Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Dear Ones, Happy Valentine's Day!

I've pulled an older post to share with you today. Hope you don't mind seeing olden romance! 
I love olden romance!  Afterall, I'm no spring chicken! :)

Here you'll see a precious little tea set I just love. It has beautiful tiny raised flowers adorning the fronts of the pieces. Can you love precious little tea sets with raised flowers? You bet your sugar cubes you can! :)

I just love the soup outta this tea pot, well, maybe it should be "tea"!

Little sugar spoon resting upon an olden Valentine card.

I've placed down crocheted doilies to use as place mats, whiteness of olden plates, tea cups colored with pinkness of flower, olden embroidered napkins held in napkin rings with tiny pink rose buds resting on top and olden silver spoons. Also some olden Valentine cards are tucked under the plate for atmosphere.

Here's a matching pitcher filled with flowers - fauxs, or course! Love my fauxs! I took one picture with the flash so you could see the details. Forgive me - we're not supposed to use flash!! :(

I've stacked two pink cake stands and filled them with heart shaped cookies sprinkled with red sugar from my local Kroger. The top is filled with more olden Valentine cards and a sweet little loving couple, although a bit fuzzy.

Just you and I - we make such swet music together! :) 

Happy Together. Tea For Two. Love Me Tender. A Groovy Kind of Love. You Light Up My Life. In My Life I Love You More. When I Fall In Love. Everything I Do. When a Man Loves a Woman. Can't Help Falling in Love. Unforgettable. The Wind Beneath My Wings. 
And in the memory of Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You.

Little love birds with raised flowers holding sweet scented pink votives.

Enjoy the sweetness, enjoy your sweetheart and enjoy Valentine's Day!

Dear Ones, I'll be taking a tiny blogging break and will see you in about a week! 
Don't forget me! :) kiss kiss hug hug

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia :)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Just you and I,
Sharing our love together.
And I know in time,
We'll build the dreams we treasure.
We'll be all right, just you and I.
Just you and I
Just you and I
Sharing our love together
And I know in time,
And I know in time,
We'll build the dreams we treasure.
We'll be all right,
Just you and I.
And I remember our first embrace,
That smile that was on your face,
The promises that we made.
And now, your love is my reward,
And I love you even more,
Than I ever did before.
Just you and I
Just you and I
We can entrust each other,
With you in my life,
With you in my life,
They'll never be another.
We'll be all right,
Just you and I.
We made it you and I.
~sung by Eddie Rabbit and Crystal Gayle