Friday, May 11, 2012

Currier and Ives - Part Two

Hello, Dear Ones!
Well, here I am again with some more of my Currier and Ives pieces.
In honor of Mother's Day I thought we'd have tea and coffee.
After all, it was my Mother, and I'm so blessed to still have her, 
who enticed me to have more than two sets of dishes - 
one for every day and one for company.
She taught me well! :)

 I've poked all of these pieces on top of Little Richard!
He just loves it! :)

 First of all, my cherished teapot is sitting atop of my olden silver chest.
Scratches and all.
Look at the pretty clipper ship.
Hmm, Boston Tea Party? :)
I didn't take a snap of it but the little knob on the lid has a light house on it.

 My second set of the sugar and creamer.

 Isn't this a sweet little scene on the little teacup?
I love the style of the little handles, so delicate but easy for my dainty  fingers to hold.
This little lady is driving her own wagon and I wonder where she is going? 
Do you 'drive' wagons? :)
Inquiring minds want to know.

 Here are four coffee cups and the little folks are still traveling.
These cups are hard to find.

 I only have two coffee mugs and they are rather rare.
More traveling going on.
I have used the teacups before but never the coffee cups or the mugs.

 I have two luncheon plates which are a few inches smaller than the dinner plates.
Way back when I was searching my tiny head off for extra pieces, these were the only two I ever found.

Here's one of my platters.
Just love it's size and I have used it before.

Like I've said before ~ 
I love these happy olden homey dishes and hope you're enjoying seeing them..
I have more and I'm gonna show them to you.
I love you that much and love to share! :)
I want to wish you all a very Happy Mother's Day!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Have A Cuppa Tea

Granny's always ravin' and rantin'
And she's always puffin' and pantin',
And she's always screaming and shouting,
And she's always brewing up tea.

Grandpappy's never late for his dinner,
Cos he loves his leg of beef
And he washes it down with a brandy,
And a fresh made cup of tea.

Have a cuppa tea, have a cuppa tea,
have a cuppa tea, have a cuppa tea,
Halleluja, halleluja, halleluja, Rosie Lea
Halleluja, halleluja, halleluja Rosie Lea.

If you feel a bit under the weather,
If you feel a little bit peeved,
Take granny's stand-by potion
For any old cough or wheeze.
It's a cure for hepatitis it's a cure for chronic insomnia,
It's a cure for tonsilitis and for water on the knee.

Tea in the morning, tea in the evening, tea at supper
You get tea when it's raining, tea when it's snowing.
Tea when the weather's fine,
You get tea as a mid-day stimulant
You get tea with your afternoon tea
For any old ailment or disease
For Christ sake have a cuppa tea.

Whatever the situation whatever the race or creed,
Tea knows no segregation, no class nor pedigree
It knows no motivations, no sect or organisation,
It knows no one religion,
Nor political belief.
~ sung by The Kinks


  1. BEAUTIFUL display on top of Little Richard! Have a wonderful Mother's Day sweet Shelia!!

  2. Howdy! May you have a blessed Mother's Day!
    I haven't heard the song you've shared so I got educated!!!

    Your dishes are great. I have seen this pattern before and think the scenes on the dishes are nice.

    You are the lucky one to get to use these neat dishes. May you have a sweet time sippin' tea or coffee from these cups!!!

    God bless,

  3. Lovely display and what pretty dishes.
    Happy Mothers Day Sweetie~!

  4. Marylnail@bellsouth.netFriday, May 11, 2012

    I have my grandmother's Currier Ives dishes and I use them everyday. They are such better quality than dishes made today. I have plenty of tea cups and saucers but I have never seen the coffee cups/mugs! I would also love to find a teapot someday. Thanks for sharing your collection and your love of Currier Ives dishes.

  5. Oh Shelia, it is such a beautiful pattern and I love all the nostalgic scenes. Beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  6. Hola, Sheila, son hermosos esos platos y con esas escenas, que ahora cuesta encontrar.

  7. I said it and will say it again! I love dishes as beautiful as this with so much extra pieces, wow, this pattern is wonderful. You dear mama taught you well. I'm so happy you have her with you, I do mine too, God bless them both for a long time yet. I did a table just for her weekly lunch, with sea food she loves. Gorgeous display. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY my sweet lady Shelia.

