Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Well, Poop! I'm not happy!

Hello, Dear Ones. I just wanted to poke up a quick post here. I'm still partying my head off but just wanted to get this out there!


A couple of weeks ago I lost my page with all of your blogs I love, not my followers list, but the page I had set up where I could just click on my little Note Songs button and it would take me to a list of your blogs and I could see when you'd updated and everything. I know, I know, I can do that on my dashboard, but I don't care for how it looks. I know, I know, I can go to the new Google Reader but I'm not enjoying that much yet. 

I kept thinking my list of your blogs would somehow magically appear like things do sometimes when Blogger is messing with us. Well, it did not appear here, there or anywhere! Then I fiddled with it for another week trying to start over by adding your blogs! Blogger wouldn't let me! Ugh!! I was ready to pull out my most gorgeous shorty short hair!

Then about three days ago Blogger finally started letting me add your blogs back. I was elated!
Then I got to number 167 and Blogger would not let me add any more of your blogs! So if you happen to click on my little button that says "Blogs I Follow" and you're not there, it's only because Blogger says I can't add anymore. Like I said, I'M NOT HAPPY!

Then we attended a funeral in Brackettville, Texas, which is about 30 miles from Del Rio. Del Rio is 3 miles from the Mexico border. We left Sunday morning, attended the funeral on Monday afternoon and were back in our tiny bed Monday night around midnight! Whew! I'm pooped.

Then...we've been having some things done in the kitchen and I was going to have it all pretty for you to see...ain't happening! I'm too pooped! I'll show you an ugly picture so you can feel sorry for me.

Told you it wasn't pretty.

So I just wanted to share with you that I'm pooped and not happy with Blogger right now. I guess I'll get over it. But I've decided to stew a while.

Thanks for listening and you're always a bunch of sweeties even if I can't put your blog in my special place. POOP!!!

Shelia ;)

I'm just too pooped to leave you a little Note Song. It would probably be a whining one anyway! :(