Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Fallen Mantel

Hello, Dear Ones!
Slowly but surely I'm Falling all over the place in my home and I thought it was time for my mantel to Fall!

 Here she is ~ all Falled up!

 I love seeing all of the soft pastels of Autumn but for me I must have the oranges, yellows and golds of the season. 

 I started with this basket I found many years ago. 
I don't know why, but I only use it at this time of the year. I'm a silly, I know! 
Well, any way, I've used it as the centerpiece for my mantel.

 Okie, dokie! I poked in all sorts of Fallen fauxs.
I just love my fauxs! 
You may ask, can you love your flaux flowers?
Well, you bet your wire cutters you can!
As I always say, I love my fauxs and my fauxs love me!
 Lots of lovely Fallen fauxs.

 I found some cattails, faux of course, and poked them in my basket as the backdrop of my arrangement.
Now there aren't as many cattails as you think. 
They're doubling themselves in my mirror.

 On to the left side of my mantel...
 booked, pun'kined, Fallen leaved and berried.

Aren't the colors so pretty?

 Moving along to the right side of the mantel.

 More pun'kins, Fallen leaves and berries.

 I've also poked in some picks and a Fallen leaves garland and called it done.
 Hope you like my Fallen mantel 
and I wish it was cool enough outside so I could light the fireplace.
But it's almost 90' and that just ain't right, is it?
No, no Nannette, it is not!
But I'll just have to be patient and wait.

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Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia :)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~


Autumn, it feels like Autumn
Although the breeze is still
I feel the chill of Autumn
Oh, yes, it's Autumn
It's always Autumn
However green the hill
To me it still is Autumn
I can feel the frost now
That makes my Spring and Summer dreams
Seem lost now
Why can't the Autumn haze
Recall the days of warm summer laughter?
That faded soon after in the Autumn
He left in Autumn
And though another season's here
I feel the emptiness of Autumn
All the year..

~ sung by Barbra Streisand


  1. Shelia,
    Your mantel is so rich and full of everything Fall is about! I just love that green ceramic basket! Promise me you will use it at other times of the year somewhere in the house. It's such a great piece!

  2. Your mantel looks beautiful all decorated for fall Shelia. 9o degrees?? Wow, I wish it as that here. It was only about 45 here today and it was rainy and windy and foggy too. There was even snow in surrounding area this morning. I think fall is on it's way out early this year. I hope you have a nice week and stay cool. :)

  3. It is very pretty! I wish I had a nice mantel to decorate.

    hugs, Linda

  4. Just stunning! Your mantel is truly beautiful. I am in love with that lovely green ceramic basket!

  5. A gorgeous mantel, and I love your fallen colors. The vase with your fauxs is done beautifully, and I really love the books, especially the top book on the left! Another beautiful post, dear friend. Hugs ~ Mary P.S. I forgot to tell you before how absolutely gorgeous your blog header is this time of year!!!

  6. NICE DECOR but also an amusing and fun post! Love it! :)

  7. Your mantel is beautiful all decked out in her fall finery!

  8. Gorgeous mantel dear Shelia! I love the ceramic basket centerpiece and the ceramic pumpkins..wish I could find those around here, but no, they just have the real ones, lol.. Cracks me up your fall weather...90!!!
    Still, all the orange is my fav!! Have a wonderful week. See you at Marty's for the cloche party.

  9. Your fallen mantel is gorgeous. I also love the oranges and yellows of fall. The warm colors are just...well warm! :) Those are some pretty punkins you have too! Have a wonderful week!

  10. Hi Shelia *hugs*
    Happy Fall indeed.. you have been having more mantle fun.

    I hope your fall weather has truly been fall like and not too hot. I'm not sure what your weather this time of year is.
    It was a lovely one here...and is still 63F at almost 8:00 p.m. though its very dark out there and rainy right now.

    have a good rest of the evening.

