Sunday, July 19, 2015


Hello, Dear Ones! Can you believe it's mid July? Where has the time gone? Well, I wanted to take you on a little stroll of our yard. Grab you a drink and a cookie - this is a long post. You have permission to leave too if you'd like. But I'd rather you stay! :)
 Here is the front yard and we just love it. It has a little slope and the grandchildren just love it. We come out here and they run and play. The weather has been fabulous and not very hot. Today has been the hottest day - 90'. As you can see, we have lots of shade.
 I'm so excited to show you my new hydrangea! Just got it last week and I dug the hole for it and poked it in the ground. The blooms are so beautiful and so huge!
 Just gorgeous! I'm praying it will live! Any tips you want to give me - pore 'em on.
 Then my Coral Bells (thanks to my wonderful readers for telling me what these are) are blooming. I'm just amazed at the tiny straight up stems with those teeny tiny little blooms. These are just so dainty and the top of the leaf is green and the bottom of the leaf is purple! Isn't God amazing to put the amazing details on everything?
 Then there are the hostas! Oh, how I love these and some are blooming right now. Now I would love to say I was responsible for all of these plants, but I'm not, just the hydrangea. We've chopped so many bushes and trees from the front yard to open it up and did lots of house stuff so I guess I'll get the nekked spot planted with something next year. If you look at my first snap you'll see the bed that is bare right in front of the porch. The reddish area is rocks and we think we'll keep that and the area below will have plants one day!
 Oh, look! Mr. Precious bought me this darling little cardinal bird feeder. It was made by the Amish so you know it will hold up. But I'm so sad...not one bird has discovered it yet. We had a little chipmunk shimmying up the pole and filling his little tummy with the bird seed Well, I took care of that little booger. I rubbed Vaseline all over the metal pole. I was watching and he came back, took a runny start to shoot up the pole and he immediately slid down! He shook his tiny head and ran for his life. In about five minutes later, he tried it again. Same thing! I don't think he's been back! 

Now let's come around to the back yard! I planted a hosta garden out here! There were 'stray' hostas all over the place not doing nuttin' but sittin'. So since I'm so talented, I rolled up my sleeves, put on my gloves, grabbed my shovel and started diggin' those little suckers up! This area was completely nekked except for two plants that I don't know  what they are. I'll show you in a minute.
 Here is how it looked in the spring before all of the leaves on the trees came out. See? Nekked! Now do you see the little boy figure? He's part of an old water fountain. I'll tell you more about him in a minute too. He is sitting on a slab of concrete that was covered with a plastic liner material. When we had the fence put up last fall, I asked the guys to raise that up so we could see what was under it. They couldn't lift it. I was thinking maybe bones or a spooky something or other was buried under it. Well, I guess we'll never know. You think it could have been an old well and they covered it up with the concrete?
 Anyway, look at all of my hostas! Some are kinda small as I divided some. I did plant them close because I wanted it to fill in. I need to add just a few more to this side.
 I know you see our Texas star! We had to bring this with us and Mr. Precious has it wrapped with little lights and had an outside plugin put out on the fence so we could plug it up. It comes on each night and goes off in the morning. See behind the two trees - the wooden bear the previous owners left us. He was out in the front flower beds but I thought he'd like it better in the back yard.
 Here you see lil Melvin. He was the top of a water fountain we had and sitting on sea shells pouring water from his little urn. He had a little accident and fell off the shells and broke his tiny arm. That's okay. His little face reminds me so much of my son who is 45 years old! Man, that makes me feel old. He wore his little blond hair just like this and smiled all of the time. His name is Mel (Melvin) therefore, lil Melvin. Well, I tried to disguise that grave stone by putting little pots of begonias on it. Lil Melvin just loves being surrounded by the plants.
 Here is one of the two plants that was here. Do you have any idea what this is? It has recently sent up these shoots with the pretty yellow blooms. Look at the 'teeth' on the leaves.
 This is the other plant. I don't know if it blooms but nothing has happened yet.
 Here sits my darling Bunny Foo Foo. She enjoys her spot here among, don't know but it's pretty. I think I have a little of it in the front yard and you've already told me what it was but I've forgotten! I'm getting old ya know!
Don't judge me because you see lots of weeds. I know, I know, I need to pull them but I just haven't done it yet. This yard is almost all shade. At different times of the day you'll see little dots of sun shining on the grass like the snap above. Our lot goes back deeper than where you see the fence but we just followed the flower beds and thought that would be good enough. I need some bushes for some height but don't know what to plant. This area is so new to me and I'm trying to learn what I can about plants that will grow here. You all are so helpful and I appreciate every one of you.

Well, there you go! My yard - front and back. Not much color this year but hope to chance that for next year.

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Green Grass

 Green grass 'round my window
Young leaves that the wind blows
Yes, it's springtime, golden sunshine
And we're glad, my little love and I
Now that summertime is nigh

Carefree kissin' couples
Dream away all their troubles
'Cause it's springtime, golden sunshine
While the bluebirds sing their magic song
We will love the summer long
All the winter we've been waitin'
Girl and I anticipatin'
What we're gonna do with summer overdue
Now it's here, we're out together
So the weatherman had better
Do his best to make a show
And bring the sunshine out to grow the
Green grass 'round my window
Young leaves that the wind blows
Yes, it's springtime, golden sunshine
While the bluebirds sing their magic song
We will love the summer long
We will love the summer long
We will love the summer long
We will love the summer long
~ sung by Gary Lewis and The Playboys