Friday, December 21, 2012

Gingerbread Houses

Hello, Dear Ones.
Most of you know my Mr. Precious has been retired now for about three years.
He is so busy and belongs to many organizations.
He came home the other day and said, "Look, I won the door prize!"

 He won this wonderful little gingerbread house.
Well, maybe it's a gingerbread village but it's most darling!

 Look at this house with all the stacked cookies on the roof!

Here's this little houses refection in the mirror 
 so you can see that the back is decorated as cute as the front.

 The little A-frame house looks so yummy!

 I think this little gingerbread house is my favorite ~ 
maybe it's because of all the chocolate! :)

 Well, maybe this one is my favorite! 
Look at the darling little windows.

The little gingerbread village is sitting on a huge round and bordered with CANDY!

There is even colored ice with sprinkles!
Is your tiny mouth drooling yet?

 There are little snowmen carrying peppermints scattered all around.

You can imagine my joy when Mr. Precious said ~ this is yours!
It was made by a local lady and she had placed her calling card in the wrapping.
I emailed her and bragged on how darling this was and asked her if there was a wayI could preserve it?
 She told me to let it air dry (the candy was still rather sticky) and then I could use a spray sealer and any kind would do. Well, that's just what I did. I let it dry for about a month then I grabbed up a can of spray paint sealer and went to town.
So hopefully I can find a box and lots of bubble wrap so I can keep this little cutie and use it again next year.
Have any of you kept your gingerbread houses before?

 I've set this up in my dining room and I know little Carter, my little granddaughter,  will love this.
I flanked my gingerbread village with these two wooden Santies.
I really have to watch the Santies as they have a very hungry look on their little faces! :)

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~


Gingerbread, gingerbread,
Yum, yum, yum, Yum, yum, yum.
I like gingerbread, I like gingerbread,
In my tum, In my tum.  
~ from Piggyback Songs


  1. Those Santies are going to eat-up your gingerbread village....oh, yes, they are!

  2. You are so lucky, Mr. Precious did really good winning this prize! So glad you thought to ask about preserving it, at first I was hoping it was ceramic so you could keep it forever ... but this way you can keep it anyway! How many days until Carter arrives? Hugs ~ Mary

  3. Shelia, That is a very pretty gingerbread house. As I kid, I would want to admire it while I nibbled on the back.LOL Your will love it. xoxo,Susie

  4. WOW...what a lovely door prize!!

  5. So pretty. What a wonderful surprise. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  6. Wow - that is a beautiful gingerbread house!

  7. What a pretty gingerbread village! Carter is going to love it! Merry Christmas to you and your family Shelia!

  8. Oh Shelia! Just the right person won that! I am sure Carter will be in awwwwww!

  9. This is sooo sweet and sure it must have been made for your little Carter. :))
    Merriest Christmas...

  10. That's beautiful and what a lucky lady you are to be married to a lucky man! I've never had a gingerbread village. Many years ago my daughter made one at home, we didn't keep it though. My daughter and her two children make a couple of the houses each year, but they don't keep them.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to you and yours.
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  11. Oh those cookies would be in jeprody here!!! It is darling.

  12. Oh Sheila, it is WONDERFUL!!!! Carter will just love it too! I never knew you could preserve the real ones. As you know LOVE gingerbread houses:):0 I hope you saw my new one. XO,m Pinky

  13. I have never had the patience to make a gingerbread house, but I AM GOING TO MAKE SOME LITTLE GLITTERED VILLAGE HOUSES for next year from your patterns.

  14. Shelia,
    What a delightful surprise!!!
    Gingerbread houses are a real treat for Christmas!!!
    Little Carter is going to L O V E this!!!
    I'd be very cautious of those Santas. . . especially with that look on their faces! Ha!

