Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Little Jadeite Love

Hello, Dear Ones!
I wanted to take a break from showing you some of my mother's things today and show you something I ran across a couple of months ago.
Another Jadeite bowl!

 Why have I fallen in love with Jadite now that I want it and just can't find it so easily!

 She's a beaut! Look at the soft Jadeite green color, the smooth as a baby's bottom surface
 and those curves.
Move over super models! :) complete my happiness...
my neighbor came over with a bag of homegrown tomatoes!

 Trust me ~ they're scrumptious and gorgeously red!
 He even tossed in some tiny little cherry tomatoes too!

There you have it.
A little vignette with my new Jadeite bowl.
Hey, I've got one other Jadeite bowl with swirls.
If I can find one more I'll have a collection.
Isn't that the rule? Three items make a collection.
I'm on my way!!
Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Homegrown Tomatoes

Ain't nothin' in the world that I like better
Than bacon & lettuce & homegrown tomatoes
Up in the mornin' out in the garden

Get you a ripe one don't get a hard one
Plant `em in the spring eat `em in the summer
All winter with out `em's a culinary bummer
I forget all about the sweatin' & diggin'
Everytime I go out & pick me a big one

Homegrown tomatoes homegrown tomatoes
What'd life be without homegrown tomatoes
Only two things that money can't buy
That's true love & homegrown tomatoes

You can go out to eat & that's for sure
But it's nothin' a homegrown tomato won't cure
Put `em in a salad, put `em in a stew
You can make your very own tomato juice
Eat `em with egss, eat `em with gravy
Eat `em with beans, pinto or navy
Put `em on the site put `em in the middle
Put a homegrown tomato on a hotcake griddle

If I's to change this life I lead
I'd be Johnny Tomato Seed
`Cause I know what this country needs
Homegrown tomatoes in every yard you see
When I die don't bury me
In a box in a cemetary
Out in the garden would be much better
I could be pushin' up homegrown tomatoes
~ sung by Guy Clark