Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Hello, Dear Ones!
I'm so excited to tell you today ~ I had some company!
Guess who it was??

The most beautiful and sweet Jeanne from Backyard Neighbor!

And of course she brought along her hubby Bill!
Mr. Precious and Bill had a great time too!
What a lovely couple and I was as excited as a kid in a candy store.
We had the nicest visit and it seemed we had been friends forever.
Well, we've been blogging friends since 2008!
Jeanne is the first blogging friend I've ever met in person.
Did I say I was thrilled?!

We went to eat at Saltwater Grill and ate till our tummies were good and full!
I failed to snap Bill's tiny arms were too short! :)

Here's Jeanne snapping me as I was snapping her! :)

What a lovely couple.
Smile sweeties!

Then back to my house for some chocolate skillet cake.
I'll share that with you another time.
Oh, little Cheri' came along too.
Chloe Dawn and Cheri' seemed to be afraid of each other. :)
Well, Chloe Dawn was afraid of Cheri'.
Chloe Dawn is not very well socialized with other dogs and it seemed little Cheri' was the same way.
They were so funny running around each other and Chloe Dawn was hiding under my feet most of the time! :)
Silly fuzzy girls!

Jeanne was so thoughtful and brought me gifts!
She knows me pretty well and gave me this gorgeous Rooster!
Isn't he handsome and I will cherish him forever.
Then she gave me a sweet book of poems
...and this darling little duckie for Chloe Dawn!
Chloe couldn't wait to get at that tiny little yellow fuzzy.
Thank you so much for the gifts.

Thank you so much for coming to see me, Jeanne!
It was such a special visit, not long enough of course! :)
Nothing like meeting a someone you have a heart connection with.
I love you, Jeanne!!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

I Dream of Jeannie, the theme song. Did you know there were words?

Jeannie, fresh as a daisy.
Just love how she obeys me,
Does things that just amaze me so.

She smiles, Presto the rain goes.

She blinks, up come the rainbows.
Cars stop, even the train goes slow.

When she goes by

She paints sunshine on every rafter,
Sprinkles the air with laughter,
We're close as a quarter after three.

There's no one like

Jeannie. I'll introduce her,

To you, but it's no use, sir,
Cause my Jeannie's in love with me.
~ sung by Master! :)