Sunday, October 21, 2012

Adding A Little Green To My Fall

Hello, Dear Ones!
I'm so excited to share with you today that I've painted my little breakfast room hutch!
I've added a little green to my Fall!

 Ta dah!!
What do you think?
 I actually painted it before we left on our trip so it would dry really well.

 This is how she's looked since I bought her off Craig's List about six years ago.

 I painted her a very soft sweet green, the same color as Carter's little high chair and my little wanna be island in the kitchen.
You can see how awful the backboard is and that's why I had added
the red scrapbook paper to the back to hide the ugly.

 I decided I wouldn't paint the top of the bottom piece and just left it alone.
I like the contrast.

 Were you wondering what I did to the ugly backboard?
I added bead board wallpaper and I think it looks wonderful.
I'm patting my self on the back right now! :)
Yay me!

So I'm loving my newly painted spiffed up tiny little breakfast room hutch.
Well, I just couldn't stop there ~ I had to add Falleness to her shelves.
I tend to be on the symmetrical side when it comes to decking out my tiny little breakfast room hutch and this time I wanted to get away from that if I could.

Well, let's start at the top.
I poked up a basket overflowing with Fallness, a pumpkin and of course I always have to have a yard bird hanging around somewhere!
I did add some berries so my yard bird wouldn't get hungry.

 Here's the top shelf all Falled up.

 I love these little Fallen blocks.
They keep me straight just in case I forget what season I'm in.
It's still in the 80s here so I do forget from time to time.

 The middle shelf is filled with Fallen cuteness!
If you know me I always need a little cuteness.
See the bead board wallpaper? It's just marvelous and covered up the uglies!

 Isn't this the cutest little thing?
I found this little nut lidded bowl at a thrift shop and knew I must have it.
You know that tiny little squirrel is in hog heaven to have found such a huge nut! :)
Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't! :)
Songs are always in my head, even TV commercials!
I'm so talented like this you know. :)

 See the little trio of jack o lanterns?
Well, that's as scary as it's gonna get here at Note Songs cottage.
But they're not scarey they're really cute, don't you think?

 Here I poked down complete Fallness.
I didn't do well at getting away from the symmetrical here.

I'm loving my newly painted tiny breakfast room hutch.
It's a great little piece and I play with it all the time but it needed to be freshened up.
She is so happy now and wakes me up each morning singing!

I love this stuff.

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Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~


Love soft as an easy chair
Love fresh as the morning air
One love that is shared by two
I have found with you

Like a rose under the april snow
I was always certain love would grow
Love ageless and evergreen
Seldom seen by two

You and I will make each night a first
Every day a beginning
Spirits rise and their dance is unrehearsed
They warm and excite us, cause we have the brightest love

Two lives that shine as one
Morning glory and midnight sun
Time we’ve learned to sail above
Time won’t change the meaning of one love
Ageless and ever evergreen

~ sung by Barbra Streisand