Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Living Room Is Screaming Fall!

Hello, Dear Ones.
I've said this before, I didn't mean to turn my living room into a Fallen colored room, but that's exactly what I've done.

You see a few years ago we decided to start over in our living room and get rid of our olden furniture and buy new.
We gave away, garage sailed and soon the living was bare as a baby's bottom! :)
I had painted the walls in the living room and dining room a soft green.
It was Laura Ashly Olive # 2 - I think - from Lowes.
Anyway, I loved the green and had no idea what furniture would be in here.
I know, I did it kinda backwards.

Well, I saw this Ralph Lauren discontinued sofa and fell in love with it.
Guess what? It didn't have a smidgen of green in it.
I didn't care and threw caution to the wind and bought it.
Then I made my drapes and the fabric was green with dark brown stripes, goldy stripes and a creamy stripes. I made little valances and added some beaded trim.
I was on a roll.

Found a lovely round coffee table with inlaid wood in the shape of a star on the top.
Then two round side tables with  glass insets followed. My little Mother gave me the table between the windows with the spindley legs. She redid this years ago and I have just left it like this. I thought about painting it but I don't want to hurt her feelings. So it'll stay like this for a while.
Next came the two winged back chairs. I searched over two years for these. Still no green.
Do the green and Fallen colors just look awful?
I kinda like it and just think of a tree - green leaves and tree trunks with a little Fallen leaves thrown in.

Well, hope you're not tired of seeing Fallen vignettes because I'm going to show you what's on my coffee table now.

I actually went out in my front yard and picked up some little acorns from the oak trees and poked them into this big vase and then continued adding my little decorative things ending with a candle and a little candle ring.

Poked a sweet little music box we bought in Italy many years ago and popped it upon some little books.
I'm so talented like this you know! :)
Then a trio of round orbs - pumpkins and a large orange (I think it's an orange) .

Hope you've enjoyed seeing my Fallen colored living room.
Maybe one day I'll change the wall color but today it's gonna stay green - Fallen green.

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Green River

Well, take me back down where cool water flow, yeh.
Let me remember things I love.
Stoppin' at the log where catfish bite,
Walkin' along the river road at night,
Barefoot girls dancin' in the moonlight.
I can hear the bull frog callin' me.
Wonder if my rope's still hangin' to the tree.
Love to kick my feet way down the shallow water,
Shoe fly, dragon fly, get back t your mother.
Pick up a flat rock, skip it across Green River.

Up at Cody's camp I spent my days, oh,

With flat car riders and cross-tie walkers.
Old Cody, Junior took me over,
Said, you're gonna find the world is smould rin
An' if you get lost come on home to Green River.

 ~ sung by Creedence Clearwater Revival


  1. Your living room is very pretty! I love the colors! And I'm still enjoying the 'fall'!!

  2. I feel like I am home every time I visit here....It's all so lovely!!!

  3. I like your fallen green LR and love seeing all your 'scapes and decor, Shelia. It's fun to live vicariously through you since I didn't decorate this year.



  4. Beautiful, the paint color is fine because you and your dainty little fingers pulled it all together with the curtains/valances. I'm in love with your hurricane filled with all sorts of fallen beauty! Hugs ~ Mary

  5. I happen to love soft green Shelia. The sofa is beautiful and I see why you fell for it. I never plan anything as I am strictly a thrift shopper and buy and find a place for something later. It all works out in the end. Just like your beautiful living room. Love that hurricane on the coffee table too. xo, olive

  6. Love green, your furniture looks wonderful in that fallen room. It is snowing here. :/ xo

  7. Hi Shelia,

    Your living room looks so pretty -- great choice for sofa and chairs! I hope you don't change the wall color because I really love the Laura Ashley Olive Green; it looks so pretty in the lamplight. Your new tables are lovely, and I especially like the little table from your mom. I love antiques! :) My mother-in-law has a music box just like yours, but she got hers in Austria many years ago. I've always thought it was so pretty.

    I enjoyed seeing your fall decor, and I hope you have a wonderful week.


  8. I think your living room is just gorgeous. The colors give it a very rich look! It's beautiful! xo Diana

  9. I think it all goes together beautifully! You ARE so talented like that! :)

  10. Of course it goes together, green is the perfect background color for the Fallen colors!!! Love the table decor, and love CCR!!!!

    I am busy getting ready for my huge art/craft sale here this weekend.....workin like a dog, sewing, decorating, stringing lights, you get the picture!!! Send me some special prayers Sheila....hugs...cleo

  11. Your living room looks great to me. I have a very similar jewelry box from Italy.

  12. Lovely living room, so pleasantly decorated, choice for the sofa is perfect, the wall colors are so perfectly chosen, great interior designing.

