Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Walking Tour

Hello, Dear Ones! I thought I would take you on a little walking tour of the historic King William district in San Antonio, Texas. We spent a couple of nights there not long ago.

Even though it's horribly hot in Texas right now, it was pretty comfortable the morning I took my tiny walk. Come along with me and enjoy this old neighborhood.

Lovely olden homes.


What a pretty Victorian.

I loved this one! Let's wait one second and see if Doris Day or Debbie Reynolds will come out that door singing...

Where did this house come from? It's in the neighborhood too! Kinda Californiay in the Lone Star State!

Cool, huh? Look at the leaded glass. My heart...thump thump.

Crazy colors.

Precious little cottages are tucked in between the grand homes. Can you see that tiny little wicker chair on the porch? So sweet!

I don't think they realize it's September, do you? :)

Love the door and side lights.

What a lovely spot.

I saw this sign in quite a few yards. I don't get it but if anyone of you know what this means, please tell me! :) Well, I know what selfishness means and the opposite would be no selfishness! :)

Lots of oldeness all around.

Then I met a few of the residents! :)

After my little walking tour, I headed to this place!

This is a wonderful place for breakfast and lunch and it's just across the street from the King William District. The Gunthers were the owners of Pioneer Flour Mills founded in 1860! I use the Pioneer corn meal and love it. The restaurant is inside their old family home!

Now I had the most wonderful pancakes but I forgot to take a snap before they went into my tiny mouth! :) Hope you enjoyed walking with me today.

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Walk Like A Man

Oh, how you tried to cut me down to size
Tellin' dirty lies to my friends
But my own father said "Give her up, don't bother
The world isn't comin' to an end"

(He said)

Walk like a man, talk like a man
Walk like a man my sonNo woman's worth crawlin' on the earth

So walk like a man, my son

Bye bye baby, I don't-a mean maybe
Gonna get along somehow
Soon you'll be cryin' on account of all your lyin
'Oh yeah, just look who's laughin' now

(I'm gonna)

Walk like a man, fast as I can
Walk like a man from you
I'll tell the world "forget about it, girl"

And walk like a man from you

~Sung by The Four Seasons