Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Here We Go

Hello, Dear Ones!
I wanted to share with you our 15 day cruise to Barcelona, Spain that we took recently.
We just returned last Thursday evening and I'm still a bit fuzzy from the time changes.
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This was our first port ~ Nassau, Bahamas.
We had to pose in the most touristy spot!

A few sights around town.

Our next port was Medeira, Portugal.
Such a lovely place.

An open market place.

Oh, this was so much fun. We rode a cable car up the mountain and the views were so beautiful!

I got my snaps out of order...oh well.
This was Alicante, Spain, our fourth stop, such a lovely place.
We've been to Cannes, France and I promise we thought we were there.
Alicante looked so much like Cannes.
Just had to show you these marvelous sand sculptures!
The horse was lifesize.

Our third port was Gibraltar and we rode in another cable car to the top of The Rock!
Here we are at the top! It was such a beautiful view and we could see across the waters to Africa!
the highlight for me on The Rock was the Barbary monkeys! 
Look at these little boogers and they don't have tails.
They are very used to folks and I was able to get pretty close to snap their pictures.
I wanted to add this funny little trio of art that is used for a warning. We were not to touch the monkeys or feed them. We were told they loved women's hair and would pull it sometimes. If you had food they would grab it from your hands or even your camera!  And they will bite!!
I heeded the warning and all was well. But when I walked away a man who was standing close by screamed! I turned around and one of the monkeys had jumped on his back! Yikes!

Our final port and destination was Barcelona, Spain.
When we got off our ship we stayed for three days and toured all around Barcelona.
It's really a beautiful city.
Look at the bottom left little sign.
This was a doggy pooping area only! I loved this!
One of the biggest tourist attractions was this church. We could go in, but the lines were 10 miles long or so :) so we just viewed from the outside.
The adding on just continues.
We saw these hanging legs everywhere. I think they were pig legs but I'm not sure!
There was fish to choose from. I walked by holding my tiny nose.
The kitty seemed interested though! ;)
This little area was surrounded by many olden apartments or flats, I'm not sure what you would call them in Spain. But at around 4:30 pm in the afternoons the space came alive. Families would come out with dogs and children. It was so fun watching the little children running around chasing each other and kicking their balls. Some of the shops would just be opening. 
We came every afternoon to the little market on the bottom left and bought bottled water and oranges. The oranges were some of the best I've ever eaten and so sweet!
You can see we ordered some pizza and ate outside and pretended to be locals! :)
The really nice restaurants didn't open until 8 pm and we just didn't want to wait and eat that late so we made do! :) We really look like we've gone without eating, don't we? ;0
This was the most beautiful art museum!
The top right painting is by the artist El Greco and is called Christ Carrying The Cross.
Many years ago we were in Madrid, Spain and visited the Prado Art Museum.
We picked up a canvas that had been printed and then art students had painted over the design in oils.
The canvas we bought for $2 (US money) was Christ Carrying The Cross
 and it's the same size as the original.
I feel very attached to that painting and almost cried when I saw it here in the museum.
 I've been looking at one almost just like it in my home hanging on my wall for over 30 years.
Well, there you have it ~ our trans Atlantic cruise.
We had a wonderful time and I do feel so blessed to get to travel from time to time.
But it's always great to get to come back home and sleep in my bed.
My laundry is not quite done yet and my house needs a good cleaning since it sat collecting dust and bugs for 19 days.
But Chloe Dawn is thrilled to be home and I have my diet Cherry Dr. Peppers in the fridge.
Life is good!

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Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~ 

Spanish Harlem

There is a rose in Spanish Harlem
A red rose up in Spanish Harlem
It is a special one, it's never seen the sun
It only comes out when the moon is on the run
And all the stars are gleaming
It's growing in the street right up through the concrete
But soft and sweet and dreamin'

There is a rose in Spanish Harlem
A red rose up in Spanish Harlem
With eyes as black as coal that look down in my soul
And starts a fire there and then I lose control
I have to beg your pardon
I'm going to pick that rose and watch her as she grows in my garden
I'm going to pick that rose and watch her as she grows in my garden

(There is a rose in Spanish Harlem)
La-la-la, la-la-la, la-la-la-la
(There is a rose in Spanish Harlem)
La-la-la, la-la-la, la-la-la-la
(There is a rose in Spanish Harlem) 
~ Sung by Ben E. King