Friday, June 1, 2012

Tray Chick UPDATE!!!

 UPDATE, Dear Ones!!
I am so happy to tell you that I'm back on board with my blog.
My sincere thanks goes out to Liz at Infuse With Liz who suggested I uninstall Google Chrome.
I did and now everything seems to be fine.
I'm using Firefox which I was using before Google.
Thank you all for your comments and helpfulness! 
Thank you so much, Liz! 
She's the bomb!!!!

Hello, Dear Ones.
Well, poop, poop, poop! 
It still shows on my blog I'm not signed in even though I am.
That means I can not get to the place to make posts 
and do all the things we need to do if we're going to have a blog!
So, poop, poop, poop! 
I've realized in the new Blogger editor I can at least put together my posts.
I'm on the new Blogger editor and will make myself learn and love it.
(poking my dainty finger down my throat!)
I have been able to comment on some blogs and some I cannot.
I really do try my best to respond to everyone of you who visit me so if you don't see a comment back from me, just know I'm trying. 
I'm hating this. 
I uninstalled Google Chrome and reinstalled - the same.
Shut down my puter - the same.
Even went to Firefox - the same.
So I don't know what to do. Waa!! Waa!! poop poop poop

Well, enough of that.

To try and comfort myself, I thought I would play in the corner of the desk area in the breakfast room.

Do you like my new tray? 
I found this a month or so ago at a thrift shop and fell in love with it.
So this tray becomes the background of my vignette.

Had to have a yardbird in the mix.
So I poked down this little cutie pie hen and her little chickies.
Can you see the tiny little chickie head peeping around its mommy on the right hand side?
Little booger! :)

I'm feeling so much better now as I set down (notice I didn't say 'poke') my Jadite bowl.
I love this pastacio green swirled bowl of loveliness!
I got it a while back and shared it with you.
I had placed the sweet little olden napkin inside and all the lemons.
I haven't been able to do anything else with it as I just can't bare to see it filled with sloppy dried on food messing up the gorgeous smooth green interior.
So...she's still looking so fine holding lemons - faux ones of course! 

Hope you like my little vignette in the breakfast room.

I'm praying and still fiddling with my blog trying to get it working like it was.
Thank you all for your comments and I'm hoping my problem is just Blogger being a little booger.
Maybe, just maybe Blogger is trying to force me to use the new editor.
If they are...they've won!!

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Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Nothing Compares To You

It's been seven hours and fifteen days 
Since you took your love away 
I go out every night and sleep all day 
Since you took your love away 
Since you've been gone I can do whatever I want 
I can see whomever I choose 
I can eat my dinner in a fancy restaurant 
But nothing 
I said nothing can take away these blues, 
'Cause nothing compares 
Nothing compares to you 
It's been so lonely without you here 
Like a bird without a song 
Nothing can stop these lonely tears from falling 
Tell me baby where did I go wrong? 
I could put my arms round every boy I see 
But they'd only remind me of you 
I went to the doctor guess what he told me 
Guess what he told me 
He said girl you better try to have fun 
No matter what you do 
But he's a fool 
'Cause nothing compares 
Nothing compares to you 
All the flowers that you planted mother 
In the backyard 
All died when you went away 
I know that living with you, baby, was sometimes hard 
But I'm willing to give it another try 
Nothing compares 
Nothing compares to you 
~ sung by Sinead O'conner


  1. I am first again? AweSOME! My daughters both said that the computer has been giving them fits today too...POOP! Love the new post, so cute! ;)

  2. Poop, Poop, Poop...
    I love your Tray
    and your Jadeite, too!
    Hope you get signed in soon!

    Jan ♥

  3. I'm hoping very soon that everything turns out alright for you! Love your tray and it looks just right with the bowl and birdies!

  4. Oh goodness...what problems. You may find that they resolve on their own, some of my bloggy problems have. Pretty post, I love your tray...very chic!

