Wednesday, March 16, 2011

1958 Better Homes & Gardens Idea Home

Hello, Dear Ones! Are you familiar with the Better Homes and Gardens Idea Homes? Well, my daughter and her husband along with little Carter just bought one! A 1958 modern ranch.

It's featured in this olden BHG magazine! Isn't that the coolest thing!
That's her kitchen on the front cover - almost! :)

It's much bigger on the inside than it looks - almost 4,000 square feet and with a full basement.

Here's the floor plan in the mag. Her kitchen is must bigger though.

It has glorious windows and lovely wooden floors where little Carter just flies in her walker!

She would give me this olden Hoosier if I had a place for it! Shoot!
They found the olden music cabinet while living in England.

But my favorite part of the house is the kitchen! Now like I said, the house is very olden and not much has been done to it. It was state of the art when it was built and has lots of wonderful features throughout the house and here in the kitchen. There are cabinets galore! Now if you're a Texas Baylor Bears fan, you're going to love the green and gold/yellow kitchen.
Original colors, I kid you not!
Well, my daughter is going to change things as soon as she can! :)

Look at this wonderful gas cooktop area.
It's surrounded by tile and I'm in love with the hood!
Well, not as much as I love little Carter, just sayin'. :)

There's a huge loooooooooong island in the center of the room (you can see it in the mosaic above) with the sink and a Jenn Air electric cooktop and grill! Can you believe it? Gas and electric cooktops. I do believe I lost weight while helping my daughter in this kitchen!
Almost walked my tiny little short legs off! :)

Then the breakfast room is at the end of the kitchen surrounded by these wonderful windows! I love this! You can see the table is set for little Carter's Birthday Party!
The long wooden table was built for them by their neighbor while they were in England. It is built the olden way with pegs - not one nail or screw.

Here you can see the electric cooktop and grill. The house is on a very large lot, almost an acre. To the right is a swimming pool and there are many beautiful trees as you can see. They live in a neighborhood with other homes but there is a bird sanctuary about a half a block away and guess what I saw?
Four wild turkeys running across the road! I'm talking about birds with feathers not crazy people! :)

Now this made Mr. Precious' heart sing! An olden intercom. Do you recognize it? Well if you visit me often, you've seen this baby in our house too! Oh, my Lord! This is not my favorite thing!

Yes, you were seeing snow through all those windows and this is what the house looks like at the moment! Yep snow! and tons of it! I actually had to wear a wooly coat! :)

My daughter and husband have plans for their new olden home and will begin to change things soon. They haven't completely gotten things together as they just moved in about a month ago. We kinda barged in on them and for a visit so we could be with our little Carter to celebrate her birthday! :) Grandparents can do those sorts of things you know! :)

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Somewhere That's Green

I know Seymour's the greatest
But I'm dating a semi-sadist
So I've got a black eye
And my arm's in a cast.
Still, that Seymour's a cutie
Well, if not, he's got inner beauty
And I dream of a place
Where we could be together at last

A matchbox of our own
A fence of real chain link,
A grill out on the patio
Disposal in the sink
A washer and a dryer and an ironing machine
In a tract house that we share
Somewhere that's green.

He rakes and trims the grass
He loves to mow and weed
I cook like Betty Crocker
And I look like Donna Reed
There's plastic on the furniture
To keep it neat and clean
In the Pine-Sol scented air
Somewhere that's green

Between our frozen dinner
And our bedtime, nine-fifteen
We snuggle watchin' Lucy
On our big, enormous twelve-inch screen

I'm his December Bride
He's Father, he Knows Best
Our kids watch Howdy Doody
As the sun sets in the west
A picture out of Better Homes and Gardens magazine

Far from Skid Row
I dream we'll go
somewhere that's green.
~ from the movie "Little Shop of Horrors"