Sunday, March 2, 2014

Outta the Dog House

Hello, Dear Ones!
Well, we're still in the den today so I wanted to show you my mantel.
When I'm stuck with what to poke up on the mantel I always use my 'go to' mantel decorating like the snap below. I poke down my two topiaries on each end, poke my little clock down with two Staffies on each side.  It's just easy when I don't feel inspired.
Well, I don't feel creative and I don't feel inspired so I decided I'd just use my old 'go to' mantel.
Life has been bopping right along and I was enjoying my 'go to' mantel. Then I went visiting some thrity shops and found something!
 See my mantel? Just my old 'go to' except...
No, no Nannette! Not my laptop tossed on the floor by my chair! 
How'd it get down there? :) Well, you can see my Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper and a snack there on the table.
 There's a little change, can you see it? Peep in a little closer.
 See!!! Oh, my heart is skipping beats right now! 
I found some Staffy babies, I mean Staffy puppies!
 Precious little puppies sitting on cushions!
 Oh, I'm loving these little Staffy puppies and so are their adopted Staffy mommies.
Now the mommies are real Staffordshire and the puppies are...shh...fake!
Don't tell them that because they're so happy to be in a home filled with other doggies!
 Shoot! Real or fake, I don't care one little bit. No, no Nannentte, I don't!
Look how proud the mommy Staffies are.
Just one thing, if these little Staffy puppies do not behave they will go inside the dog house.
You can see it is filled with Staffies who have gone awry! :)
I have no shame! :)
Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia :)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Dirty Old Egg Suckin' Dog

Well he's not very handsome to look at
Oh he's shaggy and he eats like a hog
And he's always killin' my chickens
That dirty old egg-suckin' dog

Egg-suckin' dog
I'm gonna stomp your head in the ground
If you don't stay out of my hen house
You dirty old egg-suckin' hound

Now if he don't stop eatin' my eggs up
Though I'm not a real bad guy
I'm gonna get my riffle and send him
To that great chicken house in the sky

Egg-suckin' dog
You're always hangin' around
But you'd better stay out of my hen house
You dirty old egg-suckin' hound 
~ sung by Johnny Cash


  1. Oh Shelia, your "go to" mantel looks fabulous! Your new additions are just adorable! I just love your Staffordshire, you've got quite abeautiful collection! Your posts always make me smile, you are such a sweetheart!
    Enjoy your day~

  2. Good Morning! What a great find! Love the pups on the pillows. I would never know they were fake.
    Too funny about the "dog house" if they misbehave!
    I need some inspiration to add touches of spring to my mantel!

  3. Oh my goodness, they are adorable and what a fabulous find. I love them with their mommy. Hugs, Marty

  4. Your mantels always look wonderful but those puppies are the best! What a perfect find!

  5. The babies are adorable!! Love that you found them and added them to the mantel! Perfect!!

  6. Your new babies look so cute with their new mommies! Precious!

  7. Your new little babies are so cute and they look great with their new mommies. Such a great find and they really ad to your mantle. Everything is perfect.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Great find, Shelia! They make a great addition to your "go to" mantel. : ) I love that they have the same coloring as the "Mommy's".

  9. Those are cute little ones, I bet all your doggies are just so proud to have a home, dog house or not.

  10. What a funny song...and sweet sweet puppies! I love your comfy room. And snacks left for us? heehee!

  11. Love your sense of humor, Shelia. Your Stafforshire collection is beautiful--love the little pups! ♥

    1. Glad you like my pup, Martha!
      Be a sweetie,
      Shelia ;)

  12. I just think this is such a pretty, pretty room, Shelia! Your built-ins are so gorgeous and I am loving your pups. They are adorable. You do a wonderful job with your mantle! Have a wonderful weekend- xo Diana

  13. Pretty mantel. I recently bought a large I don't know what to do with it. It's a really pretty one...and I fianlly just hung it out on the patio. You pups look might proud to be sitting up there looking over your world. I loved that you left your laptop sitting by your chair..and your drink and snack on the endtable.
    Made me smile!

  14. Oh those puppies are adorable. Who cares if they're the real "McCoy"! Your mantel looks great...I have a pair of not real Staffordshire type dogs too and I should get them back out! Woof!

  15. So cute and the mommies do look proud! Love your urns too Sheila!

  16. Love your staffys Sheila, they look perfect on your mantle!

  17. The adopted puppies are the cutest, ever! I covet them and all your dog collection and the shelves you have them in. This is such a gorgeous room, I can see why you want to spend time with your computer there and your Dr. Pepper, lol! I collect dogs but I don't have as many and the mamas and kids in the mantel are swoonnnn!!! Thank you my friend for your kind wishes for our 39th. Anniversary and for the compliments!!!
    Have a terrific weekend,

  18. Sheila I absolutely adore the Staffordshire pups!

    An Invitation to the Garden

  19. You have a wonderful collection there Sheila! I have always loved those pups and they do look wonderful on your mantle! Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper, that sounds yummy!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  20. I LOVE Staffordshire dogs and have a couple of "decorative" ones and just one real one, Your babies are darling and look like they belong to their mommies. I'll never tell. Would you believe I found the real one at a low end thrift store for $2 ? Made my day. Thanks for showing your new puppies. So cute.

  21. Shelia, what cute puppies you have. Love your mantle topiaries, too and the green painted on the back part of your shelves looks great!

  22. Hi Sheila, love your pups and the mantle look is gorgeous. You have such great taste in design.
    This room is beautiful.
    Have a great weekend.

  23. You did find a treasure! I love your collection of puppies. Perfect for the mantle too!

  24. I missed this post earlier somehow. What sweet sweet new babies you have there. AND NO potty training is involved...and NO MESS to clean up with food all over the floor. lol They are darling, Sheila. I am just surprised you didn't tell us their names! xo Diana

  25. Cute pups! These little guys would definitely have come home with me. Have you seen the Staffy knockoff made as a cookie jar that Anthropology sells. Pretty cute. Once came to live with the Stafies here. '-)

  26. I love you and your stafford! LOL

    THIS MADE ME SMILE. Sorry, my cap lock got stuck, but at least it is on a pleasant thought.

    I wish you could have been with us for Downton. We really did have fun. No, no, Nanette! I never show my mug on the internet. It scares me so I know it would scare little children. It is OLD, ;-).

    I had the craziest week, and that is why I have not been out making the bloggy rounds. My smoke detectors went off and on all night until three a.m. when they refused to pipe down, and I had to call the fire department in case my house really was burning down! My ears rang for days! Seven alarms were keyed into each other, and let me tell you, all seven went bye-bye. New ones miraculously appeared with our sweet young electrician who I want to adopt. Cutest kid ever... Kid as in a 33 year old. And THEN The burglar alarm was acting fritzy so that got an overhaull... but I didn't and desperately need one!

    So that is it from this popsickle stand. Please excuse typos. I am too tired to proofread.

    Love you



  27. Sheila, love your new puppies and your mantel looks great! I need some kind of go to mantel for when I'm not "feeling it". Right now it's just a mess until I decorate for spring.

  28. I just saw some the other day but I don't think they were as pretty as yours. Looks great!

  29. Well these are the cutest little puppies ever!! I love them and the entire puppster family-oh so sweet!
    Have a lovely week-

  30. Love the go to mantel! Yes, those little puppies look so happy to be with their new mommies! So very cute!

  31. The mantel is FAB!!! I love all things Staffordshire...real or not!

  32. Your mantel looks so pretty, Shelia! The Staffies, pups & moms, look perfect guarding their domain.

  33. When I see your collection I am reminded of my friend from France who also collected. They're just charming!


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