  11. I think the brighter Fall colors work well with your decor. I am ALL about faux at my house! I don't care if others turn their nose up at it or not. Yours look great. I love the cat tails!

  12. Hi Shelia. Every time I spot a new post from you about Fallen, my heart skips a beat. But then it's OK, as long as you don't follow it with "And I Can't Get Up"!!All your Fallen is so pretty and I can't help but use the "normal" colors for this time of year even though they don't go with my particular colors either, and I adore the faux's. We would never be able to do as much if we stuck to "reals" all the time.Looks very pretty..Happy Sunday..Judy

  13. Shelia, your mantel is just beautiful! The warm, fall colors are stunning! Your faux flowers are fabulous; and you have done a great job of pulling everything together!

  14. Hi Shelia,
    WOWSERS!! Your mantle is GORGEOUS!! I love the colors,he arrangement, and the balance you've added to the space, it's absolutely PERFECT!! Your pictures are stunning...great post! XO ~Liz

    P.S. Thank you for the visit and sweet comment on my blog post! *smile*

  15. Oh Sheila, I love your "fallen" mantle! Love the arrangement and I, too, love my fauxs!!! The colors are my colors too. I like to SEE the sofetr side of fall but use the stronger colors. I just posted my NEW Fall bakers rack in the nEW house! XO, Pinky

  16. Very pretty mantle arrangement, Sheila! Aren't mirrors a great decorating tool!

  17. I never buy cattails but I like them in your center vase, Shelia. Looks great!

  18. Love your mantel and all of the fall colors! I love the cattails too!

  19. What beautiful photos!! Looks like you are all ready for Fall. I love your faux flowers - they look real. Really pretty, pretty.


  20. BEAUTIFUL Shelia!! Love your ceramic pumpkins and I love how you tucked berries and leaves in between!

  21. You'll be lighting that fire before you know it Shelia! And you bet your mantel is pretty. But, I adore that green vase, there's just something about it!

  22. Oh wow, that sure is beautiful!!! Perfect arrangement and exciting colors....I'm with you kid, bring on the color of Fall!! Let's not be shy about it!!! Very warm and friendly, just like you!!! Now, don't be rushing the fireplace thing, it will happen soon enough....hugs...cleo

  23. Putting mirror behind the decor is a very effective idea...I like the reflection it created :) You make me smile everytime you use the word 'fallen''re so good at that too:)

  24. Shelia ... your Fall mantel is beautiful! You "poked" your faux floral arrangement wonderfully ... love your basket! And, of course, I love the pumpkin on the stacked books! Happy Fall!

  25. I do love your mantel, Shelia; your fall colors are perfect! I especially love the green basket, the cattails, and the leather-bound books. It all looks very fallish. :)

    Have a wonderful day!



  26. Hi Sheila, I love your fall mantel. I really think the cattails add something special to it. My husband loves cattails and he bought some plants to put in the lake last year. He said they used to grow in it when he was a little boy. Wow, I can't believe your had 90 degree temperatures still. It was pretty chilly here last week and we had frost a couple of nights that took all my annuals. We lit the wood burner a couple of days in the family room and also cooked hot dogs on it once already. Take care...hugs.

  27. Sheila, you did a wonderful job with the fall colors and display.

  28. Super duper good work, Shelia! I love what you did here, and that green basket is the perfect centerpiece for the whole fallen mantle. Loved it and love you, 2.



  29. Your mantel is perfect--as usual, you put me to shame. (It's a good thing that I don't HAVE a mantel!)

    Oh, I DO love cattails! Where did you find them?

  30. You created a beautiful mantle. I love the vase too.

  31. Hi Shelia, its a gorgeous mantle. The center piece makes it for me. The pumpkins in orange are pretty. I have oranges on one table and whites on two others (a litte psycho I am). xo Olive

  32. Your mantel is beautiful Shelia all decked out for fall! Enjoy your evening, Gail


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