Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hares on the Table

Hello, Dear Ones! I've been doing a bit of spring cleaning around Note Songs cottage. I did put away my Easter bunnies but I decided to keep out this cute little bunny vase that I've had for ages.

See? I've used an old tablecloth, just love these old vintage lovelies!

Then I set up a little vignette on the table top.

Look at this cute little vase ~ tiny bunnies are just working
so hard to hold it up.

What a darling little pair and their tiny peepers are red!

I thought a few little apples would look nicely here too.

I popped the apples into this pretty lacy bowl.

Just showing off a little with what Reba the Rebel (my new camera) can do!
Now it's back to spring cleaning for me - I have hares on my breakfast room table! :)

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Our Dear Meg at A Little Knick Knack for Everything But the Kitchen Sink,

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Mr. Clean

Mr. Clean gets rid of dirt and grime and grease in just a minute,
Mr. Clean will clean your whole house and everything that's in it.
Mr. Clean Mr. Clean. Mr. Clean.
~ sung by me


  1. I just love that vase with the bunnies. Just beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing at my Swing into Spring party.

  2. Oh, I can just hear you singing about Mr. Clean! LOL I love the bunny vase, that is just darling and I have never seen one like it! :D

  3. Your vase is gorgeous, unique. And the reticulated bowl with apples, yummy!

    Shelia, you just bring such delight to life ... TY

    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN ~

    5 Day GIVEAWAY, Pop over

  4. Sweet...I love the pics too!

  5. Look at your photos! How pretty. :)

  6. I love the colors & the bunnies, very pretty!
    have a great day,

  7. Your vase is perfect. I am so glad you kept it out. Love your centerpiece. Hugs, Marty

  8. Shelia if that vase goes missing don't look here(LOL)! I love it! Martina

  9. You can keep the bunnies out all the time cause they ate too sweet. I need Mr. Clean! hugs♥O

  10. "Hares go SO Well with spring"... I actually love them all summer long too! Your table is "Oh So Pretty"! I'm a huge fan of vintage table cloths. LOVE YOURS!!! It's amazing how many different patterns there are...
    Have a wonderful week AND Don't work too hard. Get out and have some springtime FUN!

  11. ...are too sweet

    I am so tired. I cannot type any more!

  12. "Hares" on the table, oh my!lol They are adorable on that sweet vase, Sheila!
    Have fun with all that Spring cleaning!

  13. Shelia, that vintage tablecloth is beautiful, love the colors. The bunny vase suits that cloth, too! I love the smell of Mr. Clean cleanser. "Mr. Clean leaves a sheen where you clean"!! :) xo,

  14. Hi Sheila! :)
    Sorry its been a while since i last popped by! Been busy as we all are. Hehe :) I LOVE your bunny vase. It is sooooo cute. :) Just beautiful! :) And its all so dainty and pretty. I love vintage tablecloths too! :) Keep the pretty coming along! Always makes me smile. :)
    Hope your cleaning is going well. Now that, i am not such a big fan of. Haha ;)

  15. Oi Shelia!
    Lindos coelinhos!
    Sua mesa ficou maravilhosa!
    Querida tenha uma ótima noite.

  16. Love the vase with rabbits, the vignette and the tablecloth......and I love reds and pinks together too. Am also in the midst of Spring cleaning now that I can open the windows and shake out the Winter dust!!! hugs...cleo

  17. HI!!
    I don't blame you for keeping that vase out, I would too!!it is perfect for all of spring!!!!how is the Gulf these days????I bet lovely!!!I love that Town, hopefully one day I will get back there!!!
    Enjoy your rabbits/hares for a few more months!!

  18. Love your cute bunnies vase Sheila. Looks so pretty on your table. I've been cleaning like mad too. Must be something in this Spring air.

  19. Oh I just love your bunnies vase! I too would keep it out year round! Your lace bowl looks perfect with those crisp red apples. I remember the Mr. Clean diddy! Hmmm... now I can't get it out of my head! LOL! Hugs!

  20. Oh, dear Shelia, will the cleaning ever come to an end, lol. Cute bunnies, I think they're playing peek-a-boo :o)
    Have a blessed day.

  21. I'd keep that vase out too... it's adorable!

  22. How precious! Lovely table Shelia. Hope you are having a wonderful week my sweet friend.

  23. I adore the tablecloth! ... the bunnies are too cute!
    Shelia, you are great and you always make me smile with your sunny disposition.

  24. Good Morning Shelia *hugs*
    Sweet little hares hugging at your table...I do love reds and whites and of course bunnies and hares. So pretty to look at.
    Hope you have a pretty wonderful day

  25. Oh, that bunny vase is so sweet. I wouldn't want to put that away either. The whole vignette with your tablecloth is so lovely.

    I really like the new look for your china hutch. The china with crystal glassware mixed in is so pretty. You've pulled just the right pieces together to make it just charming.

    I love the photo of you and your mom. It is just precious.


  26. What a lovely table vignette. I love it! The colors are great too!

  27. The vintage cloth is divine! And your bunnies...oh so sweet. I always love the way you decorate Sheila...smooch.
    I'm being a sweetie!

  28. Pickle...that is sooooo pretty! I don't blame you for keeping it out...it is too pretty to hide away...Have a great week sweetie...Picket

  29. I love that lacey bowl, I adore that kind of lace things! The bunny flower base is so adorable! I love your vignette, I'm glad you got it out! I wanted to follow you Shellia and to my surprise I had for which I'm so glad...just feel as I did it again! Always thank you for your lovely visits and such nice comments, you're very generous!

  30. You and Reba are quite the awesome team.

    I love the tablecloth, too.♥

  31. How cute they are with their red peepers! Aren't you loving that camera?

  32. Very pretty! I love vintage linens also - you'll never guess where I've found some - Goodwill!!! Who knew anyone would throw those treasures away. I stalk them now ;-)

  33. Hello sweet Shelia,
    I love your little hares, they are so pretty and the vase is beautiful, as well as the table cloth.
    I hope you are having a lovely day,
    Hugs, Cindy

  34. Your little bunnies are just so sweet Shelia! What a darling piece!


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