Monday, June 11, 2012

Rearranging A Bit and Ricky Nelson

Hello, Dear Ones.
I don't bring you into my living room very often so today I thought I would!

It's a rather small and square little room but I do enjoy it.

I've made a few little changes on the table tops. 
I'm still cheating here.
I just removed the cloches from the birds and am still using the same floral in the milk glass.
I did poke a pretty bird plate on top of the books.
Just keeping it simple and easy.

Here's the look at the moment on my olden table.

There's lots happening on this little table.

I love this little hand painted tea set my mother gave me years ago.
It was painted by a friend who has gone to Heaven now.
It is so sweet, don't you think?

Well, the birds are just all over the place in here and here's a couple of little babies under the cloche.
Seems they've even upset the nest! :)

More bird plates...just sayin'.
I see that mama bird is hiding from her little ones. 
It must be 'one of those days' for her. :)

Here's my sofa.
I love my sofa and am caught occasionally taking a tiny snooze on it.

To the left of the sofa is this little end table filled with, you guessed it, bird stuff! :)

A tiny vase with faux flowers, a cute birdie and a bird plate.

Then on the right side of the sofa you'll see this little end table.
I love these tables, see the beveled glass and the pretty trim around the edges?

Guess what?
More birdness is going on!
Another bird plate, little bird and a pretty lidded jar.
Wonder if I took the lid off, do you think a bird would pop out! :)

Well, lookie here! 
I think little Miss Chloe Dawn has been helping with the decorating.
She's left her much beloved chewed on and sqeeky green bone for us to admire! :)

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Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~ I've had Ricky Nelson on the brain for a few days and this is just one of his lovely songs.  I wanted to share the video with you and if you're one of the young ones who is not familiar with Ricky Nelson - you'll fall in love with him like me and many others did years ago. We're not going to tell Mr. Precious though! :) So sad he's not with us anymore.

Down Home

Down Home

Down home, oh, down home
There used to be rivers and trees
Fresh bread every single morning
And sweet magnolia in the breeze

Oh, fishing lines and young dreams
Oh I hear them calling to me
But there`s no way to get down home
`Cause down home`s just a memory

Wish I could leave this big town
City living ain`t living to me
But there`s no way to get down home
No you can`t retrieve it
`Cause once you leave it

Oh, down home`s just a memory
Down home
Oh, down home
~ sung by Ricky Nelson