    Have a great Friday! :)


  5. May all work out!
    Sweet Blessings!!!

  6. You are so funny! Sorry you are having blogger problems. Love your new tray and cute vignette.

  7. What a pretty tray! I had bought a bunch of lemons and was looking for the right thing to stick them why did I not use the same jadeite bowl that I have?! Your smarter than me!

  8. Sorry about the poopy problem with Blogger. I would LOVE it if Blogger actually had a help desk that helped people. Like one you could call into with problems. I guess we get what we pay for though :)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Maybe I am having problems, it had me logged into my other Google account, not my blog?

  9. Hi darling, I'm so sorry you're still having problems. I pray it works itself out through the night.. Ok... now I'm headed your way to confiscate your gorgeous tray.. my heart skipped a beat tears came to my eyes.. girl that is a treasure and more.... it would go perfectly in my kitchen.. {sigh} then again it goes perfectly in yours too so I'll admire from afar... congrats on finding a beauty... hugs ~lynne~

  10. Hello dear Shelia, I just checked out all the posts I have missed. I can't belive I have missed that many. My time has not been my own these past weeks. Oh well, at least my Typepad Blog thingy has been working fine. I'm sorry you are having so much trouble. It would drive me crazy too.

    Love all of your yard birds and you are the gal who knows how to make them shine. I love the retro dishes and $10. was a bargain. They are very collectable. Good job. I am getting your posts all mixed together because after reading them all they are all jumbled up in my mind. HA! Sorry.

    I too have not been joining many parties. I'm lucky just to get a post done. I still do my regulars but nothing new. I have come to the conclusion that my blog is like a journal to me. I only have time to post about my take on what is important to me and try to make it interesting to others at the same time. I will always blog because I can never give up on my dear blogging friends. I may have to neglect my dear friends from time to time but I will always come back when I can.

    That is enough deep thinking. HA!
    Love you much,

  11. Hi Shelia, Keep persevering, I'm sure you will get used to using the new bogger stuff. I didn't like the new page either but have got used to it now - it takes a bit of working out and I am still finding my way around it.
    Enjoyed your post and the love the wee jadite bowl and chickies.


  12. Your new tray is just beautiful and helps to create a very pretty vignette.

  13. I love your vignette Shelia!! I have that same little rooster.

  14. I am so sorry you are having these problems, Sheila. I am ready to throw MY computer right OUT THE WINDOW!!!!!!!!! It has been a MESS for weeks now but my hubby has had NO time to fix it. He really thinks I need a new computer. Your vignette is beautiful. I love your new tray and wouldn't have known the lemons were faux:):) XO, Pinky

  15. I switched to the new editor (I think) a while back and now I do like it better. I hope there's not another new editor I haven't heard of yet!!! I periodically have problems leaving comments, and they go away on their own. I have researched and found that if you uncheck the "stay logged on" on your google account and log in each time you use the computer, you won't have as many problems leaving comments. Hope that helps/

    I love your Jadite bowl with the very real looking lemons!

  16. I love your new tray!! It's one of the prettiest I've ever seen!!

  17. I love your jadite bowl too and can see your little chick peeking around. Good luck with the editor.

  18. Love the tray, very pretty!! That hen and chick is sweet, that really happens and it is so very sweet to see. I like watching mother hens with their babies! Wish I had words of wisdom to offer you in reference to blogger issues, I struggle with the new Blogger. Don't care for the new changes!

  19. What a pretty tray! How come I never find pretty things like that while thrifting?

    I hope you can figure out your Blogger problems.

  20. hi Sheila! I love the vignette, your tray (I've been looking for one of those)and the sweet little hen. I Hope your computer problems go away and all is back to normal.

  21. Oh poop is right - I hope it is fixed soon - I love your jadite bowl and I agree, no slooppy food in that! Lemons and olden linens for such a beauty!

  22. It's not a blogger issue. It's usually because you have too much "cache" built up on your computer. There is a way to clear your "cache". Copy this link and it explains how to do it. You might say the data becomes confused with you have too much of this built up on your computer. The same goes for clearing "cookies" which you will find a link on the left side of the page.
    Some people never shut down their computers because they don't want to wait for them to reload, but it's necessary to do to sort of "clean things up". Other than maintaining your Microsoft updates you should find this to clear things up. Good luck!

