Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I Felt For Mother's Day!

Hello Dear Ones.
Here I go again. Just can't help myself.
I can't stop.
Yep, I think I'm a feltaholic now.
I don't know if there is any treatment much less a cure.
So just indulge me... :)

 Mother's Day is around the corner and it was time to make Mother's Day ornies for my little grand daughters lit seasonal tree.
Here is the topper and I got my inspiration from Pinterest, of course! :)

 This craft makes me so happy. It's so simple and so fun and the little ornies turn out so cute!
Am I tooting my own horn again? 
Yep, I am! :) Can't help it. 

 So I made Mommy heads, daughter heads and flowers.

 Although they look similar, each one is different from the other.
Sounds like a song from Sesame Street doesn't it?

Precious little felties just for my grand for Mother's Day!

 I made six Mothers heads, two each of the yellow haired Mother, two each of the orange haired Mother and two each of the purple haired Mother.

 Each Mother got a sweet little strand of pearls to wear around her most tiny neck.
Well, actually, they have no necks! 
We're just pretending here. :)

 Then I made six little daughter heads. 
Mothers heads and daughters heads are all embellished with laces, buttons, flowers and ribbons.
I used Tacky Glue to apply these.
I used embroidery stitches - running stitch and blanket stitch.
Did you notice each cheek got a touch of blush. 
I'm so talented, you know! :)

I made six felt flowers. 
I know you only see five here cause I forgot to snap the sixth one.
Oops! :) My bad.
I cut my circles with pinking shears and just attached every piece together when I sewed on the buttons, sewing through.

The next few snaps will show you a little bit closer how they look on my little feather tree. 
My grand daughter's tree is white and like a little Christmas tree, so I'm sure the ornies look better on hers.

I'll keep making these little felt ornies for little Carter until she tires of them.
I hope she likes them for some time because I love making them!

Guess what?
I've already made Father's Day ornies!
I just amaze myself sometimes! :)

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Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Somebody's Hero

She's never pulled anyone from a burning building
She's never rocked Central Park to a half a million fans, screaming out her name
She's never hit a shot to win the game
She's never left her footprints on the moon
She's never made a solo hot air balloon ride, around the world, 
No, she's just your everyday average girl (but)

She's somebody's hero
A hero to her baby with a skinned up knee
A little kiss is all she needs
The keeper of the cheerios
The voice that brings Snow White to life
Bedtime stories every night
And that smile lets her know
She's somebody's hero

oh oh 
She didn't get a check every week like a nine-to fiver
But she's been a waiter, and a cook and a taxi driver
For twenty years, there at home, until the day her girl was grown
Giving all her love to her was her life's ambition
But now her baby's movin' on, and she'll soon be missin' her
But not today, those are tears of joy runnin' down her face

She's somebody's hero
A hero to her daughter in her wedding dress
She gave her wings to leave the nest
It hurts to let her baby go down the aisle she walks right by
Looks back into her mother's eyes
And that smile lets her know oh oh oh 
She's somebody's hero

Thirty years have flown right past
Her daughters' starin' at all the photographs
Of her mother, and she wishes she could be like that
Oh, but she already is

She's somebody's hero
A hero to her mother in a rockin' chair
She runs a brush through her silver hair
The envy of the nursing home
She drops by every afternoon
Feeds her mother with a spoon
And that smile lets her know oh oh 
Her mother's smile lets her know oh oh 
She's somebody's her
~ sung by Jamie O'Neal