    Gestuz online

  13. Your living room is beautiful Shelia! I love your fallin colors. Hope you have a wonderful day, Gail

  14. LOVE the colors in here!! And your new sofa is to-die-for. Great find!!

  15. Sheila, you Living room is gorgeous! Love the green walls.

  16. The fall color of your living rooms is just breathtaking. It really suits the season. It looks homey and comfy. It would be a great place to hang out and catch up with the family.
    singing teachers perth

  17. Fall colors look beautiful in your living room Shelia! Love all your pretty vignettes!

  18. Shelia your room is beautiful! I think the wall color is a good background color for your furniture. You pulled it all together perfectly with your curtains, pillows and accents. Your coffee table is gorgeous and I love how you decorated it. The Italian music box is really lovely! Love the table from your Mom (don't change it!) Your fall decorating fits in perfectly! Great job!

  19. I love your living room. I is just beautiful. Last year when redecorating Hubby said our house was too light and he wanted our living room to be more fall like. So it is now.

  20. Shelia, I think those green walls are the perfect background for your beautiful room. It's very subtle and almost a neutral color. Your vignette on your coffee table is so pretty. I am never able to bunch up a runner and make it look pretty. Mine look as if the grands came through and messed it up. laurie

  21. Dear Shelia, your living room is simply gorgeous for Falll, it seems like that's the style, just magazine perfect! I love the coffee table vignette, it's so lovely..and of course, all your vignettes! Thank you for your sweet visit my darling friend. Big hugs,

  22. Shelia,
    I love, love, love your Green Fallen Living Room!!! Although my living room walls are golden...we have the same color palette and I have one red lamp!!! Your coffee table really catches my eye this evening! I love its unique shape and the vignette you've created is exquisite!!! I'm drooling over your hurricane arrangement!!! Thanks for sharing your lovely home with us!

  23. I love the acorns in your vase but my favorite is the wooden bird:)

  24. I'm sure everyone who sees your room, smiles. elegant and welcomeing, just like YOU.

  25. very pretty. I don't have anything "fallish" up anymore really. Just a couple of things. But by Sat. morning we will have up to 10 inches of snow, so it doesn't feel very FALL.
    I made your cabbage lasagne thing today (you know the one that's like cabbage rolls, but without the Roll)
    It turned out really good and we LOVE it.

  26. I think your fallen room looks wonderful.
    My kitchen is sage and I've had the same color for about 10 years..I should repaint but, I like the color. :)

    I am not much in the mood for anything pretty right now..with the horrible storm leaving so much havock and now the election results, I am sad.

  27. Awesome room, artificial fruits on the center table look simply great, adorable decoration matching with the sofa cover, the arrangement of the tables is also perfect.

  28. Hello Shelia, I LOVE your green walls and they look fabulous in your lovely living room. AND...I saw it in person. Fall is looking beautiful in there and your style of decorating always pleases me. Why?...Because, you have much the same taste as me!!! HA! Beautiful!

    I have my HA journal back and I adore all the pages so much. Your pages made me laugh and smile so much. Love the quotes and most of all your bare butt in the air. The tag and the pages are a 'by hand' treasure to me. Thank you so much from my heart to yours.

    Enjoy a wonderful weekend.
    Love, Jeanne

  29. Sheila, Green is my favorite color and I think it goes with everything. Your living room looks so cozy. I think you did a great job. I like your hurricane on the coffee table, too.

  30. I love your Fallen living room! I think green is a neutral color since its found in nature. It sure looks pretty to me, dear Shelia.

  31. Well, it is just beautiful, Shelia. I think lots of different colors can become almost neutral depending on your accessories. I really think you could use a number of different colors with your sofa and chairs, but the green is wonderful.

  32. Haven't been round to see you for a while, but as soon as I popped in to check you out, I got this urge and inspiration to do some pretty things like you do. Shelia, you're good at this too (i.e, inspiring others)!

  33. Your room is so pretty Sheila. I love your sofa and think all of your pieces look great together, the curtains too! Your fall touches make it perfect, the hurricane with acorns looks great!

  34. Hi Sheila,

    Your fall living room is so rich with those unmistakable autumn colours and features. I love the natural elements, especially in your vase, they add that tactile touch of what's going on outside, almost like a luxury to have it inside! And, although they aren't real, your pretty ceramic pumpkins are the cutest!

    So glad to be following you, too!

    Have a happy Thanksgiving!

    Poppy :)

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  36. As I was looking at the pictures you posted here l can’t help myself but feel the warmth of your character through your furniture. The cool green wall paint sends off a deep contrast to your coffee table and Ralph Lauren discontinued sofa which turned out to be perfect.You see, if your wall is brown my eyes wouldn’t appreciate the paisley sofa and the coffee table because all I would be seeing is the brown hues all over the place.Your choice of color is just perfect. Honestly speaking, throwing caution in the wind is the essence of Art.You have a good eye for design and I love you for that. Helene Raymond


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