Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I'm Green With Envy!

Hello, Dear Ones! 
I hate to admit it, but I am totally GREEN with envy!
It's a fact and I'm ashamed! :(

As I pop around Blogland, I'm seeing so many of your lovely gardens and they are filled with color, blooms and flowers.
Alas, I've been lazy this year and have not worked in my most tiny backyard.
The heat is already here and we have such high humidity that I, in my most delicate state, begin to wilt and just melt in the heat.
So I've stayed indoors and coveted your pretty gardens.

I have truly been GREEN with envy and now I'm so ashamed.
Here sits Bunny Foo Foo watching and guarding the yard and
waiting to see a pretty planted flower all colored up!

You'll see all those little dead 'tails' around him.
We had a freeze this winter which is rare here on the island and the Norfolk Pine tree has suffered.
It's protesting by dropping the little dead tails!

Oh, but my little lemons are just growing to beat the band!
Can you see the teeny tiny spider web thread on the right side connected to the lemon?
Well, as thrilled as I am to have my little lemons - they're GREEN.

There is a little hope for my poor backyard.
Here's some blue!

Never hurts to have another little rabbit hiding in the garden.
But I know he's waiting to sniff some most fragrantly planted blooms.
Have patience, little bunny.

But wait!
What do I see?

Now this just thrills me! Do you know what this is?
Dear One, this is a weed that is taller than our 6 feet high fence.
Now it's not in my yard but in the alleyway behind my house.

But it's blooms are so big and so pretty!
I had to share!
But it is mocking me, I just know it!
Don't get too close ~ you just might sneeze!

Here's another GREEN plant in my garden and I think in this snap it looks like rubber!

Pretty, GREEN and rubbery looking!
I love this plant and affectionately call it our 'Finger Plant'.
But flowers and no sweet smell.

Who is this little couple?
Oh, I do believe this is Hansel and Gretel.
Now what in the world are they looking at among the GREENS?

Chloe Dawn!
She's just a wigglin' her little fuzzy hiney down the little path.
Where's she goin'?

Can I come in, Mommy?
Oh, my little black fuzzy face.
Gotta love her!
I see she's GREEN with envy too.
Maybe before it gets 100' I'll get off this puter and go by some flowers.
Until then I'll continue to be GREEN with envy as I look at yours!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

You Are So Beautiful

You are so beautiful
To me
You are so beautiful
To me

Can't you see? Can't you see?
You're everything that I hoped for
And you are everything I need
And you are so beautiful to me

Can't you see? Can't you see?
You're everything that I hoped for
And you're everything
You're everything to me

You are so beautiful
To me
~ sung by Joe Crocker