  8. Wonderful display!!! Love the old fashioned dishes....I had a set for 4 when I was first married, I think they came from Sears, they went piece by piece......HMD...hugs...cleo

  9. Beautifully displayed! I love what few pieces I have. Saw some recently at a Hospice Thrift Store but they had them under glass and lock and key! The price was UNREAL! I couldn't have afford not one piece of it! Best hang onto your beautiful pieces my dear! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  10. Wow Shelia! I loooove your precious collections. I also noticed that you changed your blog header. You have a nice one there. Happy weekend and Happy Mother's Day!

  11. I love your Currier and Ives dishes! The clipper ship is my favorite. Wishing you a very Happy Mother's Day!

    Susan and Bentley

  12. I LOVE these dishes Shelia, They WERE our everyday dishes when we were growing up...You have inspired me to DIG MINE OUT! and add what I need to them...There is a local gift shop that has an area "STUFFED with OLD GOODIES"! and these dishes ARE in there so I'll have to go explore!!!
    Thank you Shelia for my memories,
    Happy Mothers Day weekend to you,
    Big Hugs,

  13. Beautiful post,love your collection.Enjoyed and brought back memories of My Mothers collection :)

  14. I love Little Richard all decked out with Currier & Ives! xo

  15. I LOVE the pattern on your dishes, Shelia! Little Richard is looking good!

    Happy Mother's Day! :)


  16. Mom had some good advice about 2 sets!
    What is it about dishes that bring us so much joy! If anyone can figure that out please tell me! I am obsessed with my own dishes AND everyone elses!

  17. Makes me think of my Mom. These were our dishes at home. I still have the platter, she sold the rest to an antique dealer. I am so glad I have it. I tell everyone that has a Mom, give her a hug for me...

  18. Hi Sheila!
    I love your Currier and Ives dishes and have A Happy Mothers Day.

  19. Will you pour or should I? Happy Mother's Day to you.

    Hugs, Gretchen

  20. Love the pretty scenes on the dishes, Shelia. My Grandmother had a set but didn't have all the accessories that you have. They seem to be gaining popularity again. Have a Happy Mother's Day! ------ Shannon

  21. Lovely dishes. Your Mama did good!

    Hope your Mother's day is wonderful!!

  22. They are all about travel aren't they. I love the platter but still the S&P are just darling. Happy Mother's Day Shelia.

  23. Such an interesting history on how you got started with these dishes! You have a pretty big set. I like the shape of the cups. It's all pretty homey! Have a nice Mother's Day, dear!

  24. Hi Shelia,
    Little Richard looks very happy.
    I love your collection.

    Happy Mother's Day Sweetie Shelia.


  25. You really have a great collection, Shelia. They are beautiful!...Christine

  26. Your dishes are beautiful. I love the display. Thanks for sharing.

  27. I just covet those....only word I could think of...Happy Mothers Day

  28. Absolutely stunning Shelia, Happy Mother's Day to you too.

  29. Happy Mothers day to you Miss Sheila. I love your beautiful dishes and how pretty they are displayed.

  30. Gosh, sweet Shelianess, you have LOTS of pretty dishes. You sure know how to show 'em off, too. :)
    Happy Mother's Day...
    xo bj

  31. Oh, these are beautiful, Shelia! I think I might have to mount that gorgeous platter on the wall to show it off. Sorry I haven't been around. Trying to keep this place going (financially) with blogging and an Etsy shop and then this atrocious yard seems to take up all my time! Happy Mothers Day to you!

  32. I love your beautiful dishes and the tea song! A cup of tea sure does make one feel better! Happy to have found your blog, and I am now a follower! Cheers!

  33. Shelia, I'm crazy over dishes, too. Love the ones you shared. Thanks, Helen

  34. You really have a nice collection of those dishes. My MIL once had some of those, I recall. Those dishes really tell a story!

  35. Sheila,
    Thank you for the visit and leaving the sweet comment. Enjoy your Mother while you can. My Mother passed away in 1989.

    Your dishes are beautiful...I don't think you can have too many friends nor too many dishes!

    Happy Mother's Day to you...
    Betty @ Country Charm

  36. Those are very beautiful dishes, dear Shelia, I have never seen anything like them, ever. I can see why you love them.
    Hugs, Cindy

  37. Oh I so agree what a beautiful display! What an awesome collection of them that you have.

  38. Shelia,
    Oh, dear friend, how sweet of you to inivite us all for tea!!! Your Currier & Ives tea set is just the perfect set for Mother's Day Tea! Thank you for the invitation! I'm lovin' seeing all of your collection!

  39. LOVE, love, love, your Currier and Ives china, Sheila! You should link this up for Tea Time. Thanks for sharing and I want you to know, I so envy you your lovely collection! They are simply charming! Have a wonderful day.



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