Sunday, March 6, 2011

Boo Booed and Blessed

Hello, Dear Ones! Well, I've Boo Booed my most dainty tiny big toe!! I was running and caught my big toe under the edge of a rug! What kept me upright was my other foot stepped down on the rug trapping my toe under the edge. So I didn't fall but did a big number on my toe! Ouch! It hurt a little but I went on with my day.

I know...I need a pedicure! :) I happened to look down and bruising had occurred! Oh, Lord have mercy! I need a wheelchair or at least a cane! I'm Boo Booed!

Well, my most tiny dainty toe and foot which needs a pedicure continued to swell and get more purple and a green bruise started to spread down my foot! I don't think I broke anything because I can move my toe and it really doesn't hurt much. I have tried to milk this for all it's worth!! "Mr. Precious, would you make dinner? Or you could just take me out to dinner! :) ".

Anyway, as I recuperate from my Boo Boo I've been Blessed! My most gorgeous eyes are feasting on this...

Isn't this the prettiest little jar you've ever seen? I just love it!

But you can plug it in, turn it on and it lights up! Oops, you don't see that little spot of wax on my table runner do you? No, no, Nannette, you do not! :)

My most tiny turned up nose is loving this heavenly smell! Sniff that just not a wonderful smell? Yes, it is! I won a giveaway from Our Dear Debbie at DebbieDoos Blogging and Blabbing and won the fabulous Scentsy jar! It smells absolutely yummy.

See, you place a couple of these little waxy squares into the top of the pretty little pot, they melt and fill your room with such a lovely smell. I'm loving this as I recoup!

Scentsy! Love it and thank you Debbie Dear for picking my tiny name. I just may get through my Boo Booed toe by being Blessed with my new Scentsy!


Attention! Attention!! We must interrupt this post with the latest breaking new in the Land of Blog! This phenomenon will never end! Bathrooms or just any room with a mirror are being invaded! Me, the Most High Queen of the Daring Darling Bathroom Divas, are hard at work. Yes, ma'am I'm taking care of business ~ Bathroom Business, that is.

I will take the challenge to see if this is an impostor or the Real Thing and Most Wondering Ones, I'm not talking about coca cola! I'm talking about real Bathroom Divas!

Okay, here I go! I see a Most Gorgeous One here clad in the most luxurious clothes! Her hair is filled with highlights! She has the most creamiest of complexions and is teasing us with her little sly smile. She has two slender arms with hands attached and dainty creamy fingers are holding a camera! Yes, sir, Most Jumping Up and Down Ones, we have a true Diva! I'm so thrilled! Who could this Most Gorgeous One be? Well, I think I recognize you? Of course you do Most Looking Through the Yellow Pages Ones, this is our own Sares from LoveLeighTreasures!

This is truly a Diva! She has gone where most would never dare to tread!

Now please hand me my toilet brush as I straighten my crown. What? Oh, this is not the toilet brush I have to have ~ please, I need the golden one! Whew! Thank you Most Helpful Ones!

Okay, Dear Sares would you please stand before me? I, the Queen of the Bathroom Divas, shall bestow upon you the most mighty, most deserved and most coveted title in the Land of Blog! You have shown such bravery by snapping in front of this mirror! You are brave and you are beautiful! I now crown you as a Daring Darling Bathroom Beauty Snapping Diva and you will be one now and forever until the twelfth of never! Go proudly, Dear Sares, and wear your crown proudly and please take and display the pink button proudly on your blog.

Oh, Most Giggling Ones, I love my job! I never tire of crowning a true Diva! I will work hard for you and do my Bathroom Business. Now if you've been a bit shy about this...don't be! You can do it! You can take your camera and snap a photo of your most gorgeous face in a mirror. Any mirror will do ~ just remember to turn your flash off! We started out snapping in the bathroom, but hey, I'm easy now and you can snap anywhere. If you do just let met know by sending me your snap or post about it on your blog and let me know. I will come and take your snap and crown you for all of Blogland to see!

