Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Is For Children

Hello, Dear Ones!
The real reason we went to New York was to see our grandbabies!

 Little Camp and Carter.
 Camp had grown so much and was making eye contact with us.
 Then this little precious!
Forgive me as I have to be a bragging grandma! :)
 My lovely daughter took us out for apple cider doughnuts!
Oh, my Lord! Yummy!
 We took an entire suit case filled with presents for the grandbabies to have an early Christmas with them.
 Carter was so cute and she 'helped' Camp open his presents too.
 Girls gotta be girls.
This is Carter opening the little doll and carrier I made for her.
If you'd like to see it you can click here.
 I made her the little purse that looks like a house and she turned it into her diaper bag.
It blessed my heart as she just loved the little homemade toys!
 Little Camp was sleeping through most of the package opening.
 Now he's ready to be Santa!
See the little red place on his little forehead? It's called a stork bite and hopefully it will fade as he gets older and if it doesn't it can be lazer removed. Praying it will fade.
 Mr Precious and son in law with their "I want more coffee faces"!
 Even in New York my kids fly the UT flag proudly!
Look at the snow!
 There was snow on the ground while we were there but after we left it really snowed!
We were so fortunate to get home. The pilot told us our plane was the last flight out of the day ! all of the others were canceled. They deiced our plane and sprayed some green stuff on it and we were off. It was really a scary flight! Thank You Lord for keeping us safe.
 And to all a good night! :)

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia :)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Christmas Is For Children

Just for children
Grown up's save
Santa's found the chimney
That's for children
Like the reindeer
And the sleigh

That same tale is told
Every Christmas Eve again
We may think we're old
But our hearts can almost believe again

Christmas - is for children
But aren't we all children
Christmas day-ay-ay

That electric train
That no one could tempt papa with
Will someone explai-ain
Why it's all that papa will bother with

I guess Christmas - is for children
But aren't we all children
Christmas day..

~ sung by Glen Campbell