Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kitchen Christmasing

Hello, Dear Ones! Are you having fun like me popping into all of the Christmas parties? I'm trying to catch my tiny breath and grab my posts and pop in to the next party! :) I'm getting so much inspiration and want to change everything I've done after seeing what you've done! :) Y'all keep me on my tiny decorating toes!

Okay, here we are in my kitchen and I've made a little piece to sit on my counter top. I'll tell you more about it in another post.

This is the snowy side of my kitchen, filled with snowmen. you feel the chill? But it's a good kind of chill! Do you see that little Coca Cola Santie tray? Well, I've had this since I was a little girl. Used to leave Santie's cookies and milk on it when I was little.

Snowball heads filled with candy canes and I've also brought out my little snowball head spreaders. I know they're snowman heads, but I like to say snowball heads! :)

Here's a snowy looking Santie and a little bubble light night light.

A bubble light snowman night light helps to make my kitchen shiny and bright.

This is the baking side of the kitchen. It's warm over here! :) I've set up a little vignette here...baking cookies vignette that is. I've had the little gingerbread cook for many years and she over sees the baking. She has a little assistant but he's hung up at the moment! :) I'm so funny! :)

I saw a beautiful vignette that Debbie at A Debbie-Dabble had put together! You can just get lost seeing all of her pretties and how she displays them. She showed her kitchen and had the most adorable green jade bowl filled with cookie cutters. This is my version of hers. Those are cookie cutters from my childhood and a few from when my children were very young.

I just love these olden dough rollers, the green handled one belonged to my grandma and the red handled one I got from GW for 99 cents! Yay me!

Here's my window sill over the sink. Very simple Chrismasing here.

I found these little bottle brush trees at Walmart. They're really ornaments and had hangers where you see the little metal loop. I cut them off and poked them up here. Aren't they cute?

Then my wire reindeer basket begged to come sit on the window sill. Usually he's in the bathroom with pine cones! ;) I poked in Christmas balls and there you have it! :) He just looks out the window. I think he loves the sunshine! ;)

One more vignette. This area, the top of the lawyer bookcase, stays pretty much the same. I poked in a Christmas ball in the ceramic fruit basket, tossed down some berry garland and Christmas balls around my main yard bird! :)

Hope you've enjoyed coming into my kitchen today.

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Christmas Cookies

I sure do like those Christmas cookies sugar
I sure do like those Christmas cookies babe
The ones that look like Santa Claus
Christmas trees and bells and stars
I sure do like those Christmas cookies babe

Now Christmas cookies are a special treat
The more she bakes the more I eat
And sometimes I can't get myself to stop
Sometimes she'll wait til I'm asleep
And she'll take the ones that I didn't eat
And put those little sprinkley things on top

Now those sprinkley things just make things worse
Cause it makes em taste better than they did at first
And they're absolutely impossible to resist
Some disappear to who knows where
But I make sure I get my share
And those kids just stand there waiting for the ones I miss

I sure do like those Christmas cookies sugar
I sure do like those Christmas cookies babe
She gets mad if they're all gone
Before she gets the icing put on
I sure do like those Christmas cookies babe

Now there's a benefit to all of this
That you might have overlooked or missed
So now let me tell you the best part of it all
Every time she sticks another batch in the oven
There's fifteen minutes for some kissin' and huggin'
That's why I eat Christmas cookies all year long
~sung by George Strait