Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I'm Green With Envy!

Hello, Dear Ones! 
I hate to admit it, but I am totally GREEN with envy!
It's a fact and I'm ashamed! :(

As I pop around Blogland, I'm seeing so many of your lovely gardens and they are filled with color, blooms and flowers.
Alas, I've been lazy this year and have not worked in my most tiny backyard.
The heat is already here and we have such high humidity that I, in my most delicate state, begin to wilt and just melt in the heat.
So I've stayed indoors and coveted your pretty gardens.

I have truly been GREEN with envy and now I'm so ashamed.
Here sits Bunny Foo Foo watching and guarding the yard and
waiting to see a pretty planted flower all colored up!

You'll see all those little dead 'tails' around him.
We had a freeze this winter which is rare here on the island and the Norfolk Pine tree has suffered.
It's protesting by dropping the little dead tails!

Oh, but my little lemons are just growing to beat the band!
Can you see the teeny tiny spider web thread on the right side connected to the lemon?
Well, as thrilled as I am to have my little lemons - they're GREEN.

There is a little hope for my poor backyard.
Here's some blue!

Never hurts to have another little rabbit hiding in the garden.
But I know he's waiting to sniff some most fragrantly planted blooms.
Have patience, little bunny.

But wait!
What do I see?

Now this just thrills me! Do you know what this is?
Dear One, this is a weed that is taller than our 6 feet high fence.
Now it's not in my yard but in the alleyway behind my house.

But it's blooms are so big and so pretty!
I had to share!
But it is mocking me, I just know it!
Don't get too close ~ you just might sneeze!

Here's another GREEN plant in my garden and I think in this snap it looks like rubber!

Pretty, GREEN and rubbery looking!
I love this plant and affectionately call it our 'Finger Plant'.
But flowers and no sweet smell.

Who is this little couple?
Oh, I do believe this is Hansel and Gretel.
Now what in the world are they looking at among the GREENS?

Chloe Dawn!
She's just a wigglin' her little fuzzy hiney down the little path.
Where's she goin'?

Can I come in, Mommy?
Oh, my little black fuzzy face.
Gotta love her!
I see she's GREEN with envy too.
Maybe before it gets 100' I'll get off this puter and go by some flowers.
Until then I'll continue to be GREEN with envy as I look at yours!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

You Are So Beautiful

You are so beautiful
To me
You are so beautiful
To me

Can't you see? Can't you see?
You're everything that I hoped for
And you are everything I need
And you are so beautiful to me

Can't you see? Can't you see?
You're everything that I hoped for
And you're everything
You're everything to me

You are so beautiful
To me
~ sung by Joe Crocker


  1. Oh I love all the gorgeous flowers everyone has. It is already sooooooooo hot here. Unreal. Can't wait to see all your pretties too. Love your yard art, the little boy and girl are precious. Hugs, Marty

  2. Chloe Dawn is so cute in green (adorable). :D I love pretty gardens, and I am green with envy since we cannot really garden much on our lot because it is so sloped!

  3. Love that Chloe Dawn, & her name. Your grdens are lovely, Shelia. I wish we could grow lemons here, but alas ...
    TTFN ~
    Have a lovely week ~

  4. Hi darling, love Miss Chloe Dawn what a cutie she is. Your lemons are going to be fabulous! A weed are you kidding me? That thing was huge and gorgeous, wonder what it is. You always bring a bright spot to my heart and a tear to my eyes with the comments you leave you are truly a gift.. hugs ~lynne~

  5. Hi Shelia, I think your gardens look nice and fresh with all the greenery. I can't believe you are having such heat. I think I'd wilt too! Stay cool. Hugs, Pamela

  6. Hi Sheila! Your just too cute. I enjoyed reading your story and chuckled from time to time. I know what you mean about the heat and humidity because it's like that here to. Love your little boy and girl and I have that same rabbit but I think everyone does Ha Ha. Have a lovely day.

  7. Your garden is already beautiful because of the awesome bunnies and blues and yes, even the weed! And don't forget Chloe Dawn!!! Can't wait to see what flowers you might come up with. Hugs ~ Mary

  8. I saw lots of little growth coming up among the mulch and how lucky you are to be able to grow lemons. Chloe Dawn is so cute too.

