Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Little Easter Table

Hello Dear Ones!
Well, I'm seeing and hearing you all have had a wonderful Easter!
We did too, just Mr. Precious, Mother and me. 
Oh, and of course my little doggy, Chloe Dawn. :)

 Thought I would show you the table I set for us in the breakfast room.

 I used my Butterfly Meadows china made by Lenox. 

 Swirly Pinky glasses I purchased from a thrift shop a long time ago.

 Every one got a little tiny plastic eggy in the teeny little bowl.
I'm so talented like this you know!

Poked down three of my favorite napkin rings and slipped a Battenburg napkin through it.

 Then each place setting got its own tiny little salt and peppers (without the salt and pepper).
I found these little darlings years ago at Cracker Barrel.

 The stash on my Easter table just kept on growing.
I added three of these lidded footed eggies! :)
Cute as buttons!

 Now on to my centerpiece.
I found the vase that goes with my dishes at Home Goods a few years ago
and poked in some fauxs! 
I love my fauxs. I know you're not surprised at that.

 Now look really close with your most gorgeous peepers and you'll see a little raised butterfly.
Very appropriate, right?

I must tell you, I could not stop poking things down on my table.
See that little darling bunny? 
I won that through a giveaway from my friend Miss Janice.
Also got a lovely little bowl too and they are both from the Butterfly Gardens collection.

 Now everyone needs a honey pot on their Easter tables don't you think?

 More bunnies. This little gal thinks she is the "It" bunny. 
Little stinker.
You'll notice the real salt and peppers that are filled to the rim with salt and pepper.

 The backside of the "It" bunny.
Well, she does have a cute figure. :)

This is my favorite piece from my Butterfly Gardens dishes.
The egg dish. 
Isn't it pretty? Now don't be alarmed ~ there are lady bugs all over it!
I have forbade them to get into the deviled eggs.

 There's one!
Oh, no, don't bother her, she just looks cute and won't harm anything.
Really. ;)

 Here's the lovely veggie bowl.

 Rimmed with lovely words and filled almost to the rim with potato salad.

There's my tiny table filled with Eastery stuff.
Mother used to help me so much and just cook her little head off.
Now that's she's 88, I've let her off the hook! :)
I told her she's cooked for me all of my life now it's time I wait on her.
I'm such a wonderful daughter like that! :)
I just wanted to remind you.
Our menu was rather simple and I liked that:
Deviled Eggs
Garden Salad
Potato Salad, I know two salads
Yeast Rolls and Butter
Baked Ham
Cherry Pie with a scoop of Ice Cream on the side :)

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Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Solid Potato Salad

Some folks like there 'taters Lyonnaise,Some prefer French fries,But I like mine fixed with mayonnaise,Coleslaw on the side. Solid potato salad,That's solid salad, Jack!Solid potato salad, boy,Take a plate, fill it up, bring it right back! Solid potato salad,And let's have no "yak-yak!".Solid potato salad, boy,Take a plate, fill it up, bring it right back! The farmer said to the spud,"You're skin looks mighty pallid,So I'll dig you later, bud,For some solid - poatao salad!". Solid potato salad,That's solid salad, Jack!Solid potato salad, boy,Take a plate, fill it up and bring it right back! Take a plate, fill it up and bring it right back! Take a plate, fill it up and bring it right back! Take a plate, fill it up and bring it right back!
~ sung by Nat King Cole


  1. Oh So Sweet, the "4Bs". Butterflies, Bees, Bunnies "AND" your BEAUTIFUL Mom to share them with! Life is great! My Mom will be 88 the end of May! So I do know how PRECIOUS they are!
    Loved everything on your beautiful table. AND Ladybugs are ALWAYS WELCOME here too!
    Big Hugs to you Sweetie,

  2. What a lovely table Sheila! I love your pink swirly glasses and your bunnies are adorable!

  3. What beautiful dishes! Love how you kept adding such sweet little touches here and there! Love that vase with the butterfly! Glad you had a wonderful Easter. Hugs, Linda

  4. What a lovely table and sounds like a lovely time!

  5. What a pretty table setting! Perfect for spring and summer too!

  6. Oh sounds so very good! I love deviled eggs. Your table is so springy, love it!

  7. Your table is so pretty, Shelia! I'm so happy that you have your sweet mom to share it with. Your dishes are lovely, I have a few pieces of the Butterfly Meadow. And I also love those teeny little S&P shakers!

