Friday, December 2, 2011

Carol of the Balls

Hello, Dear Ones! Here's another area of my dining room I'd love to show you ~ all Christmased up!

Here sits a very olden sideboard and alas, she is like a horse with no name! I didn't name her! She pouts! :)

Well, she's all Christmased up so I think she'll get over her no nameness! :) I've poked down a cloche sitting on a stand with vintage balls. I know I shouldn't say balls and should say ornaments, but my mother said Christmas balls and I just say it too! ;)

And you may ask, what is so special to fill a cloche with Christmas balls (you say 'balls' too, don't you? tell me you do!) ? Well, these are balls from my tree when I was a little girl. Nothing fancy. No fancy shapes like Santies or angels. Just balls - vintage balls. Some are even loosing their color. But I love them and wanted to give them a place of honor.

I only have two of these little plasticy bells left from my childhood! There used to be so many in all sorts of pretty colors. Now let me tell you, that glittery stuff does not come off. They don't make plasticy bells like they used to. Ding dong, ding dong! :)

A nice reflection of my Christmas balls! I love this stuff. Can you hear them singing? Kinda muffled since they're under glass! :)

This spot is filled with Christmas cheer. I have two of these Christmasy plates so they both pop out at this time of year. I've used the base of a hurricane to raise my little candle.

See how talented I am to think of this! :) You know I'm really teasing!

Then my little lacy bowl filled with some cheap Christmas balls! :)

Cute little Chistmas pick doing it's job ~ being cute!

Now I love my silvery footed thingy. Isn't she pretty? I filled her with even more cheap Christmas balls and thought she looked marvelous! Did I mention all of the Christmasy things are sitting atop a bed of snow? Yes, they are! Brrr...

Another little pick, being cute and sparkly and Christmasy!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Carol of the (Balls) Bells :)

Hark how the bells,
sweet silver bells,
all seem to say,
throw cares away

Christmas is here,
bringing good cheer,
to young and old,
meek and the bold,

Oh how they pound,
raising the sound,
o'er hill and dale,
telling their tale,

Gaily they ring
while people sing
songs of good cheer,
Christmas is here,

Merry, merry, merry, merry Christmas,
Merry, merry, merry, merry Christmas,
On on they send ,
on without end,
their joyful tone to every home
Dong Ding dong ding, dong Bong

~ sung by my Christmas balls:)


  1. Dearest Shelia,
    I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    I always have a pleasant time when visiting your place in cyberspace.

    This post is lovely and you have created a cheery place at home. Like the bulbs and ornaments that you have grouped together!!!

    God bless,

  2. Oh Sheila,

    I havent seen balls like those in years.. My nana passed all her's to my mom and so I saw them on trees for many years.. They have a certain charachter new balls can never have.
    Love your red n white dishes with that display.. so pretty and brings back sweet memories..


  3. To have those old balls from your childhood is remarkable...they do deserve a play of honor and you did do them justice...they couldn't look more pretty. The plates are pretty in the setting..I like those. Merry Christmas

  4. BEAUTIFUL Shelia!! I also LOVE that mirror and those plates on the wall! Have a great weekend, Martina

  5. That is beautifully decorated! And I say balls too ;-)

  6. I love the Christmas balls but I do say ornaments! I have a few olden one's from when I was a girl and I need to display this is a great idea...thanks! hugs, Linda

  7. You know, I have NOTHING from my childhood. I don't remember what our trees looked like except that they were like Charlie Brown trees, I was always envious of my best friend cause they had a big, FULL tree every year! I loved to go to her house and this post reminds me of her and her Mother baking cookies. Thanks for the memories. Your olden sideboard looks beautiful all Christmased up:):) XO, Pinky

  8. Hola Shelia, me encantan sus adornos navideños, sobre todo esas pelotas que guardas con tanto cariño, de verdad que ya no las hacen de tan buena calidad, las campanas son preciosas. Saludos desde Costa Rica.

  9. Sheila - It all looks so lovely and festive. I wish I had some balls from when I was a child. It's hard to believe you did not name your sideboard! Love, love your red dishes.

    I say "balls" also. That's what my Grandmother called them, plus (hate to admit) it drove my Mom crazy calling them that! Have a fabulous weekend.

  10. Hi Shelia,

    "Plasticy" that is my new word, thank you!

    Oh I love ALL your Christmas decor, so pretty, so inspiring. I will be putting mine out this weekend.