  9. Hi Shelia,
    Guess what? I am green with envy just looking at your garden photos, what a BEAUTIFUL garden. I adore the bunnies. Stay cool! xo ~Liz

  10. AS they say, "the grass is always GREENER........ Fortunately I got all my pots and window boxes planted BEFORE we got this HIGH heat and humidity. YUCK!!! This is NOT usual for May here in Pa. I don't envy you that heat all summer. I hope you will drop over, I posted my front porch and back deck all "summerized". Have a great day, hope you got some flowers:):):) XO, Pinky

  11. Hi Sweetie, I love your green garden and the precious wee visitors therein. I especially love the wee Chloe Dawn. She is adorable and looks to be full of energy.
    I undestand the heat and huminity. We got home yesterday after three weeks traveling. We got a mild hit from TS Beryl. Can't see the driveway for the sticks, leaves and pinecones. No damage but good rain for the flowers.
    Have a great week sweet lady.
    xo Ginger

  12. That Chloe Dawn is so darn cute! I haven't been home long enough to get anything planted in my deck garden. Not a good year for me and now it is soooooo hot!! Don't melt dear friend, just enjoy blog lands abundant gardens and flowers. I am GREEN with envy with you! Big Hugs, Linda

  13. Hi Shelia *hugs*
    Well I'm sorry that its so darn hot there for planting and keeping everything wet. You are lucky to have nice weather when we have the cold however. Your bunnies and your blueness globe are very pretty. I chuckled at that green weed..*s*..
    have a blessed day...enjoy..

  14. your garden looks mighty lush and healthy to me so I'll envy you a lil Miss S.. what a sweet couple that is looking at your GREENERY. They look cool and happy.
    Its been in the high 80's and low 90's here so I have to out and doing whatever I'm gonna do so I can get back in before 10.. Last few years the heat makes me so sick.. I just cant handle it like I used to.

    Is the plant with the huge leaves an Elephant Ear?? I have always wanted one of those in my yard..


  15. Oh Shelia, I love your gardens! It is getting very hot here too, my gardening will be limited soon. That Chloe Dawn is too precious for words! Your posts always make me smile!!!!

  16. I am the same way, Shelia. I am on my way out now! Cute statues. And a cute Chloe Dawn. xo

  17. I am green, uh no grey with envy too. We really don't have green here in the desert....I haven't planted flowers and probably won't until Fall...that is our spring!!

  18. Well, I haven't worked in my yard, since who knows when. So, I am just enjoying everyone else's in blogland myself.

  19. My garden in in containers on my front deck at this rental home....I had fun walking thought your garden with you!

  20. Your gardens looks so green and pretty! I hear ya on the heat and humidity. It's already too hot to go out and work in the yard after 11 am here! I'm afraid of what it's going to be like in July!

  21. Just gotta love that Chloe Dawn!! Also the bunnies are cute!!

    We just planted the rose bushes this year, the 2 spots that they were planted in were the only 2 bare spots. Now, we have 11 Hydrangea plants and 9 Rose bushes in the wall garden.


  22. Well, green is pretty too, and you have such sweet statutes in your garden. I love the little couple. They look like they are walking into the forest (where are the bread crumbs?). Who needs flowers when you have the sweet face of Chloe Dawn? laurie

  23. And I'm green with envy over your lemon tree! I so wish I could have one but it would need to be brought inside during the winter and I don't have a window that gets full sun light so I know it wouldn't be happy. Enjoy yours:@)

  24. Hi friend! I love your green plants, they are nothing to sneeze at! Well, maybe they are after all, especially the huge one in your alley. Love the song.
    Hugs, Cindy

  25. Shelia I love those sweet little bunnies!! Your garden looks beautiful!

  26. Shelia, I love Hansel and Gretel, they are precious in your garden! Hey girl, your plants are green, that is good in our part of Texas! Aww, that Cloe Dawn, what a little sweet doll! A star now, for sure!

  27. Hahaha you are so funny Shelia! I think your over the fence weed looks lovely and your rubbery plant doesn't look rubbery at all! I love all of your little yard ornaments and the doggie is adorable!

  28. Hi Shelia! I think your garden is still green and pretty. I actually like it.

  29. Love your gardens. I have the same ferns in the first picture, but can't get them to fill in that much.

  30. I haven't done anything in my garden, either. Love all the whimsical sculpture and garden accents you have...those are fun to look at even if we don't have our flowers out, right? :) Chloe Dawn is adorable! Just love that you have lemons growing! How cool is that!!! I want a lemon tree now! :)

  31. I miss having a garden! I'll enjoy your pictures of the plants around your yard and all your little garden doo-dads. Thanks for sharing!

  32. Shelia,
    I adore your GREEN, dear friend! I try (very hard) to keep a simple color palette here on the Prairie. Using only soft buttery yellows, whites, a hint of purple and lots of GREEN!!! So tranquil and serene! Enjoy your peaceful, comforting garden setting!!!


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