  15. Lucy you, it is just darling and so many details to look at. I bet you are just loving it:)

  16. That is really a labor of love, Shelia, lots of detail. Carter will love looking at all the different houses and candy trims. xo

  17. I love gingerbread houses! Yours is fantastic! I love seeing the different candies they used and how they designed the houses. I usually make one each year, but have saved them before. I store them in a bag in the house (climate controlled room). Last year, I stored ours in the basement but that ended up causing some of the candy colors to run. Bad idea. I guess it got to humid over the summer. So, I would store yours in a place where there is heat and air just to be safe.

  18. Lucky you! Your gingerbread village is adorable! I hope it lasts for many years. :)

  19. This is so cute - I do hope you will link it to "Open House". I made one with my kids many years ago which was quite amateur looking - not like Martha Stewart's. Yours is incredible!

  20. It really is adorable and does make your mouth water a little looking up close at all the yummies! I've never made a gingerbread house...but I love them! Merry Christmas sweet friend!

  21. What a fantastic "win".I hope you can keep it forever and bring it out every Christmas.I sure do love this sweet gingerbread village.
    Just as much as I love our sweetie Shelia.
    Merry Christmas my friend!
    Give Mr Precious a great big hug and kiss!!

    ~Jo @'s been a fun year blogging with you

  22. Beautiful Gingerbread village Shelia...have a Merry Christmas

  23. Hi Shelia,
    I would be so tempted to eat it!!! It's so cute and I'm glad that you are going to perserve it for many more years of enjoyment.

    Merry Christmas.

    Hugs, Sissie

  24. Oh! That little Gingerbread Village is just the cutest! I am so glad it found it's way to you! And yes, won't Carter just love it! Fun!
    Lily, WA, USA

  25. What a darling little Gingerbread village Shelia! I had never heard of spraying varnish on one to preserve it! Let's hope no one gets hungry and decides to sample it!

    Merry Christmas Friend-

  26. That is quite the gingerbread house! It sure is stacked high and has lots of interesting looking candy. I guess one couldn't eat it now that it's been sprayed. Too bad. I have never made a gingerbread house in my life. How sad is that! Maybe some year if my grands come to visit at Christmas. Speaking of which, I hope you enjoy your Christmas with your sweet little Carter. Many blessings to you and yours. Pamela

  27. OMGOSH, Shelia! That is the cutest thing! I just love it. What a great door prize. I have never saved one myself but I think people do. I would suppose it would keep much like gingerbread ornaments and I have saved those from year to year. What a wonderful surprise! xo Diana

  28. Adorable! I don't know anything about preserving them but her suggestion sounds reasonable!
    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  29. What a great prize to win! I know that Carter is going to be fascinated by this creation. If you seal it and keep it in a dry place, I'll bet it will be just as pretty next year.

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  30. Oh my word, what a fabulous Gingerbread house. It is absolutely stunning. So glad you can preserve it for another year. I wish you and your family a very Merry and Blessed Christmas. Hugs, Marty

  31. Lucky you!
    Stopping by to wish you a Merry Christmas! Saw your pretty Nativity. We did a Living Nativity at our family party last week, our youngest gbaby was baby Jesus! It was very touching, esp after Friday's horror.
    Blessings to you!

  32. It's so beautiful it actually made me cry! A child's DREAM!
    Our gingerbread houses never outlast McGillicuddy the big orange cat. He has a thing for them...and that is why the people at the vet's office recognize my voice when I call. (one of the reasons)

    Merry Christmas!



  33. Shelia, Mr. Precious is just that...precious to bring you another thing to store! Oh, I'm loving it and was reading and wondering if it could be saved. Guessing attic storage is out of the question, but you have to find a great spot and let it have some cool air!

    Wishing the Precious family a Merry Christmas!

  34. Shelia, what a wonderful prize from your sweetie, Mr. Precious. How great that you could preserve it. It's just too cute not to!! Thank you for always putting a smile on my face. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

  35. I'm dropping by to wish you a very Merry Christmas, Shelia! I hope you have the time of your lives. Your house looks PERFECT. So pretty and fun both. Love you and am thankful you are my "sister" in celebrating this wonderful birthday of our Lord.




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