Thursday, August 4, 2011

Giveaway for my Roo/Chickie Party

Hello, Dear Ones! I hope you're all getting ready for The Heart of the Home - Roosters and Chickens Party next Tuesday! I'm getting so excited.

Well, I thought we can't have a party without presents so...
My dainty talented creamy fingers went to work ( don't take me seriously, I just like how that sounds and it is the way I talk! :) and made some giveaways. We'll have two giveaways.

First I made this cute little pillow for you. Goes well with our party doesn't it?

I searched the aisles of JoAnns and found this perfect fabric for the background - Roosters. The color isn't showing up right here, it's a nice creamy color. I love it!

Then I cut out a silhouette of a Rooster and machine appliqued him down. I even gave him little legs and tootsies. I'm so creative like that! :)

I found another coordinating fabric, little polka dots, for the ruffles. I love to make the ruffles on my pillows full. Just looks so much prettier to me.

Then I made a couple of little tea towels. Aren't they darling? Am I patting myself on my own tiny back, or what? Well, I guess I am because I just loved how they turned out.

Look at the little ruffles. Now are these tea towels absorbent? No, not at all. But they sure are cute and I'm sure they would be sweet in tea and kitchen vignettes, don't you?

Little froo froo on the top ruffles. Love em!

Now as I said, there will be two giveaways. Each giveaway will have a pillow and two tea towels each. I know you're only seeing two tea towels here but I'm still working on the ruffles for the second set.I'll have it done today! :)

Would you like to be eligible to win a Rooster pillow and two tea towels? Well, if you set up a post with your Roos and Chicks and come and link up at Note Songs next Tuesday, you'll be in the running to win. Actually, you'll have two chances since I'll draw twice. I'll use your linky number to pick the winners.

So, PLEASE come to my party! I would just love it and I know others would love to see your Roos and Chicks and how you display them. I've had a few questions ~ I only have one yard bird, can I come? Yes ma'am! Well, I've only got live yard birds, can I come? Double yes ma'am!
It doesn't matter if your yard bird is wood, ceramic, stuffed, painted or walking in the barnyard pecking at chicken feed or if you have one or 3,ooo! Come to my party! :)

Here is the button I'm made with my talented dainty creamy fingers and you can take it and put it on your blog to advertise if you'd like. Those of you who have done this, I thank you with all my heart!

Oh, I'm getting so excited. Now I must hurry off and finish the second set of tea towels.

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Having a Party

We're having a party
dancing to the music
played by the DJ
on the radio
the cokes are in the icebox
the popcorn's on the table
me and my baby, we're out here on the floor

So listen, Mr. DJ
keep those records playing
'cause I'm having such a good time
dancing with my baby

Everybody's swinging
Sally's doing that twist now
if you take request, I....
I got a few for you
play that song called Soul Twist
play that one called I Know
don't forget the Mashed Potatoes
no other songs will do

Let me tell you Mr., Mr. DJ
why don't you keep those records playing
'cause I'm having such a good time
dancing with my baby

Having a party--yeah
everybody's swinging--oh we're
dancing to the music--yeah
on the radio--oh we're
having a party--man
everybody's swinging--yeah
dancing to the music--yeah
on the radio--say it one more time

We're having a party--yeah
everybody's swinging--oh we're
dancing to the music--yeah
on the radio
~ sung by Sam Cooke