Monday, November 28, 2011

Nativitying on the Piano

Hello, Dear Ones. I'll bet you didn't know you could go Nativitying on your piano did you?
You can! You really can. Let me show you.

See? I've been Nativitying on my piano.

I usually keep the lid down on my piano that way I can poke stuff all over the top of it. That large floral is usually there all of the time and I just added a few other things.

See this little Nativity? Isn't it sweet? When I saw it I thought how islandy it was and it would just have to come home with me. That was a few years ago. Instead of a barn the little Holy family is enveloped by a palm tree.

Here's the sweet little Baby Jesus! It looks like He is singing a Note Song, don't you think?

How do you like my little sparkly trees? I found these at the dollar store and knew I had to have them too! I poked a couple of them over some skinny candlesticks so I could have different heights. Palm trees and Christmas trees! A great combination.

These little trees are so cute and I like how they look all staggered in height! I'm so talented to think of things like this you know! :)

Oh, this snap was just Reba (my camera) showing off! :)

Uh oh...

I enlarged this really big so you could see my little Chloe Dawn peeping around at me while I sat up my vignette! I know she was telling me that she was neglected. I'll have to take care of that and hold her and give her a big ole hug! :)

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Sweet Little Jesus Boy

Sweet little Jesus boy
They made you be born in a manger
Sweet little holy child
We didn't know who you were
Didn't know you'd come to save us Lord
To take our sins away
Our eyes were blind, we could not see
We didn't know who you were

Long time ago
You were born
Born in a manger Lord
Sweet little Jesus boy
The world treats you mean Lord
Treats me mean too
But that's how things are down here
We don't know who you are

You have told us how
We are trying
Master you have shown us how
Even when you were dying
Just seems like we can't do right
Look how we treated you
But please Sir forgive us Lord
We didn't know it was you

Sweet little Jesus boy
Born a long time ago
Sweet little holy child
We didn't know who you were


  1. Shelia, your Christmas tree is gorgeous, and I know you are delighting in the joy of decorating your home for the holidays. ;-)

  2. Shelia what a sweet little Nativity, and I love the little trees you added around it! Martina

  3. Wow, I got to come back and first be knocked off my feet by your header. Do you think you should do a header post?!?! That thing rocks, girl! Now I do love your little nativity and baby Jesus singing on your piano, and I think a palm tree is great, what do we know but that they may have had one there that night. Love your staggered trees from the Dollar Store, really complete your vignette. But what about that header, I'm all about that header for Christmas!!


  4. You ARE so very talented! I love your piano all "dolled up" for the holidays! That little manger is adorable and love the TREES! XO, Pinky

  5. What a beautiful piano! I like how you decorated it for Christmas too. I used to have a piano like that when I was little and enjoyed playing it. It was passed down from my grandmother to us. It has since been sold, but I always remember it. Your nativity is very pretty too.

  6. I think you just coined a new word!!! Yes, you are sooooo talented and clever too!!! Love the display, very special....hugs...cleo

  7. That little nativity set is very tropical or even "deserty"... where did you find it.

    I just know that with all your talent you will be sharing many more Holiday treasures... just don't let little Chloe Dawn feel neglected.

    You can bring her over to my blog... to party at my Christmas Pet Parade :)

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  8. Love you hoilday decorations. The Nativity set is so sweet and I just love the little trees they look so good at the different heights. Blessing Trish

  9. Wow, what a great way to beautify your piano. Just in time and consistent with the real spirit of the season.

  10. Shelia, your piano is simply beautiful all decked out for Christmas. What a sweet little Nativity and those trees are just adorable.

  11. Shelia, the Navity scene on the piano is just lovely. Oh my goodness, your Christmas tree is breathtaking. I love it in the foyer and how you can see it from your seating area. Your home is so lovely. I look forward to seeing more of your decorations.

    The French Hutch

  12. What a beautiful Nativity. I love the dollar store trees too. I can't wait to see what else you do for Christmas!

  13. I love seeing all different kinds of nativties. I have three.

  14. Your little Nativity is so precious... just like you!

  15. I love your sweet little tropical Nativity. Thanks for spreading your Christmas joy.

  16. Different nativities are one of my favorite things at Christmas. I display a large tan paper mache one but the last couple of years have been collecting the vintage Italian chalk ware pieces. I have lots of sheep (lol) but still need a wise man and shepherd. Have a wonderful week Sheila.

  17. Hello,

    Love this! It brings me memories of putting it together with my Mom...


  18. Chloe looks so sweet.
    Your nativity is so unusual, I have never seen one like that before. looks great and ready for some songs to be played for the season.

  19. I think Chloe Dawn loves the piano vignette because it is stunning!!!

    I love nativities. I had a pretty one from Mexico, but it was lost during a move.


  20. That is just too sweet on the piano. I have a couple of Nativity scenes that I place around the house. I love this one of yours...enjoy playing with your sweet Chloe Dawn.
    hugs, Linda

  21. Hi Shelia,
    You are so talented and you create the most beautiful vignettes. I adore your Nativity scene and I love those Christmas trees. Love the piano, too, wish we had one...maybe one day. =) Thanks for sharing! xo ~Liz

  22. What a sweet little nativity scene, and cute doggy. Pat

  23. Shelia,
    Your Christmas header looks terrific. I wish I knew how to tweak my header or make a collage.
    Your tree is gorgeous. I love how you can see it from where you blog. So welcoming. The photo setting that makes the lights look like stars is beautiful.
    The Nativity on the piano is lovely.

  24. It looks beautiful Shelia!

    Molly is sending Christmas decorating hugs to Chloe Dawn.:-)

  25. What a cute little teeny tiny nativity! You must have some Christmas everywhere you look by now!

  26. Your Nativity is just beautiful and looks so pretty on your shiny piano. Love the vignette! I have to check out the Dollar Store for those trees...they are SO cute!


  27. Shelia,
    Adore your Nativity on the piano! Sweet Little Jesus Boy is one of my dearest to heart Christmas Songs!

  28. Beautiful Nativity, Shelia. The Christmas trees are really pretty too....Christine

  29. The palm tree nativity is delightful and Jesus is with us all and that shows that don't you think? Now I must visit your tree. hugs♥O

  30. Hi Shelia *hugs*
    I don't have a piano to do that too...hmmmm...but I really love the idea. The nativity scene is lovely and the sparkly trees are so nice. I will have to look out for them also.
    have a great day

  31. I ADORE it !
    Don't forget sweet Chloe Dawn !

  32. Ohhhh I am gonna set out my Nativities just as you did. I love that!



  33. You are adorable, and so is your darling nativity!


  34. Just cannot have too many nativities!

    God bless...Betty @ Country Charm

  35. I love the little Nativity - especially since it is kind of "islandy!". I just love all things tropical! The piano is a great place to display a vignette! One of these days I hope to get one. My son has been taking keyboard lessons for 1 1/2 years and I think a piano will be the next step. Beautiful job!

  36. Hi Sheila, you sure have been busy and everything looks gorgeous. You have a great ability to know what looks beautiful and festive. Your piano looks so pretty and I love what you did with your tree. I haven't seen that stuff(mesh). Smile. We have very limited shopping here in our small town. I also think your yoyo tree on the pillow is awesome. Even I could do that. I really enjoyed catching up with your Christmas posts.

    We have been in Florida for Thanksgiving and just got home again on Monday night. I have been decorating like crazy and loving it!
    I'll be sharing soon. L think your Chloe dawn is so cute.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  37. Sheila,
    What a lovely vignette on the top of your piano!!

    So festive and warm!!



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