Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Hello, Dear Ones! I'm chicken today. I'm speaking in a very soft voice as I do not want to upset my Roosters! No, no Nannette! The Roosters (that's with a capital R) think they should rule the roost but today it's the chickens.

I've covered my little round table in the breakfast room with a little vintage tea cloth and threw on the chickens.

I've used my olden milk glass square cake stand for a little height and poked down some chickie things.

Isn't this a sweet little chicken creamer? I love this! Can you love sweet little chicken creamers? You bet your fried drumsticks you can! :) I've filled it with these darling little chicken spreaders. I shared them yesterday as they were in my little hutch in the breakfast room.

The most colorful one of all!

Here's a mommy chicken with her little one going for a ride on her back.

Here's another mother caring for her little chicks.

These white chicken napkins rings were gifted to me from another sweet blogger.

I poked a few dried hydrangea blooms around the base of the cake stand. Why? Just because! :)

Now here is where you're going to be amazed! See the little chicken tea towel? I made this with my own talented dainty creamy fingers! :) You know I'm kidding don't you? Well, I did make it but I am just bragging on myself! :)

Lovely fresh flowers to grace the table and also be the backdrop for my vignette.

So if anyone ever calls you 'chicken' just think of the girl yard birds and not the boy ones! :)

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Chicken Hearted

My girlfriend slipped and fell
Now she's hanging from a cliff
I can't come to her rescue
But these flowers i must sniff

You see i'd really like to save her
But i aint got the nerve
I'm chicken hearted
I'm chicken hearted

I'm tryin' to kiss my girl
And it makes me want to faint
I'm scared of my own shadow
And afraid of what i ain't

I've no inspiration
I'm kinda yellow...
I'm chicken hearted,
I'm chicken hearted

Mama's in the workshop
Daddy's in the jail
I seem to be afraid
To go to work and make their bail

I guess my folks will have
I'm chicken hearted,
I'm chicken hearted
~ sung by Roy Orbison