Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I've Not Fallen Yet

Hello, Dear Ones.
Before I get to my post today I have a couple of little things.
First of all, thank you all who went over to visit my new blog friend Sue at Sprucelake Cottate.
You are all such sweeties and always pull through.
Thank you! :)

Secondly, did you notice my header?
It's much prettier and Fallier isn't it?
 Wish I could tell you I'm so wonderful and made this myself but I can't tell a lie.
I didn't do it.
My sweet friend Sonny at 155 Dream Lane made it for me!
Isn't it beautiful?
As much fun as it was playing at making my header at,
I'm going to keep this up until we start Christmasing!!
Besides, this one is soooooooooooooo pretty and I just love pretty!
Thank you, Dear Sonny.
If you're not familiar with her blog ~ pop on over ~ you'll love it!

Okie Dokie...
 I do see so many of you are Falling all over your blogs.
I really haven't starting Falling around my house yet.

You may remember these darling dishes I found a few weeks ago ~
Apple Valley by Pfaltzcraft.
$12 for a service for 8 plus a platter and veggie bowl.

I just couldn't bring out my Fallen looking dishes yet 
without setting up one tablescape with these little cuties.
I didn't get a good snap of my napkins but I made eight reversible ones.
Now this is because of my friend Lynne at Lynne's Gifts From the Heart. 
She is so talented and has been making these wonderful reversible napkins ~
so I copied her! :)
You can see the little print here and the reverse side is a creamy print. 
I love this idea!

I popped down some of my very olden pink depression glasses.

In honor of the Apple Valley dishes, 
I'm using some little apples instead of eggs in these little eggs cups.
I found the little egg cups at Cracker Barrel a few years back and they are reversible too.
There are little rabbits on the other side and little rabbits are peeping out all over on these dishes.

I took this floral arrangement I made a while back in this pretty milk glass basket
and poked in a few little apples!
I'm pretty clever, huh? :)
You know I'm teasing.

See? Ain't this cute?

I poked down some apple salt and peppers.

Oh my!
This little bunny is waiting for me to turn my back so she can take a bite out of those apples.

Well, every time I turn around, more bunnies are popping up.
These two are so in love.
Especially since the bunny on the left lost her ear and it was miraculously restored.
Now she can hear her honey bunny say, "I love you!"
Melts my heart!

Uh oh!
Two more bunnies.
I do believe the little one on the right has apple stuffed in those little cheeks.
Now I think I'll go buy some apples and make Mr. Precious an apple pie!

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Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

I'll Be With You in Apple Blossom Time

I`ll be with you in apple blossom time.
I`ll be with you to change your name to mine.
One day in May, I`ll come and say
Happy surprise that the sunshines on today.
What a wonderful wedding there will be.
What a wonderful day for you and me.
Church bell will chime,
You will be mine,
In apple blossom time.

I`ll be with you

In Apple blossom time
(Then what will you do?)
Then, I`ll be with you to change your name to mine.
(When will that be?)
One day maybe in May,
(Then what will you do?)
I`ll come and say to you dear
Happy surprise that the sunshines on today.
Then what a wonderful wedding there will be
What a very, very wonderful day for you and me dear.
Church bell will chime,
You will be mine.
in apple,
in apple blossom time.

~ sung by The Andrews Sisters 


  1. Oh Shelia, what a pretty tablescape! I love your new dishes and what a deal too!
    I do think you were clever to include the apples in your centerpiece. The bunnies are just so sweet.

  2. I forgot to mention your header...

    That's a beautiful header! Sonny did an excellent job.

  3. Shelia, I love your header. Need to fallify mine, I think! Love those plates. Very pretty table. xo

  4. Everything is so beautiful. And I just love your header.

  5. Sheila, love the new header. Cute table setting with the little critters sneaking around. I have added a little fall, but not too much. Still so hot here.

  6. Apples certainly signal Fall don't they? Your little bunnies are sweet even with the glued on ear. ha!! Your story just brought them to life! I like how you added apples to your flowers. That really helped your theme continue throughout.

  7. What a beautiful tablescape. I really LOVE those dishes you found, Shelia...and what a bargain.
    Your new header is just gorgeous. I have no idea how to do one ...but...I wouldn't know what to put up there anyway. lol Have a great night- xo Diana

  8. This is a darling table! I love the apples and those bunnies make me smile. Pretty header also!
    hugs, Linda

  9. Love your new look and your table setting is gorgeous. You have such a good sense of humour Shelia,I love to come visit to see what you have been up to. xx

  10. What a pretty Header! Love it!!

    I always love your tablescapes, especially when they have cute teeny, tiny bunnies hiding in them!

    Jan ♥

  11. Love your new header Shelia! The pics and colors are terrific! I also think your tablesetting is perfect for the transition of summer to fall. I do like the apples placed into the egg cups...clever!

  12. apples and bunnies, two of my favs.

    I am so happy you like your fall header.. it tickled me to make it for ya..


  13. Hi Shelia, You're getting to fall sooner than you realized. Apples spell fall where I live! Love your creatures and dishes, too. Our friend, Sonny, does terrific work. Love it! Helen

  14. Sonny did a fabulous job on your header. It is so fall. Nice looking table setting and arrangement with the apples. Cute bunnies.