I love my job! :)

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia :)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Taking Care of Business
(Our official Bathroom Diva song)

You get up every morning
From your alarm clock's warning
Take the 8:15 into the city
There's a whistle up above
And people pushin', people shovin'
And the girls who try to look pretty
And if your train's on time
You can get to work by nine
And start your slaving job to get your pay
If you ever get annoyed
Look at me I'm self-employed
I love to work at nothing all day
And I'll be...
Taking care of business every day
Taking care of business every way
I've been taking care of business, it's all mine
Taking care of business and working overtime
Work out
If it were easy as fishin'
You could be a musician
If you could make sounds loud or mellow
Get a second-hand guitar
Chances are you'll go far
If you get in with the right bunch of fellows
People see you having fun
Just a-lying in the sun
Tell them that you like it this way
It's the work that we avoid
And we're all self-employed
We love to work at nothing all day
And we be...
Taking care of business every day
Taking care of business every way
I've been taking care of business, it's all mine
Taking care of business and working overtime
Take good care of my business
When I'm away, every day whoo!
Takin' care of business
Takin' care of business
Takin' care of business
Takin' care of business
Takin' care of business
~sung by Bachman-Turner Overdrive


  1. Oh Miss Shelia! I am sorry about your boo boo! Ouch! And I love your goodies! I can almost smell the wonderful scent! Congrats to your latest bathroom diva! Happy week!...hugs..Debbie

  2. OUCH! That looks horribly painful. I'm so glad it doesn't feel as bad as it looks. Yes, Dear, milk it for all it's worth. I've never tried the Scentsy's. I use oils, have you used the oils? I'm wondering which is better. Hugs, Holly

  3. Oh Shelia, Your toe/foot looks terrible. I truly hope it does not hurt as bad as it looks like it would. Hope you can take it easy and begin to feel better very soon. Love the pretty jar and the new Bathroom Diva photo! Take care sweet one.

  4. Owwwie! Shelia that looks horrible! I so hope that gets better soon. I hate it when I have an injury. thanks for stopping by!

  5. Shelia,
    Your foot does look sore! I am glad that was the extent of your injury, though!
    But I see that even though you say you need a pedicure, you have really pretty feet!

  6. O Sheila,
    Your poor foot - it looks like it does Ouch !
    I hope you feel better real quick.

  7. OMG!! Why didn't you go to the emergency room or an Urgent clinic? That looks so painful sweetie! If it still looks bad tomorrow, I would definitely go to the doctor. Keep us updated dear!

    Deanna :D

  8. Ouch! I have done that before Sheila! Hope it heals fast.
    What a pretty burner you received. I did not know which one you would get, so glad it was that one, looks perfect. Don't forget where to come when you need more smells and gifts for the family and friends:) XO

  9. You've got to be the sweetest and funniest tiny little lady out there in Blog Land. I love your posts! I have a photo of me in the mirror on my blog from last Friday, it's not taken in the bathroom, though. Thanks so much for making me smile!~)
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  10. I can sympathize - I tripped in the middle of the night and my middle toe looked like yours. It's been 10 days now and is much better. Hope yours gets better, also. Aren't we the most graceful of lovelies? Enjoy the new week. Sally

  11. Sorry to hear you got hurt Sheila, glad it wasn't worse! So... what 5 star restaurant did you end up going to:@)

  12. Miss Shelia, that looks exactly like my finger... OUCHY!!
    I didn't know Pepper our German SHep. was leashed to the door when I opened it.. he jetted out like a bolt with my finger. The power of that dog OMG. I thought it was broken. Not sure I felt that much pain in a very long time (well except for that darn bladder infection). It was so swollen, turned black and blue I thought for sure Randy would have to lance it. OMG again.
    Today is actually the first day I can feel my nail. WOW close one.
    Milk it for what it's worth for sure and keep smelling that pretty Scentsy.
    Welcome Sares to the Family of BD.
    Love Claudie

  13. OMGosh..that looks like it is worth more than just dinner out..looks like you need a vacation for another week at least!
    My sister Ellen, her MIL dropped a frozen turkey on her foot and broke the foot, and my niece last summer dived into the pool and did not clear the diving board breaking both feet at the same time..that was really's hard to stay on our feet! LOL!

