Saturday, July 27, 2013

Too Pooped To Pop

Hello, Dear Ones.
Yep. I'm too pooped to pop!
That means I'm tired.

 I need to clean the house but I'm too tired.
I need to clean out the fridge but I'm too tired.
I need to think of something to post about but I'm too tired.
 I found this cute amber glass pitcher a few months ago and needed to get some flowers to go in it. 
But I didn't because I'm just too tired.
I poked down these two yard birds by the pitcher because I was just too tired to be creative.

Do you ever just get so tired that you're too pooped to pop?
I do have an excuse. We've been out having fun in our little RV, Kiki!
It's tiring to have so much fun! :)

I'll get my rest and I'll get my creative juices back, I just know it.
Until then I'll just be too pooped to pop!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Too Pooped to Pop

Casey is an old man who wants to be a teen  
He goes to all the dances and they call him cha-cha King 
He cha-cha's when the band is playin' rock and roll  
He tries to keep in time but the beat leaves him cold
Because he's too pooped to pop, too old a soul 
Hips gettin' weaker when he tries to do this stroll  
And every time his feet get to go in one way  
Here comes a new dance and it's goin' to stray
Chicks told Casey, you better move man 
This is only a one night stand Casey wasn't in time but he was dancin' awhile 
Till a cramp caught his leg and he had to change his style
Because he's too pooped to pop, too old a soul  
Hips gettin' weaker when he tries to do this stroll  
And every time his feet get to go in one way 
Here comes a new dance and it's goin' to stray
Because he's too pooped to pop, too old a soul  
Hips gettin' weaker when he tries to do this stroll  
And every time his feet get to go in one way  
Here comes a new dance and it's goin' to stray
Casey finally learned to do the hoochie koo  
This might have been fine back in '22  
Now, I'm gonna give you fellows just a little tip 
If you wanna keep your girl you'll better get hip
Or, you'll be too pooped to pop, too old a soul  
You hips are gettin' weaker when you'll try to do the stroll  
And every time your feet gettin' to go in one way  
Here comes a new dance you'll be left to stray
~ sung by Chuck Berry


  1. You are so right! It is work to have fun! ; ) Seriously, I'm so glad you're having a good time traveling around in Kiki.

    BTW, I adore that sweet little amber pitcher.


  2. Sounds like you better take a rest:)

  3. I know what you're talking about! You'd better come home to rest for awhile my friend! :)

  4. Rest up quick, I want to see pics and hear about your RV'ing trips!

    Hugs ~ Mary

  5. This sounds like a good way to get pooped! Have you ever heard of needing a vacation after a vacation??!! Get some rest!


  6. Been there alot.......and I am there RIGHT NOW! It is in the 70's i want to go out and play but the house is a mess :(

  7. I know EXACTLY what you mean by too pooped to pop!!! Rest up!

  8. Having fun is sometimes hard work! Relaxxxxxxxxxxx!!

  9. Get a good nap Shelia, in fact I think that's what I'll do, it's raining here in Pa. a really wet July it seems!

  10. I am with you sister. I am too pooped to even think....that is bad.

  11. I have been working all day, fixing a dinner for friends that are coming over. I am not pooped yet, but am sure I will be once the evening is finished!

  12. Yes, I have been that tired!! Why is it so much work to have fun?

  13. Ah so it's an official ailment! Now I know what's wrong with me - I'm "too pooped to pop"! Thanks Shelia! I was getting worried...... ;)

  14. Oh, I know that feeling too well, Shelia! Mine is from fibro, and I am too pooped to pop since early 2011! I am lovin' that little camper of yours. Just the bathroom routine gives me pause.....;-) Otherwise I would LOVE one of my own, and travel the country. What a wonderful thing to be able to do. xo

  15. I'm out of it today, too.I temporarily lost my spunk. My hubs even said my posts have been boring. Gee, thanks, Dan!

  16. Glad you've been out having fun. Rest up! ~ Sarah

  17. I totally get it, I always feellike I need a vacation when we get home from vacation!!!:) Rest up, I want to hear all about your KIKI adventures!!!! XO, Pinky

  18. Glad to hear you're out having fun!

    I have to admit - didn't know this song. Have a nice weekend. xo

  19. I know the feeling. My iron was low and I started taking it again and now I'm like engernizer bunny.
    Rest up and worry about everything tomorrow......
    Have a terrific week sweet Shelia.

  20. This post made me smile. I have heard this saying my whole life. Rest up.

  21. Shelia,
    Get some rest, dear friend!!!
    Tomorrow your creative juices will be flowing strongly!!!
    I felt the same way after the Wedding. . .and a day trip to visit my Dad!
    Today, however is a new day. . .and I'm thinking my kitchen needs a re~arrange,
    cupboard cleaning, tablescape update and some new vignettes!!!
    Lord, have mercy!!!
    Have a refreshed week ahead, dear one!!!

  22. You give yourself a break! You'll recharge in no time!


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