Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Kitchen Window Wreath

Hello, Dear Ones! Well, needless to say I'm having a fun time decorating my new/old house for Christmas. Today I'd like to show you a little wreath I've made for my kitchen.
 I'll show you what I did on the window sill in another post.
My bay window was just screaming for decorations and a wreath seemed like the first thing I should poke up on the window.
 So I bought a wreath and went to town.
 The only things I bought were the little gingerbread baker and the red and white checkered ribbon.
 I could have kicked myself when I got home I realized the ribbon wasn't wired! But it was what I wanted so I made the bow the best I could, even though I couldn't make it poof as well as it would have if it had the wired edges! Live and learn! :(
 I had all of these little ornaments that I have used on my kitchen tree before so I poked them on my wreath. See the little spatula and whisk? Just the things for baking cookies.
 I tied on three little copper cookie cutters to dangle down from the nonwired ribbon.
I had two of these little stuffed gingerbread folks. They are very old.

This little wreath just makes me smile and my little grandson says "OOOOOOO" every time he comes over. That makes everything so right!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Christmas Is For Children

Christmas - is for children
Just for children
Grown up's save

Santa's found the chimney
That's for children
Like the reindeer
And the sleigh

That same tale is told
Every Christmas Eve again
We may think we're old
But our hearts can almost believe again

Christmas - is for children
But aren't we all children
Christmas day-ay-ay

That electric train
That no one could tempt papa with
Will someone explai-ain
Why it's all that papa will bother with

I guess Christmas - is for children
But aren't we all children
Christmas day...
~ sung by Glen Campbell


  1. Hi Shelia! I just love your new wreath just perfect for the kitchen! Wire or not your bow turned out perfect! I knew you would do something wonderful with that bay window...can't wait to see it all!
    Have a nice day

    1. Thanks so much, Jen! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. I made a kitchen Christmas tree one year, and used many of these types of items, but also tied on real cookies. My Beagle ate the cookies right off the tree — ribbons and all. EEEeeewww!
    Your wreath is a much better idea!

  3. Sheila ! I can't wait to see the rest of the window ! How fun to have a new house to decorate!

  4. Shelia, I love your kitchen wreath! Gingerbread men and Christmas just go together don't they. I'm so glad your Grand loves it!

  5. What a darling Wreath - I love the Gingerbread people!! Your entire is so warm and inviting and put a smile on my face today!


  6. Oh Shelia, I love the wreath you made, so cute and festive.

  7. So pretty Shelia as all of your things always are! I think that the bow is lovely and didn't need wired ribbon at all! Happy Christmas! xx

  8. Well, that's almost as cute as you are! Just perfect for your new/old bay window!

  9. Very cute, Shelia! I love how you've decorated your wreath so perfectly for a kitchen at Christmas time. Your grandson's "oohing" reminds me of my granddaughter doing the same when she was two and came over around Christmas time. She didn't talk much but the "oooh" said it all! : )

  10. This is kitchen -perfect Sheila!!!!! I want one for my kitchen, your so creative!

  11. Sheila, I have always had a fondness for gingerbread boys so I am loving your charming wreath! You have a gorgeous window to put it in too. Little ones are so precious with their oohs and aahs! They make Christmas so much fun. Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!


  12. Just too sweet for words. I know the grands are going to love it. fondly ~lynne~

  13. That OOOH is the highest praise any Nana can ever hear. Your wreath is just darling and I love it. It's always fun to find places for things in a new house. xo Diana

  14. That is so cute! I love that wreath! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  15. Oh now that wreath just makes me smile! I have a gingerbread/candy tree in the kitchen but little Colleen is kinda small to appreciate it. I am so looking forward to next year with her!! I love everything on the wreath and you did a great job on the bow!

  16. Darling wreath for the kitchen.


  17. ADORABLE Shelia!! I love how you decorated that whole area!

  18. Your wreath is darling, Shelia! I'm just learning how to use ribbon here and there so I eat up info like this. Now...did you use floral wire or glue to adhere some of your other little cuties besides the tied ones? I am a klutz when it comes to crafts so I'd love some advice!

    Janie xx

  19. I love this. I have been collecting things for 2 years to make a gingerbread wreath for my kitchen window. I need to just get it put together.

  20. You always do the cutest things! I am totally envious of that big window space you have to decorate. I see you have a little snow on the ground!

  21. What a beautiful wreath Shelia - I almost feel like I should have a go one day. I'm not at all crafty though so goodness knows what it would end up like, haha.


  22. That is adorable Shelia! Love the red and white checked ribbon and the gingerbread men. It would make me smile to see it each morning too!

  23. Your wreath is just too precious Shelia! I also, love a gingerbread theme in the kitchen! And how creative to adorn your lovely kitchen window with this! Festive and fun! Lovely job!!!!

  24. I love it, Shelia! It's so cute!

  25. Oh how fun, Shelia!
    I know you are really enjoying your house, the snow and your family so much and then getting to decorate is the icing on the cake!
    I hope to make a similar type of wreath next year.

  26. OMG how sweet, it looks just perfect for your window. I love that you made it so full with all the darling items.

  27. having those windows makes the perfect decorating spot. love how you've hung the ornaments from the window sill garland!! Have a wonderful Christmas, Shelia

  28. It is darling, Shelia. Dawn loves gingerbread men, and she use them in her kitchen, too.

  29. What a wonderful display Shelia.
    I love your darling wreath and that ribbon is perfect even without the wire. You always do such amazing creations. The gingerbread men are way cute. I can just imagine how your little grand enjoys this. I love your window too. You are going to have so much seasonal fun changing it out.
    Wishing you a special day.
    Hugs and Blessings.

  30. How festive. I just love the holidays.

  31. Very cute! I know you're having a blast this year being close to the grandbabies!

  32. Love, love your wreath, Shelia! I know you are enjoying your first Christmas in your new home, specially having your kids there. Merry Christmas!


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