Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Playing in the Kitchen

Hello, Dear Ones! I've been playing in the kitchen and have set up a few little vignettes and thought I would show you.

I just love my deep corners in the kitchen, I have two, and I can just play up a storm in these corners. Here's a little breakfast vignette I've put together.

This is my grandmother's old percolator coffee pot. I barely remember her as she passed away when I was two. I think it's pretty...see the little etchings around it?

I've also poked down my Rose Bouquet creamer, sugar bowl and coffee cup by Johnson Bros.

Next is this darling little vintage rabbit egg cup. This just make me grin every time I see it.

At the back I've poked down a silver tray. It's silverplate, but that's okay with me. It has prettyness all over it.

Now to my other corner. I've been wanting to find one of these little plate racks or plate holders for some time now and I found one! Woo Hoo! I was so excited. And guess what?

It has a Rooster handle! Is this just me or what? Okay, I'll calm down. I poked down those little green plates that most of you have sporting rabbits and carrots and the yellow plates are the ones that I did myself! I mod podge clear plates with fabric on the back. You know how talented I am! :)

Next came the matching tea pot, sugar and creamer. Did you see that Rooster wink? Oh, shoot! You just missed it! :)

One more little area set up with my very olden Rooster spice rack, Rooster kettle S&P from my childhood collection, little Rooster creamer and some darling little Rooster spreaders. Just makes my tiny heart go pitter pat! :)


Now you know I can't leave you without inviting you to my linky party I'm having next week on Tuesday the 5th! We'll be showing our favorite cupboards in our kitchen. If you'd like to find out more about it, please go HERE. Please come as I would love to have you join the fun!

Thanks for popping in to see me today and be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~ this song has nothing to do with today's post, just sweet memories as my little son and I used to sing it! :)

Put the Lime in the Coconut

Brother bought a coconut
He bought it for a dime.
His sister had another
She paid it for the lime.

She put the lime in the coconut
she drank them both up.
she put the lime in the coconut
Called the doctor, woke him up, and said
"Doctor, ain't there nothing I can take"
I said, "Doctor, to relieve this belly ache?"
I said, "Doctor ain't there nothing I can take"
I said, "Doctor"

Now let me get this straight;
You put the lime in the coconut
You drank them both up
put the lime in the coconut,
You drink them both up
the lime in the coconut,
you drink them both up
you put the lime in the coconut,
you're such a silly woman,
put a lime in the coconut,
and drink them both together,
put the lime in the coconut,
then you'll feel better.
put the lime in the coconut,
drink them both down,
put the lime in the coconut,
and call me in the morning
~ sung by Harry Nilsson