Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Midweek With Marion

Hello, Dear Ones! Thought I'd take a break today from showing you another home tour and let you know I'm on a tangent again.! I can't help it! If you remember a few years ago I went absolutely bananas making Glitter Houses for Christmas! Then, about this time last year I went on another tangent making Barbie doll clothes and had a weekly Barbie Mondays! If you'd like to see any of my tangents you can look at my sidebar and click on Glitter Houses or Barbie Mondays and you'll be magically taken away! :) I would like to introduce you to Marion. She's a knock-off American Girl Doll. My little granddaughter is now into these dolls but has a knock-off one too from Target called Our Generation Dolls that costs $$ instead of $$$. Her parents thought the $$ one would be better for a five year old - outside in the dirt, swimming get the picture. Well, I wanted the clothes to be a surprise and I needed a model so off to Walmart I went and found Marion who is a My Life Doll, also $$.  I think she's pretty cute and she was so happy to come home with me and model clothes for me.
I started digging into my stash of fabric, being so thankful I didn't get rid of all of it when we moved and found this cute polka dot fabric and thought it would be perfect.
 While at Walmart I picked up this little pattern. You can see I wrote "Hat" on it and will show you later. I tried my hand at making a hat and my circle is in there! :) Um, my handwriting really is better than it looks there. Just sayin'. :)
 Okie dokie, seeing that I love you so much and love to share each and every part of whatever I'm doing, here is the bodice. I added a little placket in a coordinating fabric and then some orange buttons. Also added some tiny little lace around the neckline.
 Here's Marion's gathered skirt.
 There was a pattern for little underpants and I added the same lace to them. So cute.
 To make dressing the doll easier for my little granddaughter, I just use Velcro to fasten with in the back.
 Well, there you have the first installment of Midweek With Marion. I will have a new outfit to show you each Wednesday until I run out of my tangent. Just so you'll know, Marion's hair is long and very curly on the ends. I was not enjoying moving her hair all around while I tried to dress her so I braided her some pigtails and now her hair stays neatly in place. I'm so talented like that. Hope you'll enjoy seeing the little outfits. Oh, my friend Diane at Lavender Dreams has acquired a bunch of 18" dolls clothes patterns and is making some too. Go see her HERE and tell her I sent you!

I guess I've realized that I'm still a kid at heart and making things and especially doll clothes allows me to play with dolls again! :)

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Satin Doll

Cigarette holder which wigs me over my shoulder, he digs me
Out cattin' my satin doll
Baby, shall we go out steppin', careful, amigo, you're flippin'
Speaks Latin, my satin doll
He's nobody's fool and I'm playing it cool as can be
I'll give it a whirl but I ain't for no boy catching me, swich-e-rooney
Telephone numbers well you know, I'm doing my rumbas with uno
And that'n my satin doll
Telephone numbers well you know, I'm doing my rumbas with uno
And that'n my satin doll, and that'n my satin doll
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
And that'n my satin doll, what a doll?
He is my satin doll
I had the craziest dream
~ sung by Ella Fitzgerald