Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sorrow and Joy

Dear Ones, I hope you're all doing well. If you visit me often you know I like to keep my blog upbeat and hopefully bring a smile to your most gorgeous face every once in a while. Well, sometimes things happen in our lives that make us very sad. I know we have many prayer warriors in Blogland and I'm asking for you to join your hearts with me on this request. Mr. Precious' sister has been diagnosed with liver cancer and the doctors say they can't do anything for her but keep her comfortable and has said she may have 3 - 6 months to live. She's only 63. I consider myself a woman of strong faith and of course I'm asking our mighty God for a miracle and I know He's bigger than anything that can be thrown against us. His will will be done. If she isn't healed on this earth, she certainly will be healed in heaven. She is married and has 3 grown children who also need our prayers. Thank you so much, Dear Ones, for your love and support during this time.

Now for some wonderful news filled with joy!!

Our girls are coming to visit us for 2 weeks! We're so excited! S0n-in-law is going for a conference and my girls are coming to grandma's! Woohooness! Little Carter is walking now and trying to talk and we're just going to have a marvelous time. I've been buying toys, clothes and little snacks for my little darling.

So I won't be around much in the next two weeks or so as I want to spend as much time with my girls as I can. I'll try to pop in on you from time to time.

Love you all and you're such a big wonderful part of my life.

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia :)

I'll skip the Note Song for today.