Thursday, February 13, 2014

Have You Seen Her?

Hello, Dear Ones!
How y'all doing today?
Well, not to be repetitive or anything but
have you seen her?
Have you seen my little cow creamer?
Isn't she adorable?

I'm wanting to post about other things but everywhere I turn here she is!
She's so cute I have to grab my camera and start snapping!
I just can't help myself.
Have you seen her before?
She's so darling and sings so beautifully!
I'm sure she'll tire of being in the limelight in a few days
but until then...I'll keep on snapping her!!

I'm joining How Sweet the Sound for Pink Saturday

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia :)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Have You Seen Her

One month ago today
I was happy as a lark
But now I go for walks
To the movies - maybe to the park
And have a seat on the same old bench
To watch the children play (huh)
You know, tomorrow is their future
But to me, just another day

They all gather around me
They seem to know my name
We laugh, tell a few jokes
But it still doesn't ease my pain

I know I can't hide from a memory
'Though day after day I've tried
I keep sayin' she'll be back
But today again I lied

Oh, I see her face everywhere I go
On the street, and even at the picture show
Have you seen her?
Tell me, have you seen her?

Oh, I hear her voice as the cold winds blow
In the sweet music on my radio
Have you seen her?
Tell me, have you seen her?

Why, oh, why
Did she have to leave and go away (oh, yeah)

Oh-oh-oh, I've been used to havin' someone to lean on
And I'm lost
Baby, I'm lost (Oh)

Oh, she left her kiss upon my lips
But left that break within my heart
Have you seen her?
Tell me, have you seen her?

Oh, I see her hand reaching out to me
Only she can set me free
Have you seen her?
Tell me, have you seen her?

As another day comes to an end
I'm lookin' for a letter or somethin'
Anything that she would send
With all the people I know
I'm still a lonely man
You know, it's funny
I thought I had her in the palm of my hand

[Repeat to fade:]
Have you seen her
Tell me, have you seen her (tell me, have you seen her?)

~ sung by The Chi-lights


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Martha for popping in to see me.
      Be a sweetie,
      Shelia ;)

  2. LOL! I could never hit the high notes in that song...or the low ones.
    Who doesn't love a smiling, happy, friendly cow?

    I bet she sings better than me too.




  3. She is cute as can be and I am not tired of seeing her:)

  4. LOL- Yes, I saw her before but she is worth a second performance. LOVE it!!!!! xo Diana

  5. She is adorable. I saw a white one yesterday on someone else's blog.

    LOVE the Chi-lites - that's a great song.

  6. Yes, and I'm just loving her! She's a real cutie! Keep snapping away!

  7. I have to say, I knew by your blog title that this would be the song you'd have a the end. I had this record (remember those?), and I played it over and over and cried!

    Your cow is so darling. She reminds me of Elsie, The Borden cow with the flowers tied around her neck! lol! That would be a good name for her, but remember the flowers, or was it a bell?


  8. She is super cute. Love seeing her moooootiful face!



  9. Me too...I've seen her before but she's so sweet I love taking another peek!
    Happy Valentine's Day...

  10. I love the sweet little cow, I know you have had her out before but I never tire of cute

  11. Your cow is way too cute!! Thanks for some more happy snaps of her!

  12. She has taken over your blog. Surely she has a name??
    hugs! Linda

  13. She is just so happy being in her new home.

    I've been busy taking pictures of snow covered everything :)

  14. Oh yes, I've seen her and love her. Happy Valentine's Day!

  15. She is adorable,especially with her rose bouquet. x

  16. She is worthy of a repeat! Why wouldn't you have shown her again? Love that song too!

  17. She is darling. Is she going to be joining us for Pink Saturday?

    Happy Valentine's Day, Shelia.♥

  18. Indeed Shelia, very cute, but you know, you shouldn't reveal a lady's weight! Although I am sure that it is all down the flowers that she is carrying!! Just joking of course. Happy Valentines Day. xx

  19. Your cow is adorable, and I think she makes a great vase for flowers. I must tell you that as a creamer for one's tea, she would be a bit disconcerting as she appeared to upchuck cream into your cup.

  20. Hi lovely lady.
    She is so sweet with the roses in her.. I hope you and yours had a wonderful Valentine's Day.
    God Bless. xxoo

  21. She is lovely! Saw the thumbnail on Pink Saturday and it really caught my eye. Take care - Dawn @ We Call It
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