Friday, November 16, 2012

Getting Ready

Hello, Dear Ones!
I'm getting ready for Thanksgiving day, are you?

 I'm so excited as we will have Mr. Precious' sister and her hubby and Mother for Thanksgiving.
Family is so scattered, we don't usually have company.
So the spiffing has begun.

 I have a helper ~ meet Roscoe.
He's an old Teddy bear of mine given to me by my uncle when I had the measles as a little girl.

 I realize he is absolutely worn out and most folks would toss him out the door. 
But I can't do it. 
I love him. 
He has been with me for over 50 years y'all!
He has paint on him, his nose is gone, he's been chewed on by various dogs,
but I love him.

 He is being so helpful today and holding the pun'kins for me.

 Roscoe feels so important when he thinks he's helping.
You see, he loves me too!

So Roscoe will continue to hold the pun'kins for me until I start to make the pies.
He doesn't care for honey ~ he likes pun'kin pies! :)

Before you leave today, if you would like to help a dear blogging friend,
Ceekay from Thinkin' of Home who is very ill and in the hospital,
PLEASE pop over and visit Laura at Decor To Adore 
and you can read all about it and see what you can do.
She's made these darling little elves and the proceeds from them are going to Ceekay to help fulfill a dream of hers.
I've bought my little Elf for Ceekay, will you?

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

I'll Be Your Friend

When you’re down
And you need someone who cares to come around,
Someone to listen to the aching in your heart,
Someone to take your part,
Someone to take your hand and lead you through
I’ll be there to care, to share,
To walk the road with you
And I will make this promise now to you: 

Life is hard.
So many hurts, so many ways to break your heart
And what you need is just a friend to stay with you,
A friend to pray with you,
A friend to point the way to better days.
I praise the Lord my God for ev’ry precious gift He sends.
And I’m praising Him today for all my friends.

I’ll be your friend.
And I’ll always be there.
You can depend that I’ll never leave you
And though we may be apart,
You’ll stay in my heart.
You can depend till the end
That I will be your friend.

This is my prayer:
That God will always bless this friendship we share,
And that I’ll be a friend to help you stand up tall,
Forgive you when you fall,
To share the love of Jesus through it all.
So many things I own that will some day fade away.
More precious are my friends with me today/
~ song by True Vine Music