Monday, July 8, 2013

Orange Fire King

Hello, Dear Ones!
Well, here I am again showing you some more vintage Fire King.

I found these three orange pieces for my daughter as she lives in a mid century house,
 built in 1958, and they will look great in her kitchen.
 We took them to her on our visit.
If you'd like to see her home you can click HERE.

Yep, that's a tiny little clear glass bowl turned upside down with the tiny bowl sitting on top.
I should have tried to hide it better. Oops! :)

First of all there is this nice big mixing bowl with pouring spouts on each side.
I know this style is called a Cinderella bowl in Pyrex.
Is it still called that in the Fire King too?
Then this very perfect loaf pan.
Can't you see some pumpkin bread or meat loaf cooking away in this?

Then I found this little teeny bowl.
Maybe my little granddaughter, Carter, can eat her cereal out of it.

Noting like a little orange to brighten your day.

I have a new post up at my RVing blog "You, Me and Little Kiki" and would love for you to pop over and leave a comment so I'll know you've been there.

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Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Orange Blossom Lane

When I kissed you in Orange Blossom Lane
I could hear this heart of mine sing a refrain
I remember the moon was on the wane,
It was time to say goodbye,
And our song became a sigh,
Where are the blossoms that hung on the bough?
Where are the love songs and where are you now?
I'll be waiting till you come back again
Just to kiss you in Orange Blossom Lane

~ by Glenn Miller


  1. I love the orange dishes! When I went to the link about your daughter's house I noticed her Hosier cabinet it just like mine. What a neat house she has!


  2. Those pieces look amazing! So bright ans festive, perfect for a mid-century home, or any vintage home.

  3. I am fond of orange, maybe because I was a teen in the 70's, and these Fire King's are wonderful. I have been away with our Mini Wee's and just saw Carter, your daughter, and Sweet Pea. They are all just gorgeous. I know you are excited about that new blessing. We had a new grand born yesterday at 1 pound 10 ounces-please pray for our tiny one. xo, olive

  4. I went and visited your daughter's house's amazing! :)

  5. What a wonderful color! And yes, I can see meatloaf cooking away...

  6. Oh Shelia, you find the best things! I bet your daughter's house is awesome...1958? Oh my...would love that. BTW, I will trade you some butterfly gold for some pink gooseberry, lol:-)

  7. Just visited your daughter's house. Oh my! Anything mid-century fascinates me and what a beautifully preserved house...but so up to date and modern. Oh it's beautiful Shelia!!

  8. Those are cute little bowls and bread pan. I had the brown ones like those. How fun for your daughter to have those, they should fit in very well in her mid-century home.
    Hugs, Cindy

  9. Oh, I am squealing with delight. I bet your daughter did the same. They are lovely.

  10. Wonderful that you found such good pieces for your daughter!

  11. I went over to look at her home, and wow! These bowls fit in beautifully Shelia! I love the color of orange.

  12. Wait till you see my little cabin on rules!!

  13. I love the orange Fire King! Great gift for your daughter. My Sara wants to shop my Pyrex when I get it unpacked! Makes me happy to see her enjoying my vintage things. They also live in a mid-century modern home...I'm going to check out the post on your daughter's home again.


  14. So nice! I love me some vintage kitchen and serving pieces. I have a couple of these in yellow. I enjoy having them!

  15. I think it's so sweet how the younger girls are wanting orange and even avocado green! Love your little back drop you made for showing these pieces. ♥

  16. Looks so similar to pyrex and the color reminds me of the Brady Bunch kitchen!

  17. Love these pretties Sheila. WHat a great color score too! We had a nice fact this entire summer is going by way too fast.

  18. Love the orange bowls, bright and cheerful! Your daughter will be so happy! Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!!!

  19. I'm not usually crazy about orange, but those pieces might convert me. xo

  20. I'm VERY into orange this summer -- so these suit me just fine! Thanks!

  21. Great finds!...just love the color!!! Your daughter must be so thrilled to have them!

  22. Oh I love your orange, how fun. One of my favorite colors. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  23. You are getting a serious collection of Fireking and Pyrex. All in super great condition too.

  24. Shelia,
    Lovely, bright and cheery orange pyrex, dear friend!!!
    The loaf pan is the one I remember my Mother~in~law baking
    loaves of her Blue Ribbon County Fair homemade bread in!!!
    Thanks for sharing and for the memories!!!

  25. I'm sure your daughter will love using those pieces! They remind me of the 70's. I remember seeing those when I grew up.

  26. Love your finds, especially the loaf pan. I know your daughter loved them. I am still traveling, will be home in another week. Have a blessed week, Ginger

  27. I love the color of these! I've missed leaving comments but I've seen your posts. Your daughter looks great- and of course Carter is as cute as she can be! How exciting that you will soon have another grandchild! I hope you are enjoying your new motor home.

  28. That color is the one I always associate with Fire King- because it looks like it is ON FIRE! Great pieces, Shelia- xo Diana

  29. wow those are very cool. Pyrex is a wanted item these days it seems. When I see them iin antique stores I can't believe what they want for those pyrex bowls etc that I had MANY MANY of back in the 70's.

  30. They would suit her home beautifully Shelia, as they would mine! You know that orange is my new accent colour!

  31. Hi Shelia, I have missed you and I am so happy to see your Fire King collection in orange. I
    love that color.
    Our grands and children left on Sunday and we have been sick with a cold. Our grandson had a cold when he was here. We still had two weeks of fun with camping and grandkid's week. It rained a lot but we still found fun things to do.

    I knew that you were gone too and I saw a comment on FB so I came over to say hello. I am going to visit your RV site too. How fun for you both. We love our RV and even though we don't use it as often as we thought we would, It is a home away from home for us when we need it.

    I'm off to catch up with your posts I have missed.
    Love, Jeanne

  32. Shelia, these are gorgeous! Hard to find, too, at least in my area, I've never seen them, only online. I looked at your RV site - nice Class C! We have a TT we love, you're gonna have so much fun! Take care - Dawn


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