Friday, July 13, 2012

Sewing For Carter

Hello, Dear Ones!
I have been doing a little sewing for my little granddaughter, Carter.

This is a darling little cross back sundress and bloomers.
My mother made my daughter zillions of these when she was a little girl
and I was just thrilled to find the pattern.

Here's the little sundress. It's totally lined with the same fabric.

And the bloomers.
Sad news...they're too big!
Little Carter is two years old now and lives so far from me. 
I asked my daughter to get Carter's measurements and she tried but Carter was wigglin'.
Needless to say...this little suit didn't work but she can grow into it.

I found this little pattern at a garage sale and the lady just gave it too me.
The pattern pieces had never even been cut out ~ joyness for me!
I think this may have been from the late 80s or 90s by the look of these little girls.

Here's what I made. 
I thought it turned out cute and I was crossing my fingers it would fit.
Well...Cater's on the petite side and the pants were supposed to be little crop pants - they went down to the floor and the waist was too large.
But...don't feel too sorry for me. 

My daughter sent me this picture and she can wear the little top!

I know Carter's little blue eyes are closed but isn't that the sweetest little face?
I love this little sparkly one so much.
She just got her first haircut last weekend and
she has bangs now like her grandmother! :)
Now you grandmothers who have your little grands living close to you - cherish that fact and them.
I just have to Skype and see Carter when I can. 
It is what it is!
But I'm so thankful to have her and to be a grandmother.

One more thing ~ 
 Here's a little sneak peep of something I've been working on and hopefully some time next week I can show you the finished project.

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Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Playground In My Mind
When this old world gets me down and there`s no love to be found
I close my eyes and soon I find I`m in a playground in my mind
Where the children laugh and the children play
And we sing a song all day

My name is Michael, I`ve got a nickel, I`ve got a nickel shiny and new
I`m gonna buy me all kinds of candy, that`s what I`m gonna do

In the wonders that I find in the playground in my mind
In a world that used to be, close your eyes and follow me
Where the children laugh and the children play
And we`ll sing a song all day

My girl is Cindy, when we get married we`re gonna have a baby or two
We`re gonna let them visit their grandma, that`s what we`re gonna do

Living in a world that I left behind
Happy little children
In the playground in my mind
See the little children
See how they play in the playground in my mind
~ sung by Clint Holmes


  1. Those outfits are so cute! Little Carter looks like a little mini you! Same sweet smile as her Grandma! Adorable!


  2. What sweet outfits. Leila is very petite, too. I do have her close by, but my others are away and we skype, too. Carter is so cute in her new haircut. I wish my daughter would give Leila bangs, but she won't.

  3. Gorgeous granddaughter! Smiling so big her eyes are squeezed shut! So sweet. The outfits are so pretty.

  4. Oh she is just adorable. I love those little smiles that make their whole face smile.

    The outfits are so cute and she will be wearing those pants before you know it.

  5. Your granddaughter Carter is adorable. Love her name and the beautiful outfit that you made her.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Carter is a cutie! The little outfits are darling. I know it must be fun to sew for Carter. You'll have plenty of opportunities ahead. I always admire the cute things that Rett makes for her sweet Caroline. Looks like Carter is going to be a lucky little girl like Miz Caroline. ;-)

  7. How cute. Great smile. Those outfit are adorable. I really need to learn to sew clothing. I want to make clothes for my future babies. :)

  8. Oh Shelia how precious your sweet grand is. That smile just melts the heart and she looks so adorable in the top you made. Everything you created is darling and like you said, she will grow into them very soon.
    How sweet of the lady to give you the pattern at the garage sale.
    I have always loved that song you share at the end. I just sang it as I scrolled down. LOL

    Have a great weekend dear one and thank you for stopping by and your sweet comment.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  9. Oh my, you have been making cute things again! I loved the cross back outfits, so so cute on little gils for summer time. Carter is getting big! Such a cutie-pie too. I bet your DIL loves the things you hand make for Carter! :)

  10. What a sweet little face, she is so cute. Your outfits are darling, too bad she can't fit them yet but she will and they will look so good on her.

  11. Carter is just adorable! Love the little outfits you made for her. Those little houses you are working on sure look cute...looking forward to seeing what you are up to!

  12. oh, how I wish I had some time to sew for my grand daughter. Your grand daughter is just so cute! I always had a hard time with patterns fitting my daughter when she was small. The sizes seemed to be different than ready made clothes sizes. Maybe you could find an pair of pants similar to some she already has in the size she wears and use them as a pattern for some pants for her? Good luck!