  15. Your new header looks fabulous. I think little blog changes like this are so fun...I agree you can leave it up until Thanksgiving!

  16. Your new header is so terrific! The tablescape is wonderful, too! I love the apples in the egg cups!


  17. I love your tablescape, sooo pretty! The bunnies are adorable and so are the half apples... the dishes you found are great and what a deal! I'm loving your new header, wish I was savvy that way, like you dear Shelia.
    Yeah, Fall will come slowly, and you're starting beautifully.
    Big hugs sweetie,

  18. Shelia, You've done it again! Looks great! The blue sure pops.

    Happy Autumn Days here we come,

  19. Oooh shelia there's always so many pretty things for me to drool over when I visit your place.
    I so enjoyed my visit over at Sprucelake Cottage too. WOW!
    And dear Shelia your new HEADER is s.e.n.s.a.t.i.o.n.a.l!
    You're all 'falling' over yourselves and I'm all 'springing' up!

  20. Very fresh and pretty table!!! Love the centerpiece too!!! and love the header....

  21. Shelia, what a cute setting! I just love reading your stories...they make me smile! The dishes are wonderful, with those pretty little egg cups. You did a great job; and Sonny did, too! Your new header is beautiful!!

  22. Shelia I love your Fall header...and this "apple" theme has my mouth watering for apple pie...when you make Mr's apple pie please don't forget to be a sweetie and share,teehehehehe....hugs to ya friend.

    Love this precious sweet apple theme tablescape...and all these treasure's!

  23. That is a lovely tablescape
    and those rabbits are so cute.

  24. I know Mr. Precious will enjoy the apple pie! There's going to be an apple shortage in New York, so I best get mine before they run out! Your table is lovely, and I love the happy ending with the bunny that had her ear attached. I smiled when you said - Now she can hear her honey bunny say, "I love you!" xxoo Debbie

  25. Gorgeous tablescape and your new header is stunning. Sonny is such a sweet lady and she did such a great job on the header. Beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  26. The header is beautiful. Making headers builds my character and I think I have enough at this point. the dishes are sweet and as for fall Shelia my summer shells ares till out on the buffet. We will have a gaggle of house guests this weekend and they will be out for a while. I will be a garden blogger til then. hugs, olive

  27. Shelia - Very pretty table setting. I am so ready for fall. They said last night on the weather that yesterday was the 38th day this summer with the temp over 100!! So, fall looks pretty good.


  28. Shelia, this is a pretty table. I'm ready to move on into some cooler temps too. ;-)

  29. The table is so pretty, that floral arrangement is pretty too! Love the milkglass! I am ready for the cooler weather too, but it is still so hot and humid here!!! The new banner looks great!! This whole post makes me want fall to hurry up and get here!!!

  30. Hi Shelia, first let me thank you for highlighting my was so sweet of you. I love your fall header that Sonny made you...just lovely. Those little apple salt and pepper shakers are so darn cute. I like the blue centerpiece too...have a great day friend!

  31. Sweet tablescape and yes mam I love your header! Those little squirrels are so darn cute! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  32. Anytime you want to poke around ... c'mon over! Just wonderful setting as always, Shelia. You have a special touch. Your header is perfect for the season ... & so you!

    Have a great weekend!

    GIVEAWAY ends 9/9


  33. Hello Maám Sheila,

    Wow! Those new dishes to die for. They are adorable.

    Yes, I am with you. I am NOT into Fallen, either. We don't even have summer, yet? OMG... but I guess I can fell that Fall is not that far, what you think, Maám Sheila?

    Have a nice pre-week end.

    Hugs from a chilly Stockholm,

  34. Love that pretty header! :) And I haven't started decorating for Fall yet either! I LOVE Fall, but it's just too hot and humid to get in the mood. (Still upper 90's here!) I have to be inspired that way! ha! I did make two pumpkins, but they didn't quite light the fire either! LOL! ...anyhow, I love your tablescape! The centerpiece is so pretty!

  35. I love your song, before I saw the title, I was thinking you might use the song "Don't sit Under the Apple Tree". :)
    You are very talented and you have a wonderful sense of humour, I always enjoy your pretty blog. And I LOVE that header. I've got to get a new one made.
    Have a delightful weekend.
    Hugs, Cindy

  36. Shelia,
    Your header is stunning, indeed!!! You have such a beautiful blog, Miss Shelia!!! I adore your apples on the tablescape with your lovely new dishes! Apples are Harvest...Harvest is Fall...your tablescape is an introduction to Fall. Now about that Apple Pie...that one has to be my favorite Fall pie!!! I'll be right over! Ha!

  37. That is so'n the apple theme.

  38. I am loving this table, Shelia. Very pretty and the bunnies are so cute!

  39. Your table is gorgeous Shelia. I too am not ready for Fall. Living in the deep south, we have balmy weather almost year round, and although the month says September, it still looks and feels like July. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Jocelyn @

  40. oh and P.S. I LOVE your new header. It's dainty and beautiful.

    Jocelyn @

  41. What a totally delightful post!! Lovely tablescape!!



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