    Your menu sounds great...very similar to ours! Although I would have loved some cherry pie!


  8. Your table is adorable. Love all your pretties. The egg dish is so pretty.

  9. Your table is gorgeous and your food looks yummy! Two of my favs - deviled eggs and potato salad! Glad it was happy. xo

  10. What a lovely table! I love that you decorated your plastic eggs too. If only my senior memory will let me remember that for next year. I have a butterfly dish that I got a few years ago. It always creates raves.


  11. Darling table...those dishes are gorgeous. So sweet of you to do all the work...I know your mom enjoyed it!

  12. Shelia, your table is so pretty, and I love all of your little additions you "plopped" down on the table. That china is Springtime perfect, and love that mashed potato bowl. Glad you and yours had such a lovely Easter dinner. laurie

  13. Sounds like you had a nice Easter Sheila! Pretty table and I love the "Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much" bowl:@)

  14. You set such a pretty table for your Easter meal. I love your butterfly deviled egg plate. It's really unique and pretty, too.

  15. Looks like a wonderful happy table to sit down to for what sounded like a great Easter Dinner.
    All your pieces you showed us were lovely.
    and p.s. I love Lady Bugs

  16. Such a pretty table! I love the little honey pot best. All tables should have honey pots! :D


  17. Your table setting is really lovely. Those butterfly dishes were perfect for Easter! I love how you placed eggs and bunnies around your placesettings to set the tone for the holiday. Hope you had a great day. That food sounded delicious!

  18. What a beautiful table. You always has the prettiest items to look at and WANT! Ha! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  19. Hi Shelia, What a charming table setting. I love your beautiful Lenox dishes and all the Easter touches on the table. The egg dish is so pretty and different. You were so lucky o find the matching vase. Mmmmm, the menu is perfect and so are you my sweet friend. I hope we can meet each other in June.
    Love, Jeanne

  20. Thats a perfect table well set :-)

  21. Sheila, that's a lovely table setting, oh and your deviled eggs...they're my weakness! At family gatherings I use to sneak in the kitchen to gobble them down when no one was looking...

  22. Hi Shelia! I'm just catching up on all my favorite blogs from being away for over a week. I had the best time going through yours. So many beautiful Easter delights! Your table here is just precious. I love the lovely dishes. You've got so many wonderful Easter treasures. Love it all.

  23. Hui Sheila, your Easter table is so sweet. I love your china. The table is so elegant with all of your precious accessories. You are so right about your egg dish....truly charming. Enjoy your week-end.

  24. I love your beautiful Lenox dishes they are the sweetest the tiny lady sweet...this is one of my fav patterns....

  25. Hi Shelia,
    Your table looks just lovely! Love the little honey pot and the ladybug is just adorable!
    But I must say that those deviled eggs and potato salad look amazing!
    Thanks for your sweet visit.
    Big hugs,

  26. Love your cute egg with legs. Looks like you had a wonderful Easter with your mom and sweetie pie.

  27. Shelia,
    Your tablescape is gorgeous!!! I adore how you placed the plates off to the side so we could see all the patterns! My love with bunnies had me sighing over each one on your table...but what caught my heart was the honey pot! So glad your Mother is still able to come enjoy lunch with you...You, truly, are the "Apple" of her eye!!!

  28. My mother is 90. i love your Easter table and adore your lenox honey pot. I've searched and can't find one to buy. Did you buy it when they first appeared on the market?


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