  23. I wish I could help you dear Sheila. I have been getting so many spam comments, but at least they are being caught in my spam folder. I do hope you get it resolved soon. Have a great weekend.

  24. Sheila, I LOVE your vignette! Your yard bird is so charming and of course I love your jadite. I do not like the changes going on with Blogger. For now I went back to the old interface, but I know it won't be there for long :-(((

    Hugs to you,
    Jocelyn @

  25. Loving the Jadite bowl w/the lemons - precious!
    Hoping that you get your tech problems straightened out soon!

  26. Sheila, just love your Jadite bowl and everything else is so pretty! Hope you get the puter straight! Well POOP on it! Ha! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  27. I'm loving that tray darling Shelia. I love everything in your vignette. I hate all the changes in blogger, I hope they just don't change me anything automatically on their own, I HATE CHANGES!!!!!!
    I know what you mean, I too get lots of spams with annonimous notes, they scare me sometimes..but at least I can delete them, but really, it just doesn't make me happy, AT ALL!!
    Have a great weekend sweet lady.

  28. Shelia,
    Your new tray is a Traditional still life print like the many I grew up knowing! Both MoMa and Grandmother had them in their kitchens!!! I love to re~create a similar still life vignette in front of the art piece as you have done here with your vignette! Hope your computer trials are corrected soon, dear friend! I have NO clue how to help I'll just pray that an answer comes your way soon!

  29. Hi, Sheila! I have just found your lovely blog and am a new follower!
    So nice to meet you!

  30. I love the vignette, Shelia. The Jadeite bowl filled with lemons is perfect. Real or faux lemons (& limes) are one of my favorite things to use in a vignette for summer time. Good luck with your blogger problems.

  31. I think they always win lovey but I am thrilled you figured it out. I was confident you would:} Love the lemons and new/old tray.

  32. Wonderful - Glad you're baaaack!!!

    Jan ♥

  33. Oh great to hear you're back and happy!!


  34. Shelia, so sorry that you are still experiencing frustrations with Blogger OR Chrome more likely. I had probs with Chrome ages ago but (thankfully) the probs magically fixed themselves (but I had 48 hours of trauma, not knowing that it was going to fix itself) It is awfully frustrating isn't it, so hope it magically fixes for you too.
    I also cannot believe the A-mazing finds you pick up at the thrift stores - must good ones over there!! :)

  35. Glad you got back up and running. Nothing makes me more frustrated then having trouble on my blog....Don't they realize that a good part of us are post menopausal and cannot deal with the trauma....whatever. Have a great weekend!!

  36. Sorry you are having to deal with blog issues. Hope it is all worked out now. I never did switch to Chrome. Guess that was a good thing.

  37. Yipee you are back in the saddle again!

  38. HI!!!
    SO happy you are back with us....I always have a few little Photo storage space...Now I pay 2.99 a Month to blog!!!WORTH it to me!!!
    I will gladly pay!!
    hope you have a Great weekend
    hugs 2 u,

  39. Hi Sheila,
    I know how frustrating blogger is, what the heck!
    I love your tray and vignette and I also love your new blog header, very pretty!
    Hugs and Happy Weekend,

  40. Hope you get all your blogger problems figured out. I didn't like the new interface either and went back to the old one I guess when we finish (if ever) this kitchen I really need to just bite the bullet and learn he new one. Since I went back I can no longer highlight anything while writing a post but since that all happened at the same time I got a new computer l'm not sure what the problem is. I'm still using my old mouse and it works fine in every program except blogger - go figure.
    Have a great weekend, friend.

  41. I'm so sorry to hear that you've had so many problems with your blog. That can be so frustrating! Love your new vignette with the lemons, rooster and tole tray. That's a great combination. Glad you were able to post again too.

  42. I love your vignette! The hen and chicks are lovely, The black toll panted platter, beautiful, and Jadeite bowl with lemon! Its like all my favorites!


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