  13. Are you making little Putz houses??? For Christmas....with glitter snow???

    Those outfits are darling, don't worry, she will fit into them next summer!!! I also had a cross back pattern for my daughter long ago, love that style...also always loved that song. hugs...cleo

  14. A lovely photo of Carter, she has grown!! The pattern reminds me of some I made for my girls when they were small.
    I've just been looking at your gardening post and getting some ideas for some things to plant, I'm not a very good gardener but love a nice garden :)

    Have a nice week,

  15. HI SHELIA!!!
    You are an amazing seemstress....those outfits are awesome!!I love COUTURE CLOTHING!!!So many kids you see at the mall all have the same things on...Target, Macy's, Babies R US...your Grand gets to wear unique one of a kind couture clothes!!!My daughter buys all her daughters clothes on ETSY....a sight for home made items...she LOVES the things she buys!!!You should check it out and sell your adorable things!!!

  16. Hi Shelia!

    Carter is just TOO cute! I know what you mean about living far from the ones you love... They grow so fast between visits.

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  17. The outfits that you made are adorable! I love the pattern styles and also the fabrics that you used. She's a real cutie!

  18. She's SO cute - love her little dimples!!

    1. Thank you so much, Deb! I love those little dimples too.

  19. I have got to sew some cute clothes like you've made for our granddaughter! Have you heard this before, your granddaughter looks just like you with your pixie smile?!!

    I wish we could see our grandchildren more often than we do, but they are both just a few hours away, so I guess we're pretty lucky.

    Grandchildren are such a gift!

  20. That Carter is one little precious girl!!! SO cute! And I love the little outfits! My grandmother was a seamstress, and she passed down to me many children's patterns. One was very similar to your first one! I made these for Ashley when she was a preschooler! Loved mixing and finding cute fabrics to make them with! Miss those days!

    Can't wait to see your project reveal ...looks VERY interesting! :)

  21. Shelia,
    Oh what cute, cute, cute outfits for lil' Carter!!! Grandma're the best...even if it has to be long distance!!! What an adorable photo of her on the playground. Adore that she has bangs..."just like Grandma's"! Your newest project looks intriquing...of course, I'll be back. The way to a friend's house is never far away!
    P.S. Thanks for your recent visit!!! You make my day each time your drop in!!!

  22. She is a sweety....and I know what you are working on....I see your Pinterest!

  23. What a doll baby! i love the clothes and so glad she could wear that shirt! hugs, Linda

  24. Sheila these little outfits are so adorable!! I am hoping to do more sewing now that I have a space to sew in! No grand babies to sew for but my niece just had a little baby girl so I will practice for grandbabies with her!

    love the fabric with the roses !

    bee blessed

  25. You've made so many cute things...and look what a sweet smile she has for you! Can't wait to see your new project! I need to get busy!

  26. Really really CUTE outfits. I bet you loved sewing them up. It is hard when you aren't right close to the grandkids so you can "fit them" a little better.

  27. I so remember Mother making those darling patterns for the girls. Lucky Carter to have you do all these wonderful talented things for her ... she is blessed. She is just darling, so you!!!
    Have a great weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  28. What a sweetie; I am in the same boat as you; my darling granddaughter is also 2 years old and her daddy is in the Army and they are stationed in GERMANY until 2014!! I don't think I'd make it without Skype..We try and Skype3-4 times a week; it sure helps. Cute clothes hun..

    Hugs, Shar

  29. Oh Shelia...

    What sweet little outfits you've made for darling Carter! She's so fortunate - she has the bestest Grandma!!

    Jan ♥

  30. Ahh Sheila,
    Little Carter is adorable! The little outfits you made are too, just perfect!
    I think patterns run kind of big anyway and getting the measurements on a toddler is not easy.
    Addison is really narrow through the hips too and some things just slide right off of her.
    I know what it is like to be a far-away Grandma and near one too.
    I feel your pain, and I know you cherish your time with her.
    Big Hugs friend,

  31. Sheila,
    Carter is for sure, a cutie!
    Love the outfits you made. i wish I had more time to sew. I used to make all my clothes when I was in high school...
    And you have really got my curiousity aroused with that glimspe of those sweet little houses...


  32. Hi Shelia! Carter is the cutest and the blouse perfectly fits her. I may not be a grandmother but I know the happiness you feel now is priceless. Enjoy grandmotherhood :D


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