  14. This little pig went to market...
    This little pig stayed home...
    This little pig had roast beef...
    This little pig had none...
    THIS little pig went to the doctor but she had a PPO and had to find another doctor in her network, then that doctor was booked for two weeks...and the piggy wwent wee! wee! wee! wee! Al the way to the quickcare center down the street...

  15. Sheila, I hope your boo boo doesn't hurt too badly. I have broke two toes before. They just seem to hit things they aren't supposed to. Your toes are much prettier than mine. I wait till warm weather for a pedicure so mine are awful.


    I'm so sorry about your banged up big toely woley but you just CRACK ME UP!

    Teeee Heeee. I needed you muse. Funny and soooo sweet!


  17. Your win is lovely.... the jar that is Nannette... not the toe.. the toe looks pretty bad I see it hasn't gotten you down....I want to be crowned a of these days.
    You take of that toe. God Bless Trish

  18. Ouch Shelia! Your poor toe. It looks like you pulled something and really bruised it. I hope it doesn't get any more painful for you.

    I want to thank you so much for adding me to the Bathroom Snapping Diva Club! What a fun club to be included in! Your speech was hilarious and made me giggle all the way through! Thanks so much and have a terrific week!

  19. Oh Sheila,
    I am sorry about your toe but i have to say you still make me chuckle!
    Who else could do such a cute post on an injured toe?
    Love your new jar that you won too!
    Hugs friend,

  20. oh...this looks like it hurts! I would have been at the ER! At least it's not broke. Now, hobble out and get that pedicure!

    Love your new Scentsy and hurray for a new Bathroom Diva!


  21. Oh poor Shelia... does it hurt much?? the correct diva answer is - Yes I'm in so much pain.
    Can you walk on it? Not really - it's so excruciating when I try to step on it.
    What can I do to make it feel better? I think some chocolates would help, you know the expensive kind, and a tall glass of iced tea and some tiny tea sandwiches and petifores and a diamond bracelet and ...
    But you probably know all the correct answers my Queen!

    Hope you feel better sweetie! Hugs, Sherry

  22. Hi Shelia,
    Happy Monday!
    I am so sorry your hurt your toe. It looks like it hurts...OUCH!! Sending you some heal fast ((((VIBES)))). lol! ;)

    Love the Scentsy burner, aren't they wonderful? I need to buy a new one with more scents.

    Take it easy on that foot, ok? ((Hugs)) ~Liz

  23. Shelia, I am sorry about your poor big toe. It looks very sore to me but I guess you can be very thankful you didn't fall all the way down and really hurt yourself! Take care, relax and enjoy your new scent burner. Blessings, Pamela

  24. Ouch girl! Take care and enjoy your scentsy! Love bathroom diva's!

  25. Ouch on the poor booboo foot. Rugs are the number one cause of home accidents. Please keep your foot up and ice it and have Mr.P pamper you a few more days.

  26. Sweet Blessings to you!
    Ouch...the toe looks sore...glad you are on the mend.

    God bless,

  27. Oh...your poor toe...take care of it...and heal...but in the meantime...tell Mr. Precious how painful it is!!!

  28. Speaking from the perspective of a woman with extremely ugly/surgically altered feet .... you do have beautiful feet ~ in spite of the boo boo.

  29. oh mercy me on that boobooed toe.. get well quick and till ya do have the Mr. wait on your precious self hand and TOE .. giggle.

  30. Kiss. Kiss. Oh, you poor baby! (Does that make it feel better?)

    If your dainty toe turns black and BLUE, you could join in for Blue Monday! Then, you'd smile!

  31. I'm so sorry about your dainty big toe! I hope it heals up quickly...Your toes look great! Mine need some major work! I haven't hardly done a thing to them since the summer =0

    I love the scentsy's so pretty. I've heard it smells really good too. I might have to buy one sometime. Have a great day! Kristen

  32. Ouch! That is some bruise, Shelia.

    I love the little scentsy lamp. Beautiful!

    Welcome to our newest bathroom diva. She is absolutely lovely.