  11. Oh my dear, I can...I can hear 'em singin'....

    May I sing along too. Ya know I can't help myself!

    You have a grand and glorious collection of Christmas balls girl!

    God bless ya and have a marvelous weekend!!! :o)

  12. Sheila! Your cloche is beautiful... and so full of lovely memories!!!! Your sideboard never looked prettier!
    So merry and bright!!!

  13. Very pretty! I now have some ornaments from my childhood...I think they would qualify as very vintage!

    I love the plates on your wall! Is that new?


  14. Nice balls, err ah ornaments, Shelia!

    I love them inside the cloches and the display with the toile plates makes me want plates just like yours.


  15. Shelia, you are lucky to have your ornaments ( ornaments sounds better in this sentence, otherwise I would have said balls) from your childhood. We seem to brake at least one each day around here. Everything looks very pretty the way you have them displayed.------ Shannon

  16. Shelia
    Your home is always decorated beautifully, no matter what the season is.
    I love vintage Christmas balls too.
    Your display looks great!
    Oh, and Carol of the Bells is one of my favorites!

  17. Just beautiful Missy

  18. Love all those plates and you know cloches make me very happy:)

  19. I love your Christmas balls - yes, it's OK to call them that! That's what we always used to say before we knew they were called ornaments!

    Your home and decorations are so beautiful - and such an inspiration to me. I'm just getting started! You reminded me of a couple of things I want to find for part of my decorating.

  20. Lovely Shelia. I love the fact that you have childhood ornaments. how special is that? I want that cloche....Beautiful...

  21. Really pretty it all. :D

  22. I love, love, love the cloche with the balls under it. That is so pretty! And even prettier with it reflected in the mirror too. Such pretty displays you have. I need to get busy and decorate too. I have not done it for a couple of years and this year I am in the mood to decorate. Planning to start tomorrow! But first I still need to take down Thanksgiving stuff.


  23. I really enjoyed your post. My favorite photo is the "Christmas Corner" with the lacy candle holder and the beautiful Christmas plate. I hope you have a happy holiday!

  24. Oh your olden Christmas balls are so pretty! Love all your Christmassing around the house.

  25. Everything is just so beautiful! I love the Christmas balls. I had sent you an e-mail but am not sure if you got it.

  26. Such gorgeous decoration and arrangement.

    My PINK is inviting you to come and take a peek. Have a beautiful weekend!

  27. Shelia dear..I think that is just the nicest thing. Having something from your childhood. I have every Christmas bulb that I have ever bought except those that have gotten broken. I understand how you feel about yours because mine are now 57 years old. I treasure them. What a nice way to display them. A really lovely idea.
    Isn't Christmas time great?

  28. Shelia,
    Your vintage Christmas balls (ornaments) are elegant in the cloche! How special that they are from your childhood!!! Your buffet is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing the wonderful ways to display our most sentimental Christmas decorations!

  29. Oh I love, love your beautiful red and white plates and how clever to put Christmas BALLS (ha ha) in your cloche. Why didn't I think of that???

  30. Everything looks so lovely! I adore the Christmas balls under glass. Perfection. Your red transferware sets it all off!

  31. A beautiful home filled with so many lovely things. A winter wonderland.

  32. I love all these's balls..yes I call them ball's too! and it's easier to type less letters..LOL! You are so lucky to have your childhood ball's. I wish I had all ours..So special they should be under glass..keeps them clean and safe..
    Thanks for coming over to SRN...and enjoy your weekend!

  33. Very pretty!

    Pink with Puzzle time, looking forward to see you when you get a chance. Thank you!

  34. Oh Shelia... you make me laugh.. just too silly... singing balls!

    I have to say that the wall with all it pink (red and white?) transferware is stunning. Just love it.

    Think I will have to get out my old balls and dust them off. But I don't think they can sing anymore...

    xoxo Bunny jean

  35. I love the gorgeous impact of your grouping of your ornaments. Beautifully presented. I have joined your followers list and would love to have you to join me as well. Hugs, Gayle

  36. Shelia, you have made Christmas decorating an art. Everything looks so pretty. And, you make it fun for all of us.

    Don't you want to come over and play at my house?

    Happy Pink Saturday, dear sister.♥

  37. I love the glass balls in pretty containers. I have done the same but mine not so pretty. I have run out of places to set things as well. I would love to do more decorating but nowhere else to put them. I suppose I could start on the your blog

  38. You have some very nice settings .I have a few of the balls too Happy time of years for most Have a safe and fun Holiday Laura


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