Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Midweek With Marion

Hello, Dear Ones and welcome to Midweek With Marion. I've made Marion another sweet little outfit.
 Marion's style of dress reminded me of Heidi (played by Shirley Temple) the little Swiss girl who lived in the alps with her grandfather. 
Of course Marion's dress is not really the same as Shirley's, but the bodice is similar. I just love all of Shirley Temple's little movies and I will still watch one if it comes on the tube today! 
 See? Little shirtwaist dress with puffed sleeves. I combined this darling little lady bug fabric with a little red print.
I just had to show the bodice to you again. Do you see those little lady bug buttons? I told you I was only going to use what I had in my stash but I needed some cute buttons, saw these and had to have them. I added a placket. I just love plackets and so do these lady bug buttons.
 I added a little ruffle around the bottom of her dress and of course she had to have some bloomers.
 I thought Marion would look precious with her braids up on top of her little head. Isn't she pretty?
 I'm sure there were little lambs and goats up in the alps so Marion wanted an animal too. I found a little lamb for her. Now that I think of it, Marion could be the Mary who had a little lamb!! :)
Okie dokie! Here is the pattern I used. I don't think it's a reprint of an olden pattern but it could be. I just fell in love with all of the outfits and look at the precious little doll. I used view D for Marion's Shirley or Mary dress with my own spin added to it. I know I'm going to use this pattern over and over ~ just look at all of these little cute clothes! Excuse me, Dear Ones, think I feel a yodel coming on!  Make sure you go and visit my friend, Diane at Welcome to Lavender Dreams as she creates some darling doll clothes too!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

In Our Little Wooden Shoes

Have you seen my new shoes
they are made out of wood,
Such nice little shoes,
don't you think they look good?
I can dance all around
with the greatest of ease
I jump from the ground
to the tops of the trees.
I'll tell you something
I'm going to try
Put on your shoes
and away we'll fly,
We'll take a trip
where ever we choose,
We'll dance and skip
in our little wooden shoes.
How many miles will you travel with me,
One mile or two miles or may be three.
We'll make a stop where ever we choose,
We'll skip and hop
in our little wooden shoes.
~ sung by Shirley Temple


  1. Love your doll dresses. There is a little girl in all of us. I have a 1950s Miss America Doll that I get out and occasionally make a dress for. Of course my dresses are always red, white, and blue. I purchased her with my allowance for $l.97 back about 1958 when I was about in the 5th grade. I saved my 50 cents allowance for a month. I am 70 now, but lover her just as much as the day I purchased her. Your blog brings out the little girl in me that I was the summer I bought her at Newberry's dimestore in Springfield, Missouri.

  2. How darling! The fabric is just perfect for this style and the little buttons are very cute. (I think I have some of those too.) I will look for this pattern....just what I need...another pattern! heehee! But it's so much fun and I get so many great ideas! Your little dollie looks ready for summer with her hair up. I have a dollie post up today too! Sweet hugs, Diane

  3. Sheila, You have some impressive sewing skills... beautiful job on that sweet liitle dress! Love the fabric and precious ladybug buttons! Hope you're having a great week! ~Rhonda

  4. Sheila, You have some impressive sewing skills... beautiful job on that sweet liitle dress! Love the fabric and precious ladybug buttons! Hope you're having a great week! ~Rhonda

  5. Hi Shelia, oh my goodness, TCM channel had the movie Heidi on the other night! My sister and I watched Shirley Temple movies growing up. Love them so. Marion's ladybug dress is darling, love the ladybug buttons. Perfect song for this post, Kathleen in Az

    1. You know, I watched that too! I just loved Shirley Temple! Thanks for popping in.

  6. Oops! I've been trying to comment but it hasn't let me but I think I can now. I love the little dresses you have made for Marion. So darling. I love your blog. I am a big fan of Shirley Temple too. Ok, here goes again. I'll see if this works. :-)

    1. Yay! There you are! So glad to see you can comment now!

    2. I used to could only e-mail you but I finally figured out a way to comment. I couldn't even e-mail you since you moved to New York. Your e-mail address doesn't work now. Maybe it's just me. :-)
      Nelda Rust

  7. Absolutely adorable, Shelia. Makes me smile!


  8. Oh so cute Shelia! I have that lady bug fabric also, it made the sweetest little dress! I too still watch the Shirley Temple movies when I see them on, they are timeless. I remember that little wooden shoe song!! Thank-you for another fantastic Midweek with Marion, I love them!!

  9. Oh my, the cutest dress yet! Do you make dresses for your granddaughter? You are truly talented.

    1. Hi Peggy! Thank you so much for the compliment and no, I don't sew for my granddaughter but I need to start doing that. I used to sew clothes for myself and my daughter. Thanks for popping in.

  10. Good Morning Shelia, what a sweet little lady bug dress for Marian today. So adorable.Those little buttons are too cute. And her hair today is so sweet too. Your sewing is beautiful. God has truly blessed with with an amazing talent my friend. I love the Shirley Temple movies and watched them all when I was growing up. I still do when one comes on. I felt so bad when she passed away. She was a one and only!!
    Blessings for the day. cm

  11. You do such beautiful work, Sheila! Marian surely must love lady bugs and so do I! Have a wonderful Thursday!

  12. Marion certainly is a very well dressed doll! Love the coordinating buttons! xx

  13. Such a cute doll and your dress is super those buttons!


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