  33. Oh My Goodness, you really did a number on that toe. It looks terrible and I am sure it really, really hurts. You are a brave one! And the Scentsey is darling. You are a lucky one to win that. Hope you recover soon. Take care, Karie

  34. Ohhhh Sweet Sheila, that looks like it really hurts! I took a sneaky peek at your Home under the tab on your blog and just adore what you've done with every room. I especially love your staircase, how unique. I have always loved a circular curved staircase too. And all the curtains you've made are really nice! Love them all! You are truly blessed! :) You are such a sweet lady and I can't wait to meet you in Canada at Claudie's this summer. Hugs friend!

  35. Hi Shelia *hugs*
    I'm so sorry you tripped and caught your toe like that. It does look soooooo sore. You are lucky you didn't break anything Shelia...that would have been absolutely horrible.

    I hope Mr. Precious is spoiling you to make you feel better. :o)

    This was the perfect time for you to win a giveaway too. Thats helps you feel better.


  36. Hi Shelia,
    Sorry about your dainty big toe. I'm sure it will feel better soon.

    Love that sweet Sares, isn't she the cutest.


  37. I'z so sorry to hear that you gotz a boo boo on your your big toe :(
    I hope you gotz someone to kiss it and make it all better... That looks like it really HURT!!

    When your boo boo's all better treat yourself to a pedi for all your pain and suffering...

    Hugs, Sherri

  38. Poor You, Dear Shelia, that toe does indeed look like a geniune boo boo. I'm sure it really hurts to put a shoe on. Lucky you to be Debbie's winner. No doubt it smells really, really good. Another bathroom diva, huh? Fun times! :)


  39. You have the cutest little feet even with a boo-boo. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

  40. Oh my! That sure looks like a bad boo-boo! It sort of hurts to look at! Hope you're getting all the sympathy you deserve! Love your tart burner. I have one at work...everyone says they can tell when I'm at work...because the "smell" me before they see me! LOL

  41. Ohhhhh Shelia..your poor little toe. I am feeling empathy pain for you...I'm glad you are being smart and taking advantage, I mean taking care to stay off your foot as much as possible. I'm glad you didn't fall, but mercy child...this looks painful!! Be safe, get well and take care.

  42. OMG!! Teeny tiny Shelia, what have done to your poor little toe. I hope it is much better really soon. Congrats on the Scentsy win. You chose a great design.
    I have a bathroom diva shot but I'm not sure it's ready for prime time. Hugs, Ginger

  43. Oooh Ouch!! Kiss kiss love love...all better now..ha ha!! Girl stop putting your foot in your mouth ha ha!! Love ya sweet Pickle..Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  44. ouch Shelia!! That looks like it really HURTS! I was thinking that geez Shelia's toes at least look great when she does something to have t take a picture of her foot. No one wants to see the monstrosity of a foot I have which can count how many pedicures she has gotten on just a few toes!

  45. Oh my word Pickle!!!! Only you could have such a painful looking toe still look 'pretty' in pink nail polish! lol I have done that same thing before and lordy it hurt!!!! The smelly jar was so cute and loved the bathroom keep that toe up...have Mr. Pickle put some fresh polish on for you...tell him it would help the 'healing' process so much! lol Love ya girl....Picket

  46. Shelia...your toe looks awful! I'm glad it doesn't hurt - and that you're still able to get up and "do"!!


  47. Hi Shelia, that is a DOOZIE! Now I feel bad about whining about the itty bitty bruise I got when I slammed my pinkie in the kitchen cupboard yesterday. I hope your pretty little (big) toe heal up but in the meantime, keep milking it girlfriend!

    Hugs, Bridge

    p.s. congrats on your fancy Scentsy prize!

  48. Ouch! That hurts to look at it! I hope it is mending well! Did you have to get a splint?

    So nice that you won the candle jar to make you feel better!

    Thanks, also, for your sweet well wishes to me!


  49. Okay, Sheila.. I am going to try a different approach to posting and see if this works. Hope the toe feels better after a weekend relaxing and being pampered!

    Enjoy your Scentsy....I was buying so much of it my friend asked me "why don't you just sell the stuff???" LOL SO, now I am!! Let me know if anyone wants/needs some.


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