Sunday, April 3, 2011

Almost Time for the Heart of the Home Party

Hello, Dear Ones! I'm so excited because it's almost time for the Heart of the Home Party - Show Us Your Favorite Cupboard!

Some of you are already sharing your favorite cupboards! Just try to come back here and link up so others can come and visit your kitchen.

Now I'm wondering which cupboards you're going to show us?
Maybe a cabinet that holds something special in your kitchen?

Or maybe it's an under the counter top cupboard?

Could it be the cupboard over there?

Or maybe one of these?

Oh, I'll bet it's one of these! :)

Maybe it will be a free standing hutch, cabinet or shelf? Oh, I just can't wait.

Now, I know you all love to come to parties early. So I'll have the party post up tomorrow night!
I'm so excited and I bet we'll all get the most wonderful ideas and I know
we'll find inspiration looking at everyone's cupboards.

Woo Hooness!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~


The sun'll come out
Bet your bottom dollar
That tomorrow
There'll be sun!

Just thinkin' about
Clears away the cobwebs,
And the sorrow
'Til there's none!

When I'm stuck a day
That's gray,
And lonely,
I just stick out my chin
And Grin,
And Say,

Tomorrow, Tomorrow
I love ya Tomorrow
You're only a day away

The sun'll come out
So ya gotta hang on
'Til tomorrow
Come what may
Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
I love ya Tomorrow!
You're always
A day
A way!
~ sung by me!


  1. Had so hoped to join you BUT the kitchen counters, fllor, etc are COVERED with all the decor from the front room & dining room ... they start laying the hard wood floors tomorrow ... these are being done from scratch ... sanding, staining etc. What a mess I am going to have ... may I join you another day? please. Thank you. Have a delightful time ... I'll pop by to enjoy it all when shared ...

    Happy pink April ~
    TTFN ~

    Giveaway ends 4/5

  2. I can't wait to see all the 'eyecandy' Pickle! It is gonna be a great party!!! Love ya sweetie...Pickle

  3. Hi Sheila, your kitchen always looks so pretty. If I can't participate tomorrow in the party I will be sure to visit some of the gals.

  4. I can't wait!!! You have the cutest kitchen ever!!!

  5. I LOVE YOUR KITCHEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will join your party!! Can't wait to see all the posts! XO, Pinky

  6. I always just LOVE your kitchen! I could sit in there and chat forever! You mean I have to show the inside???? Hmmm, gotta think!

  7. Dear, dear Shelia! I could move into your home and never change a single solitary thing. PERFECT! Your colors are...just...exactly what I love!
    This was such a cute lead in to your party day after tomorrow! How fun this is going to be. I don't have all that much to show..but you can just betcha I will be there...what a GREAT idea!
    See you tomorrow night..
    Love and hugs!

  8. Hi Shelia, You have one of the cutest kitchens. I just love seeing the cute things you have. I think this is going to be a great party. I hope I can join in. If not I will be sure to visit some of the ones that show-off their kitchens. Thanks for hosting. And thanks for sharing your adorable kitchen. Hugs, Karie

  9. Hi Shelia, My kitchen is STILL a work in progress so I'm not joining this time around. BUT I'll be over to your BEAUTIFUL KITCHEN for coffee, AND to peek in on everyone else!
    Thank you so much for the fun to look forward to.

  10. Good morning Shelia, I just saw bj's cupboards and my heart did a flutter. I am so glad it is tomorrow like I remembered. sigh. That bj is always a step ahead of me. smile. Her post is gorgeous. I am having fun getting my post ready.

    See you tomorrow with my cupboards on!!!
    Love you bunches, Jeanne

  11. Hi Shelia - Your kitchen is absolutely adorable. I may join your party...looks like it's gonna be fun! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy Monday!

  12. Hello, I'm a new followers, you have a beautiful blog. Je ne comprends pas trés bien l'anglais, mais je vous félicite vous avez une trés belle cuisine. I dont' speak and understand soo much english, but i say you, you have a nice kitchen. Good week and hello from spain under the sun.

  13. I think this is going to be fun!
    Gonna try to get some pic's, I have not been camera shopn' yet so I have concerns, but I'm sure going to give it my best "shot".

  14. I am here from Blondie's Journals... just became a follower. I love the white scalloped table cloth on the counter. How elegant!! I will be back with my recently renovated kitchen.

  15. Oh, Miss Shelia, I'd love to cozy up near any of your cupboards for a cup of tea or coffee :). Hugs, Kim

  16. Uh oh, Shelia..your kitchen door is locked and I can't get in...bwaaaaaa
    I have tried for an hour to link with your party but it just won't let me..
    here is my link. Would u kindly see if it will link from your computer? I think mine is on it's last leg...
    Thank you and I am so sorry to have you do this...but, I wanna play, too.

  17. Your kitchen is so cute...I just love it and especially your favorite cupboard on today's post! Wow....just awesome.

  18. Beautiful kitchen! What great storage! Thanks for stopping by my Shabby French Cottage. Your Debussy quote reminds me of singing in college--during rehersals we would sing half steps, then quarter steps to show how much space there is between notes! Nice to find another musician in blog land! I'm busy arranging/orchestrating a big piano/organ solo for Easter Sunday. I'll be making a CD backtrack for accompaniment and literally running from piano to organ during the preformance! Whew!


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