feel better. I hope you feel good soon. Hugs, Liz

  22. Just adorable! Carter still looks so much like you. Sorry you are down with the bug. I have had some weird bug, too, for two weeks. It is better, but I don't think it is totally gone. I have never seen the movie, but the costume is really cute.

  23. I thought little Cater was one of your dolls in the tiny pic on my feed. And she is a 'doll'! Love, love her pretty outfit, you are the BEST Grandmother!!

    Happy Halloween!

    Jane x

  24. Me too, I thought Carter was a doll with the new clothes you are sewing!! Well....she is a DOLL!! And the outfit is so stinkin' cute........but the cape....oh, the rule Shelia!!!

  25. Shelia,
    You are the sweetest, kindest, bestest and best sewing Grandma in the entire world and your little Carter is shining with pure happiness! She is such a darling miss!!
    Happy Halloween,

  26. Hi Shelia, What a darling costume. You did a beautiful job on it and Carter looks darling. She is such a cute little girl and look how proud she is in the parade in her costume made by her Shesho~~ so cute!
    Your talents are over the moon my friend. You are the best at all you do!! Hope you get to feeling better and that nasty bug goes away quick. Happy Halloween! xo

  27. What a sweet costume for your little Carter. I know she will always remember you making it for her, I remember walking in the Halloween Parade in school when I was little. I didn't think they did that anymore and I'm glad to see they do. Such fun! So many things are not "politically correct" any more that kids don't have a chance to be creative and have fun.

    I hope you are feeling better soon. Even if you don't get the doll's dress done in time, she will still play with it throughout the rest of the year.

  28. Carter will love her Anna doll outfit anytime, so you hurry and get well. Meanwhile, she's going to be such a hit today! Such a cute little girl and the outfit is adorable. She's so lucky to have such a clever gran!

  29. Absolutely precious Sheila!! You are such an amazing seamstress and what blessing to be able to make these beautiful things for those sweet kids! I love seeing all your fun creations! So you share them with us!

  30. Absolutely precious Sheila!! You are such an amazing seamstress and what blessing to be able to make these beautiful things for those sweet kids! I love seeing all your fun creations! So you share them with us!

  31. Shelia, Carter is just glowing in her costume. She will always remember how special you are for making her dreams come true. What a cute girl she is. Hope you feel better soon. I'm down with a pulled back but hope to see pics of my Grands in their costumes later. I think they are going as a Wolf Pack...cute idea.

  32. Too cute for words!!! LOVE that costume....ahhhhmazing!!! Happy Halloween! Stop by if you get a chance!

    Cottage Blessings,
    Chippy White Cottage

  33. She is an adorable Anna and she's right - most girls want to be Elsa! My little grand was Elsa last year but this year she is Snow White. You did a FANTASTIC job on her costume! What a lucky little girl!

  34. She looks absolutely darling, Shelia! I love the costume you made for her.

    All your pictures of England and your home for Fall are just wonderful. I had such a good time catching up with you :)

    I hope you feel better soon, my sweet friend.

    love and (((hugs)))

  35. Carter is so adorable, Shelia, and her costume is beautiful! You are a genius with fabrics and design. I hope you feel better soon. And Happy Halloween!!! xx

  36. She looks so happy. What a great costume.

  37. Shelia dear, I've been missing for many months and have much to catch up on in blogland! I cannot believe how much Carter has grown! Oh Shelia it must be clear to all by this stage how very much like you she is! I hope you and Mr Precious are keeping well and happy dear lady! x

  38. What a terrific job on the costume Shelia! I can see why she would want to dance and twirl while modeling it! Feel better soon...
    Take care

  39. Shelia, Carter's outfit is just darling and she is a real cutie. It brings wonderful memories of when my grandchildren were small. You are one talented lady. Love your blog.

  40. Good morning dear Shelia, I tried to post a comment last night and fell asleep. The time change after spending a month in France, has been a huge adjustment for us. Mainly because we drove straight to Fl. for a football game. No rest for us. However, we are finally getting back on track.

    Thank you for the sweetest comments. I am so happy to have my computer again. I left it home when we went to France and regretted it. Sigh.

    Carter is so adorable in her special Anna costume. I can picture you one day making her wedding dress. You are such an awesome seamstress and so many other things. Carter is also the perfect model. Your photos are all so cute and she loved showing off her new dress for Halloween. The best thing you did was move close to your darling grands.

    We will be in FL for a week because there is another big game next Saturday. We are staying with one of our daughters. Her two son's are in the Gator Marching band and the halftime show was so good. Four of our grands are at the Univ. of FL now which is where Bill and our children graduated. We are so proud of them.

    Well, this is a long comment. So much to catch up with this morning.

    Have a great week,
    Love, Jeanne

  41. You did an AMAZING job on the Anna Costume! It is so pretty and so well done! Carter really favors you in these pictures... too pretty ladies! :) Hope you are off to a good week! ~Rhonda

  42. The costume is exquisite and your granddaughter is beautiful! She must have been the belle of the ball.
    Thanks for visiting my in between wreath post. Sheila E

  43. Carter se ve linda con ese Hermoso traje, se ve que está realizado con mucho amor. Felicidades Sheila.

  44. What a darling, darling costume Shelia!! I'm not just saying this, but little Carter looks just like you! Does everyone tell you that? You did a terrific job sewing this for her; my MIL made several of Will's costumes when he was little; those were so special. :)

    I'm so sorry you've been sick and hope you're soon feeling better, my friend!

    Big hugs to you,

    Denise at Forest Manor

  45. Sheila, I love looking at your posts. It has been a while and I scrolled down to catch up on all the fall decorating. Love the cows. The costume is perfect. Weather in Iowa has been great. Soon snow will be on the ground and I will have more time to check your blog. Right now,we are enjoying the beautiful weather and being outside as much as possible.j

  46. Sheila, I took a peek around your blog and your house looks so much like the one we moved away from two years ago. We downsized and moved into a condo. I really wish we lived closer to our grandchildren. Two are in Texas (I just visited them about a month ago) and the other one is about 40 minutes away from us. I'm happy you stopped by my blog and I stopped by yours so we can get to know each other.

  47. Shelia, she is a total doll.....just adorable!


  48. Dear Shelia, What a special dress and cape for your little Carter. It looks so adorable on her and she looks like a little doll. What a bummer you weren't able to attend to party. Sure hope you are feeling better now. I enjoyed seeing your pics, being Anna was fun for all………..

  49. Carter is adorable and her costume is fabulous! Love the cape! Hope you feel better Sheila!

  50. So so sweet. Sorry your not feeling well.

  51. Oh my goodness! Costume and precious girl are both beautiful! are such a pushover! LOL! It takes one to know one.....Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  52. Precious! Absolutely precious! Please feel better soon! Big hugs!

  53. Shelia,
    You made the most adorable Halloween Costume, e v e r , dear friend!!!
    What a precious memory for you and Carter to share for many years!!!
    I'm terribly sorry to hear that you were ill and couldn't make it to the party.
    Thank goodness for Mr. Precious to capture Carter in her parade!!!
    Get well, soon, dear one!!!

  54. She is darling! But, then, you knew that. I love her Anna outfit. I can see why she 'takes' your heart and why you are so happy to be close by her now.


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