Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sewing Room

Hello, Dear Ones! Oh, today I'm so excited to show you my official SEWING ROOM! Yay! It's not totally finished the way I want it but I couldn't wait to show it to you anyway.
Before I get into the details, and believe me I have lots, I wanted to show you the room from the MLS  listing.
Okie dokie! The same lovely not blue color as one of the kitchen walls was painted. No, no Nannette! I wasn't going to stand for this so I painted the wall Lauren's Surprise from Sherwin Williams. The same color as I painted the guest bedroom. I did this last October, then things got too busy to do anything else. As sad as it is, I still have that lighting. One day, one day...
 Whew! I'll start on this side of the room and work around. The door to the room and closet are to the left of the hutch. This was my little mother's china cabinet. I wanted to use it in here and decided to go pink! Charming Pink by Sherwin Williams.
 Here it is when we used it in our Little House. Now it looks pretty good in this snap but it was banged up quite a bit. I'm not too sure my little mother would have approved of me painting it pink so I've decided to tell her when I get to Heaven because I know she'll forgive me! ;)
 Bought new little glass knobs for the doors.
 Not a good snap, but just plain pulls for the drawers. I guess I could have ordered some glass pulls but heck, I didn't want to wait. You may want to get something to drink as I have lots of snaps to show you. Like I said with my guest room - if I'm going to show you my new redone room, I'm going to show it to you good! :)
 Poked up some of my favorite things on the top.

I've opened up the doors so you could see better what I've poked inside. I love Pyrex and the Butterprint pattern is one of my favorites. I cannot bring myself to use these so I thought I would bring them into my sewing room so I could see them all of the time and poke sewing stuff in them! I've neatly folded my smaller pieces of fabric and put them in here so I can see what I have at a glance. I am loving this!
 Moving right along to the corner next to the hutch is a little chair covered in a crocheted tablecloth made by my grandmother and a little pillow made from a pillow case I embroidered when I was 12 or 13. See? I've always been so talented! ;) I'm kidding. The little half moon table needs a paint job and I would love to find another little lamp.
 The painted china pieces were my mothers. She had a friend who was a wonderful china painter. I know mother would love this.
 This is a cross stitched piece I did way back in 1987 called A Virtuous Woman based on the scriptures from Proverbs 31. I love this. It was in a dark wooden frame so I took the Charming Pink paint and painted it up, leaving the little trim part because I was too lazy to tape off the glass. I think it looks okay, do you?
 Now this is exciting! I found this little desk last fall at a garage sale for $20! I knew I would end up painting it but with all of the unpacking boxes and the holidays, it sat in the sunroom until about a month ago. I painted it all up with the same pink paint and added a little image and modge podged it down on the drop down leaf. Isn't it sweet? I'm just loving this.
Here's a blurry snap of the little desk before the paint job. Look at the pretty little legs! It was a very sad little piece sitting out here all through the winter.
 Here is the inside with all of the little cubbies that are just perfect for all of my cards and envelopes. I did have to add two little felty circles as the lid kept sticking after I'd painted it. This works perfectly now! No more sticking.

This is the wall area with spray painted shelves filled with doo dads.
 I had to show you my recent find ~ this darling little 1960s sewing machine. It doesn't work but man it's cute! Don't you think so!!
 Moving along next to the little desk is the craft area. I've skirted this area and my sewing table. This is not the fabric I want forever, it's just what I had enough of to use. So it'll do for now. But, the great thing about skirting a large table is the space underneath to poke stuff! Believe me I'm using that space and nope, not gonna show ya! ;)
 You can see all of my crafy stuff poked in the little shelves. See those little plastic things with drawers? I've had those forever and just cut and taped some scrapbook paper inside the clear plastic drawers to make them prettier! Works for me.
 I get a little bit sad thinking of scrapbook paper! I was packing all of my scrapbook paper into boxes and I had a ton!! Mr. Precious told me I just couldn't bring all of my boxes because they were sooooo heavy. I pouted and stomped my feet! Didn't work. So...I don't have very much paper now. I'll get over it. It cost us over $20,000 to have the movers bring our stuff up here. I know! So I'm trying to recover. Drying my eyes, sniff sniff!
 But if you're sad, you get creative! I have collected zillions of cute embroidery pins from Pinterest and knew I wanted some for my wall in here. These are the three I have done so far. Now you don't have to use white or ecru colored fabric for embroidery. I've used little checks and a light print. I love it! I just size the pattern to what I want, print it out, trace it onto the fabric I'm going to use and go to town!
 Another not so good snap, but this is my sewing table. Like I said, my room is not finished. That chair is perfect in here as I can roll it from craft table to sewing table, but it's ugly! I am planning on recovering it one day. The same 'not forever' fabric is on the windows and the skirt on the table. It is pink, blue and yellow. I also plan on cutting the lace sheers to be window edge length. Looks like my window has on earrings, doesn't it? LOL My room looks over the back yard and I don't need a lot of privacy but do need the light. Need to make a sewing machine cover too. It goes on and on! :)

 Moving to the right side of the window is this little area. See those black metal filing cabinets? Well they are packed with fabric and I already had the shelves on top when I decided to modge podge the drawers to make it look softer! I love this. Do you like it? It was fun and so easy and really looks so much better than just the dark drawers. That little rolling cart on the left has its drawers is filled with rubber stamps! I know, I'm crazy. I have so many and got rid of lots, gave some to Carter and still have far too many but I can't seem to get rid of them! :)
 Here's a closer look at the drawers. I found some cute blue and pink papers to use and lined the drawers of those little plastic drawers with the papers too.
 You can see how I'm trying to be organized. Yay! I bought these pretty little photo boxes and they're perfect to hold velcro, zippers, embroidery threads, lace and such. See the little wooden white butterfly box? It's filled with little craft books called "Workbasket". I started getting these subscriptions in the late 1970s. They are filled with crochet patterns, recipes, and such. I'm attached to them and just can't get rid of them. I do use them occasionally. I've been saving glass jars from the kitchen too. I sprayed the lids with pink paint although one was too pretty with the red and white checks. I've been poking my buttons in them and it's great - all color co-ordinated! See that tiny little blue Adirondack chair with the china doll's head on it? I was gifted that from a blogging friend who wanted to remain anonymous. She knows who she is and I just love it! Thank you, darling.
Well, are you just plumb worn out? Is your tiny tongue hanging out? Guess what? I'm through! Like I've said, my room isn't finished but finished enough for now. I hope you've enjoyed seeing it with me and as time goes on I'll show you the updates. Now am I going to sew up something or just sit in my little chair and take a nap? :) I'm so talented like that, you know!

Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

The Look Of Love

The look of love
Is in your eyes
A look your smile can't disguise

The look of love
Is saying so much more than
Just words could every say
And what my heart has heard
Well it takes my breath away

I can hardly wait to hold you
Feel my arms around you
How long I have waited
Waited just to love you
Now that I have found you

You've got the look of love
It's on your face
A look that time can't erase
Baby be mine, tonight

Let this be just the start of
So many nights like this
Let's take a lovers vow
And seal it with a kiss

Don't ever go
Don't ever go
I love you so
The look of love

Let this be just the start of
So many nights like this
Let's take a lover's vow
And baby we'll seal it with a kiss
~ sung by Brazil 66